If you are living in the United States, English is synonymous with existing. While many languages are spoken and used across the country, none are as popular as English.

From state examinations to college applications and all the way towards your professional life – having the ability to communicate effectively in English is key to success in general.

However, many high school students have a hard time navigating the intricacies of the subject. Juggling so many tasks at once, high school students find it difficult to concentrate on the various rules and conditions that you have to abide by when writing in English.

This is where an English tutor can come handy. Not only do they offer students a safe space to make mistakes in the absence of their peers, but private tutors also provide the comfort of learning from a relaxed environment.

Without extra help, students can be exposed to an unhealthy lifestyle of terrible mental health, overexertion, and loss of sleep. This can lead to the development of various negative traits.

Studies have found that poor academic performance can lead to bullying, depression, and even drug abuse. Students deserve some kind of relief in the form of academic assistance. Tutoring can provide this relief.

However, despite the essential role English plays in their lives, many high school students face difficulty in it. As a result, most students end up failing English, not getting into their first choices, and are forced to enroll in remedial English courses in college.

By hiring an English tutor, students can not only avoid such a scenario – but leverage various other benefits afforded by the English language.

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Studying English can provide you with a number of benefits. Source: Unsplash

Benefits Of Studying English In High School

Besides scoring better in high school tests, studying English has several advantages:

Multifaceted Subject

Studying English means an overall improvement in your communication, reading, writing, and even listening skills.

Understanding the English language better can open up your way to comprehend other subjects and areas of interest. Without a sound grasp over English, students can find it difficult to pursue their reading or writing interests.

Not only do English tuitions help to broaden your vocabulary, but you also get to appreciate distinct writing styles and literature that have a lasting impact on your personality. This skill will become especially important in college as classes tend to more reading intensive.

Similarly, getting better at English also boosts your communication skills. From presiding a meeting to sending an email, your communication skills directly impact your career trajectory.

All in all, there are few subjects that have such a far-fetched impact on your life. And this is why a competent English tutor can prove to be so invaluable.

Preparation For College

English is used as the primary language of instruction in college, which means it forms the base of every college course. Despite its importance, high school students view English as a difficult subject.

With its lengthy readings, extensive essays, and difficult vocabulary – you can’t really blame them. However, your future self in college will thank you if you prepare diligently.

This is because all college courses involve complex texts, and by focusing on English early, you’ll be getting a head start compared to your peers.

Moreover, all colleges in the states have some kind of research and writing class. This is very similar to high school English, yet many students still face difficulty in them. This is because they did not give English the attention it needed in high school.

By studying English in high school, students will be better prepared for these courses, allowing them to focus on their other required major courses. This will alleviate the burden and save time.

Creative Expression

Taking English tuitions can provide high school students with an outlet to express themselves creatively. This is through reading and writing. Many high school students are at a period of self-discovery in their life.

Going through a mix of changes and emotions while entering adulthood can be a difficult time. Studying English can provide them relief as they will be able to have an outlet to reveal their feelings and express themselves freely.

Moreover, English can be a gateway to exploring your passions as it opens doors to a number of subjects such as politics, history, economics, and many more.

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Tutors can provide their students with a number of benefits. Source: Unsplash

Why Should You Hire An English Tutor?

Although it has many benefits, studying English is no simple task. If one wishes to do well in it, it requires additional academic assistance through an English Tutor.

Targeted Attention

Students can’t receive the highest quality education in a crowded, noisy classroom environment filled with distractions.

Moreover, in a classroom, the student has to rescind control to the teacher who may not always act in the best interest of an individual student. An English teacher has to consider the needs of all 20 students present in class.

An English tutor will be completely focused on the student and will only prioritize their needs. Additionally, the sessions could take place online or in-person in a distraction-free environment, so the student’s concentration will not be impacted.

The entirety of the lesson will also be set according to the student’s preferences. This is because every student has a unique learning style. An English teacher in class will have to deal with 20 different styles and will have no choice but to select the most basic one.

In this case, many student’s needs will be sacrificed. In the case of an English tutor, they will be able to gauge the style of the student and adapt. In classrooms, students have to adapt to the pace of the class, which is not possible for everyone. However, in tutoring sessions, the English tutor will adapt.

English teachers, on the order of the school, have very strict timelines they need to follow to finish the syllabus. Hence, they teach at a very fast pace. This creates an issue of students not being able to keep up in class and falling behind. Circumstances such as this require extra assistance in order to get back on track.

Boost Confidence

All it takes is one stupid question for high school students to make fun of their classmates. While they might do it for fun, they can completely ruin that student’s confidence.

Hiring an English tutor can help recover some of the confidence, as tutors can foster a friendship with their students. This may make the student feel more comfortable with asking questions.

As a result, confusion and queries will be clarified at the point. This will eventually lead to an improvement in understanding and grades – going a long way in boosting self-esteem and confidence in an individual.

Learn Tips And Tricks

Tutors can offer students a lot of insider knowledge, such as tips and tricks about the education system.

Since English tutors have gone through the exact same thing their student is currently going through, they can guide students into making the best decisions. Tutors provide their students with the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. By hiring an English tutor, you gain insight into years of knowledge and information.

Help With Assessments

Whether you’re located in LA, New York, or Boston – your high school has set some state-mandated assessments you need to pass to graduate. Whether you have to give the STAAR exams or the CSTs, English is a core subject everywhere.

English Tutors are qualified individuals who can help you meet your academic goals. Many students who are unable to attend these requirements have to, later on, be enrolled in English remedial classes in college.

This can prove to be an embarrassing situation for many students and can pull focus from other important courses they need.

With the help of an English tutor, students will be able to score well on these tests, meeting their graduation requirements, and avail the opportunity to gain admission into some of the most reputable colleges and universities in the country.

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Hiring an English Tutor can prepare you for college entrance tests such as the SATs. Source: Unsplash

College Entrance Assessments

All reputable colleges require high scores in tests such as the SATs and the ACT. These tests often have a strict time limit, and simply studying one week before the date is not enough to receive a high score.

Students need to develop good writing and problem-solving skills. With English being a core aspect of these exams, an English tutor will be able to provide extra tricks that will help the student solve questions easier.

An English tutor will also give extra practice papers to their student, along with immediate feedback. Moreover, these tests also require constant focus and preparation, and an English tutor will be able to keep a student-focused and on track.

Finding The Best Tutor In The States

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