From the densely populated cities to the more rural areas across the country, educators that specialize in teaching English as a second language are becoming increasingly more commonplace.

Often referred to as the land of cultural diversity, its immense size and diverse heritage gives it one of the most complex cultural identities in the world.

Another name associated with the United States is the more commonly known Land of Opportunity. Those looking to fulfill their dreams, whether that be to embark upon further education or starting a local business, pursue the American Dream in the hope of accomplishing such goals.

The increasing levels of cultural diversity within the country have led to a wealth of educators to specialize in teaching English to students that have originated from other cultures and require assistance to help better their English speaking skills.

There are a wealth of reasons as to why those traveling from other countries may want to brush up on their language skills! Some of these include:

  • Embracing the community: speaking to locals is the best way of settling in somewhere new, thus creating new bonds and friendships.
  • Higher education: most colleges & universities across the country require their students to possess a fluent level of the English language.
  • Business: dealing with personal clients and when applying for companies to work in (across the world, not only in the States) will almost always opt for English speaking candidates.

ESL students will explore various channels when it comes to receiving support with their learning.

From formal tutoring, group-based classes to online learning; what is important to establish is that individuals learn in varying ways, and identifying which particular learning style suits you is imperative to a faster development.

Across the States, specialist class learning is available for both younger students and adults.

A wealth of community and private colleges offer ESL specific learning and cater to students of varying levels of ability and experience.

There are also night colleges for those that may not have the time to learn during the day because of working or family commitments.

For students still in the public and private educational systems (Pre-K-12), parents often look for additional support for their children to help develop their learning at a quicker rate.

Tutoring, an ancient practice that dates back to the Ancient Greek times, has been a popular method to help students learn across a variety of learning areas.

From ancient history, renaissance art to language learning, specialists across the country offer their services to private students, and such classes can be conducted in an educational setting, at home, or even online!

This article will highlight some of the main cities across the United States whilst offering insight into the opportunities that are available in each of the suggested areas.

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ESL Tutors in the Big Apple

New York, one of the country's most culturally diverse cities, with over 800 languages spoken, has a large market for ESL specialists.

It is said that just over 70% of the languages spoken at home are English, meaning over 2.5 million residents speak separate languages with their families/friends.

From Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin being the most popular), Russian, Italian & French constituting some of the more popular alternative languages.

There are a wealth of ESL tutors across the city that conduct one-to-one classes with students of all ages and abilities.

To ensure students aren't falling behind at school, whether this may be due to their lack of confidence or knowledge of the language, hiring an ESL tutor to conduct additional lessons after school is an effective way to ensure progression.

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Finding ESL Tutors in Los Angeles

Finding ESL tutors in LA
There are hundreds of specialist tutors to choose from across Los Angeles. (Source: Visualhunt)

The City of Angels is also recognized for its level of cultural diversity, having been considered as one of the most culturally varied cities in the state of California.

From specialist language schools to colleges located off Hollywood boulevard, the sky is the limit for those looking to hone their English language skills.

In finding ESL Tutors in LA, the article highlights the differences between qualified teachers and specialist ESL tutors whilst looking at the positive qualities and characteristics you would expect from a paid ESL tutor.

It also looks into the difference between reading, writing, speaking & listening skills, and how each is learned antagonistically and how the learning of all four in conjunction will develop one's holistic level of language learning.

ESL Tutors in Boston

The 21st most populous city in the United States was once considered to be one of the least diverse cities in America but recent studies have suggested this has changed dramatically over the last few years.

According to a census released in 2018, Boston it is now considered to be the sixth most diverse city in the country and there has been an increasing level of demand for ESL tutoring.

It isn't only private tutoring, but other facilities and opportunities have since opened to cater to this change in demographic.

A specialist language center built in the heart of the city offers reduced prices and long term courses that can span across the whole year!

A wealth of ESL tutors can be found across the city as well as the more suburban areas out of town.

Personalized classes can also be conducted from the student's home, making it more time effective and ideal for those who work during the day or are still engaged in formalized education.

Finding ESL Tutors in Chicago

A monument overlooks Chicago's cityscape.
Chicago has seen a rise in levels of cultural diversity. (Source: Visualhunt)

The Windy City, the third most populated city in America, is home to a breadth of varying cultural identities.

The younger generation of 'millennials' are said to be spearheading the movement for a more integrated and diverse Chicago, and the push toward a more integrated society has resulted in extended opportunities for ESL students to receive more opportunities in approving their language skills.

In searching for an ESL tutor in the Windy City, an especial emphasis on the importance of establishing personal goals and learning motivations is discussed.

It is imperative that those looking to improve upon their English personally highlight the reasons as to why, and whether it is reading, writing, speaking, or listening they wish to develop.

Finding Specialist ESL Tutors in Philadelphia

One of the most diverse cities in Pennsylvania and home to over 1.58 million people, Philadelphia is known for its wealth of original food dishes and is also accredited for the setting of which the declaration of independence was written!

It is also accredited for being one of the country's most diverse cities and is home to people from a range of countries, cultures, and educational backgrounds.

Choosing the right tutor may not always be a walk in the park and platforms such as Superprof advertise a wealth of potential candidates that are based in Philadelphia.

From qualifications to tutoring experience, temperament to hourly price and locality, several components must be considered before choosing a tutor you believe will support in achieving your learning goals and motivations.

ESL Tutors in Houston, Texas

Houston in the evening.
There are more ways than the internet in searching for the perfect ESL Tutor for you! (Source: Visualhunt)

The world capital of space exploration is said to be one of the most diverse cities in the world and its thriving international community has enabled a breadth of opportunities for ESL students.

From community colleges offering explicit support to overseas students to multilingual programs and specialist language centers, the options are endless for those looking for additional learning support.

A quick search on the Superprof website will present over 40 specialist ESL tutors offering their services in the city. An additional 70 tutors also specialize in English language teaching and their credentials and experiences can be read on their online profiles.

Most of the tutors usually offer their first lesson for free to ensure that it is an effective match for both tutors and students.

Finding an ESL Tutor in Houston also highlights the various ways in which students can successfully find tutors that align with their learning goals.

Relying on search engines isn't always necessarily the most effective method and other ways of scoping out the best tutors can include:

  • Word of mouth
  • Contacting the local community
  • Speaking with class and school teachers
  • Tutoring platforms - Superprof

There are numerous benefits to hiring a personal tutor, from the development of subject comprehension, boosting confidence as well as gaining a stronger fundamental understanding of the structure of a language.

Tutoring in conjunction with additional learning will enable a student to learn at a quicker rate and in doing so, this will in turn open up future prospects and opportunities for those that put in the extra effort.

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