So what's the point of it all then?

Learning English, yes it is the world's most widely spoken language with over two billion people that speak it, but if you haven't already delved into it, why start?

There are a range of motivations for those who wish to learn the language, listing just a few:

  1. English is the language of international communication
  2. Speaking English allows you access to the world's most varied range of entertainment
  3. From Hollywood movies that have been created in the heart of Los Angeles to western pop, rock, soul & even blues music to name just a few
  4. Enhance job opportunities - it is said that English is the language of business, and it is heavily recommended as a requirement from most companies/businesses across the world
  5. It endorses and strengthens community links.

For those who are new To The City of Angels and in search of an ESL Tutor, there is a wealth of them across the city to choose from! Not only are specialist language tutors available in LA, but other major cities including New York, Boston and Philadelphia are home to a wealth of educators that offer their services to aspiring students.

So, whether the motivation is to gain additional support for a loved one, child, or if it's for an adult looking to brush up their skills, then you are in the right place.

A gentleman stands on a helipad beside the cities skyscrapers.
ESL Tutors aren't only located in the city centre. They can be found across the whole of the city. (Source: Visualhunt)

Identifying Differences Between A Teacher And A Tutor

There is a unique difference between both teachers and tutors and this is important to acknowledge, especially if the additional tutoring support is done so in conjunction with teaching lessons.

Teacher/Tutor Responsibilities

It is said that teachers follow curriculum guidelines and predetermined motivations to help evaluate students' progress over time.

The big difference between teachers and tutors is that they are almost always educating a group of students, whereas tutors are often hired to work with selected groups and individuals.

Several educational establishments often hire tutors to work with select groups in a more intimate and personable basis.

Specialist maths tutors may for example be hired to work with a closed group of individuals that could be struggling with a particular learning area, such as long division or understanding a particular algebraic equation.

Teachers are often responsible for such tasks:

  • Assessing classwork & homework
  • Supervising students
  • Answering questions as well as planning groups of lessons.

Tutor's are usually responsible for:

  • Assigning/evaluate student work
  • Working 1:1, small groups to work on particular learning areas
  • Tracking and sharing a student's progress.

Children that are learning English as a second language often require additional, extracurricular support to facilitate with their learning.

If a student may have started midway through an academic year or, alternatively, moved to Los Angeles later in their teens, they could already be well behind others in terms of the level of written and verbal English.

To prevent such a gap from occurring, it is integral that parents explore the prospect of extra tuition to support with their development.

Find an ESL tutor in Philadelphia here.

Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking - ESL Students

A student studies form her notepad and computer.
Some tutors may not always be the best fit so trying out as many as possible will help to establish the most suitable, long term options. (Source: Visualhunt)

There are four fundamentals when it comes to language learning and each is listed in the title above!

Naturally, as individuals, we learn in different ways and what could be a positive area for some could be a weakness to others.

It is imperative that as a student, you acknowledge such strengths and weaknesses, for identifying them will allow you to understand and therefore act upon them.

Where some students may find their strengths lay in reading proficiency, others may have developed more confidence within listening and speaking skills.

There are ways in developing each. Take reading for example. The more access a student has to core learning texts, the quicker they will develop. It isn't simply about reading core educational texts, the more exposure to different literature, illustrative texts, the quicker improvements will be made.

What is effective about employing an ESL Tutor is that an experienced one will have various learning strategies to support the student.

Assessment strategies will also help the tutor to identify which areas the student will need to work on. They should also have the right resources to help support the student and employ additional work to be completed leading up to the following session.

The easiest way to develop listening and speaking skills are to physically practice them. An effective ESL Tutor will try not to revert to the student's original language, thus increasing the amount of time the student has to practice English.

The tutor will also advise the parents/family members to encourage speaking English at home. If this isn't a possibility, using older siblings/friends to encourage the student to talk in English will increase exposure, therefore generating developments at a quicker, more sustainable rate.

ESL Tutors in Los Angeles

A student and her teacher study in the park.
Studying doesn't always have to take part at home or in the library. Some ESL tutors prefer to use public spaces to conduct their lessons. (Source: Visualhunt)

In Los Angeles, some specialist language schools offer low cost, high-quality ESL classes.

California Language School is an establishment whose mission is to develop ESL student's academic, professional, and personal aspirations to help them succeed in the United States.

Their low-cost classes take place either in the day time or the evening to make it accessible for all and compared to similar schools, it is said that students can save up to 50%!

The schooling schedule can be accessed through their homepage and students have the option to choose from courses depending on their level of proficiency.

Commencing from beginner's level 1 & 2, and advancing to preparatory courses for the advanced, there is a range of choices to help cater to the majority of ESL students.

Hollywood College is another establishment that offers catered classes for ESL students.

Using an integrated, skill-based approach to their tutoring, students have the option of learning in closed groups or can even enquire for specialist one-to-one classes with a designated tutor.

From standard, semi-intensive to intensive courses, the volume of classes can be dictated and adjusted in accordance with the student's schedule.

If structured tutoring may not fit in with your schedule then a better option would be to hire a personal ESL tutor that can travel to conduct personal tutoring sessions.

Superprof has a range of specialist English tutors on their website that offer one-to-one classes for ESL students across the States, including other cultural hubs such as Houston and Chicago!

By a simple search through their website, you'll find a wealth of tutors local to your home or workplace.

Almost all of the tutors offer their first lesson for free and they can either be conducted at the tutor's home, the students, or alternatively online through platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

Starting from 18$p/h - 65$p/h, the tutors vary from a range of expertise and experience and you can contact them directly through the website.

Identifying the distance between the tutor and student as well as establishing the price range is important.

Also, as this is an ESL Tutor, some students prefer that the tutor holds an understanding in their native language, although this isn't always mandatory.

See various ESL tutors in New York city.

Online ESL Tutor's in Los Angeles

Online tutoring has increased in popularity over the years and several students are opting to partake in online classes due to it often being cheaper and more time effective.

As mentioned earlier, ESL tutors on the platform Superprof often offer their services through an online basis and they can be contacted directly through the website.

Although partaking in online tutoring can be cheaper and reduce commuting times, there are also potential pitfalls in regards to such work.

Firstly, the more personable factors associated with one-to-one tutoring can be diminished if done so online instead of in person. Also, as the tutor isn't physically present, there can be more potential for the student to get distracted, especially if they are younger.

Technological problems may also occur and the use of physical objects as props for learning may lose their ability to contribute to understanding.

As it is still a relatively new approach to learning, undoubtedly there will be some flaws to such new approaches.

The fact that online lessons can often be more time effective makes it an appealing prospect for working adults. If time is of the essence, then this could be an ideal option for those that are working late nights and only have a small window to complete online lessons.

It is about identifying a range of factors from time, cost, and locality to determine what the most effective option is for the individual!

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