A report conducted in 2019 by WalletHub stated that Houston is the most diverse city in the United States.

With over one in four residents born in foreign lands, it is said that the city has no ethnic majority, and with a population of 2.3 million (fourth largest in the nation), there are hundreds of thousands of individuals that will speak English as a second language.

The most populous city in Texas is also said to be rife with opportunities for those looking to continue into further education, and this includes students whose 'origin' language is not English.

The government's educational vision moving forward is to help cater for the increasing diversity of the cities population, whilst ensuring that equal opportunities are present amongst its residents.

The City of Houston Public Library, situated in the middle of town, is a celebrated learning space amongst Houstonian's and the library boasts over 35 neighborhood branches that are all accessible to the general public.

So, when it comes to learning materials - don't forget your library card!

Although it is mostly considered an 'old-school' approach to language learning, multiple books, and specialist ESL resources can often be found in such establishments.

If you are a little more tech-savvy and you prefer to use various educational apps and resources found online - there is an abundance of content at your fingertips and a lot of these resources can be accessed free of charge.

The beauty of learning is that no-one is the same; we all endorse and internalize information in different ways.

Due to this, finding the most effective methods to endorsing such information is imperative.

Some enjoy learning alone, in a peaceful environment with the use of books and standardized learning resources.

Others prefer to listen, verbally communicate and some are kinaesthetic learners - those who engage in active/practical-based learning to help generate muscle memory.

Although there are various methods of learning and understanding a new language, there have been some traditional practices that have maintained their popularity.

One-to-one tutoring has been around for centuries and was once originally designed to further educate the aristocracy in various teachings from Latin to complex Math.

Today, the demographic has very much changed.

Tutoring is now done in conjunction with classes to help support students that may be lagging in particular learning areas.

There are also thousands of private tutors that advertise their services online.

Across the United States, from New York to Los Angeles, tutoring is a common practice! Here we will begin to look at the various opportunities that are available across Houston, with ESL Tutors specifically in mind.

A set of skyscrapers in the city center.
Historically, tutoring has been a popular style of learning for students in the past. (Source: Visualhunt)

ESL Tutors For Children And Young Adults

ESL students that are new to Houston and working through the American educational system will most likely than not require individualized support to help develop their level of English speaking and writing proficiency.

Specialist learning centers and one-to-one intervention sessions within a schooling environment are often ways to help support these children.

However, public schools may not always have the economical support or staffing resources to help cater to a demographic with a large quantity of ESL students.

The role of a tutor is to understand the specific needs of the individual. Naturally, we all learn at different rates in various ways. What also makes ESL students more unique is that they have come from varying experiences and have been exposed to contrasting cultures and educational settings.

Therefore, hiring a private tutor can be an effective method in enhancing a child's English proficiency and this can be done so via multiple platforms.

Find an ESL tutor in Philadelphia here.

Where in Houston can you take ESL lessons?
One-to-one tutoring sessions can be conducted in public spaces as well as the student's home. (Source: Visualhunt)

How To Find An ESL Tutor In Houston

There are various approaches when it comes to finding the perfect ESL Tutor. Currently, people have become so reliant on using the internet as a platform to find and discover things, but more conventional approaches should also be considered.

So, whether you're residing in Houston or other populous cities including Philadelphia, Boston or Chicago - there may just be a different way in finding the perfect tutor for you!

Word of Mouth

Often phrased as the most effective form of marketing, if someone is offering a service of which their clients speak highly of, they will certainly be in high demand.

From price, locality, tutoring style to availability, if a tutor is reliable and someone using their services recommends them - why not try it out?

Contacting The Local Community

Community is a big thing in many areas across the city and those who have come from a different culture/country may benefit from engrossing themselves into their local community.

In doing so, opportunities will arise, people who have lived longer and may have been in a similar situation will often give their advice upon various matters including educational matters.

From community colleges, educational programs to adult learning centers - Houston is filled with them and the essence of these institutions is to support everyone who requires it.

Speaking with Class Teachers/School

If the additional tutoring activities are for those still in education, an effective way to explore the option of extra tuition would be to contact the school directly.

Often, schools may offer additional activities for new students who may require further support with their English.

If not, they usually have a list of external companies and individuals that are affiliated with the school and can offer a child specialist ESL tutor lessons out of schooling hours.

Searching Online

There are a plethora of online platforms to choose from when looking for ESL Tutors across Houston.

Most language companies and educational centers have a website with various information online and a quick search on a search engine will produce these.

Also, some private-based tutors offer their services in either individual or bulk sessions.

Usually, when paying for a group of lessons, the price tends to be cheaper and an additional incentive to this is that the classes will be scheduled to a set time and day per week, ensuring consistency and continuity of the learning is taking place.

Two students study in a library.
Many students prefer to search for potential tutors through online platforms. (Source: Visualhunt)

Superprof - The Home of Houston's ESL Tutors

You will see that Superprof has a range of options when it comes to specialist ESL tutors offering their services in the city.

With secure payments made through the website, students can pick various criteria about their educational level, experience, and age. Some of these options include:

  • Academic: from Elementary to Middle School, Junior to Sophomore, and even MBA level.
  • Professional Studies: Here the student can choose either between ILR (Individualised Learner Record) levels 0-5.
  • General, extracurricular: beginner, intermediate, advanced to proficient.

Each tutor has a profile with a brief description of their educational & academic experience, details of their tutoring experience and specialties as well as a picture!

Their particular learning methodologies are often inputted into their profile and they can be contacted directly through their website.

On the left-hand side of their profiles, there will be a list of attributes and taught subjects as well as levels to ensure the educator is a relevant match for the student's desired learning goals.

It will also state if the tutor will partake in online classes, or if they are willing to travel to conduct the lessons.

Choosing the right option for you!

As discussed earlier, identifying particular learning styles is a great way to establish which style of extracurricular learning will suit you!

With English considered the language of the world, companies in most countries and cultures usually prefer employees that possess a fluent level of the English language.

Especially when it comes to moving to an English speaking city like Houston, those who do not develop fluency within language will find it more challenging to endorse the culture and be part of the community.

There are an endless number of reasons as to why learning the language would be of benefit. From further education, future job prospects to the ability to access a range of media and entertainment - those who cannot speak English will struggle to integrate into society, thus not becoming a true Houstonian!

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