Technological advancements and changing trends require students to stay ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to their education. With college acceptances becoming more and more competitive, high school students are expected to work extra hard to meet the high admission criteria of elite colleges and universities.

While English remains a core subject throughout their high school education, its importance is not just limited to the subject. This is because a strong command over the English language allows students to comprehend and understand other subjects better.

Being good at English is not just a plus academic wise, but it is a skill that helps you achieve success wherever you go later on in your life.

However, students face several troubles with this subject. While some find online English classes uninteresting or complicated, some have difficulties grasping the grammatical rules. This disinterest carries forward to other aspects of their life, primarily when it comes to their communication skills.

This is where an English tutor can prove invaluable. They offer personalized classes to address areas of improvement and allow you to understand the subject like never before.

Having a good grasp over the English language is essential for life in general; be it good grades, college applications, communication, conversation, or understanding of other literature in general.

What’s more – this proves to particularly be useful to high school students who enter a period of self-awareness. English provides them access to tools and literature that enables them to discover their true selves.

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Private English students ensure an improvement in self-esteem. Source: Pexels

Why Do You Need To Study English?

According to a report by US News, only 1 in 4 high school students graduate college-ready in the four fundamental subjects. These include English, Reading, Math, and Science.

Students all across the states - from Boston and Houston to LA and New York are facing the same issue.

This is worrying, particularly when looked at from a high school student’s perspective. English is a core subject in almost all academic assessments. Additionally, all subjects involve various written assignments – from essays to homework and exams.

Apart from high grades, a sound knowledge over the subject has far-reaching implications on your life. English lessons often involve reading and comprehending large texts.

This leads to the development of sound analytical and critical thinking skills by forcing students to evaluate their environment.

Another very useful skill that English tutors can teach their students is how to manage time. English often involves writing down long answers and essays, as well as reading through lengthy texts. Even though a student may know the answer, they may not have the ability to collect their thoughts quick enough.

English tutors can help students collect their thoughts quicker through practice. This useful skill will enable them to prioritize their academic commitments, make better decisions, and score well.

Adeptness in the subject is tested in most workspaces as well, since English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. English classes involve engaging in fruitful discussions, which can boost public speaking skills as well as self-esteem.

Through English tuitions, students can also acquire an eloquent vocabulary – improving students’ communication and expression skills and paving the way to better career and relationships.

No other subject has such an impact on your understanding of the world in general. A sound foundation of English will benefit them in the future greatly, opening doors to various possibilities they wouldn’t have access to.

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English tutors can create interesting, interactive sessions boosting productivity. Source: Pexels

Why Do You Need An English Tutor?

There are several reasons why high school students may require private English tuitions. Here are a few of them:

Non-Serious Learning Attitude

High school students are brimming with energy, fascinated by the realm of possibilities that surround the youth.

Their attention is diverted towards peers and co-curricular, leading to a procrastinating nature towards studies. Many students have a very lazy attitude when it comes to studying English. They feel no need to put effort into the subject and don’t pay attention in class.

Additionally, many American students do not feel the need to put an effort in English since they feel confident about their skills in the subject. Studies show that overconfidence is one of the biggest reasons why students tend to underperform in subjects.

This overconfidence effect extends to students located anywhere in the states, whether they’re in Chicago or Philadelphia.

Hiring an English tutor will mean students encounter the opportunity to receive their critique immediately. And so, they can identify any weaknesses they have and overcome them quickly.

Distracted Learning Environment

Another reason that many high school students feel the need for a high school tutor is the plethora of distractions faced by high school students.

Advanced smartphones, coupled with crowded classrooms, easily allows one to lose focus, missing out on important concepts. Moreover, due to the fast-paced nature of the internet and social media, the idea of reading a book with a long, slow series of texts does not appeal to students.

Since learning sessions with an English tutor will be one-on-one, tutors can provide an escape to students from these worldly distractions, focusing their full attention on the subject matter.

Scholarships And Grants

The state of Pennsylvania is home to some of the United States’ most prestigious colleges and universities. Many of these colleges offer merit-based scholarships and grants which require above average grades in English. Hiring an English tutor from Philadelphia will allow you to learn from someone who understands the requisites of these scholarships.

Our English tutors based in Philadelphia, Houston, or anywhere is for the matter, understand the admission criteria that the colleges are looking for. Through their expertise, they can guide and mentor students with the scholarship application process.

College Entrance Test Preparation

English is a very integral part of all assessments taken in Philadelphia. From the Keystone exams to the SATs, English sections make up very significant portions of all major tests. Our English Tutors are all very well equipped with the knowledge required to help their students ace these exams.

Scoring well in these tests paves the way into getting accepted into a reputable college, which in turn opens career opportunities. Hence, it is critical to do well in English if one wishes to have a successful professional life.

Preparation for the Pennsylvania Keystone Exams

Keystone exams are tests introduced by the state of Pennsylvania that every high school student must take in order to graduate.  They have three core subjects: algebra, literature, and biology.

By hiring our qualified tutors in Philadelphia, you increase your chances of scoring well. This is because our English tutors provide lessons curated for these exams.

Additionally, the one-on-one lessons guarantee personalized study schedules with a steady pace based entirely on the student’s preferences.

Not only does scoring well in these exams contribute to students’ graduating requirement but is an added achievement which will help you later in life – from getting into college to landing a job.

SAT Preparation

Since English makes up a decent portion of the SATs, hiring an English Tutor is necessary if you want to score high.

Many high schools do not teach students how to approach these complicated exams correctly. Many encourage their students to self-study, which is not easy for high school students.

Facing long questions with complicated workings and a strict time limit can make students panic and result in an underwhelming performance.

As a result, they have to retake SATs multiple times, which is expensive and results in students shifting focus from their schoolwork.

By hiring an English Tutor for the SATs, students can score well the first time, saving money and time. Our tutors are skilled in SAT content and can provide valuable tips and tricks on solving questions.

Moreover, they will also focus on teaching their students time management by giving them practice tests every time. Attention can be paid to specific topics that students appear weaker in, and those topics in which students are stronger in can be looked over quickly.

And so, if one wishes to do well in college entrance tests, our English tutors can help students score well by providing useful knowledge and constructive feedback.

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Our list of highly qualified tutors will ensure you score well in your college entrance exams. Source: Pexels

How Do I Find An Experienced English Tutor In Philadelphia?

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By creating interesting, interactive sessions, our English tutors guarantee effective learning, which results in better comprehension and increased retention.

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