When it comes to cultural diversity, there isn't any other city in the United States that competes with The Big Apple.

It is said to be the most linguistically diverse city in the world, with over 800 hundred languages spoken - pretty impressive right?

The metropolis boasts an extensive history when it comes to migration, and with a population of just over 8.3 million people, the term often associated with the city is a 'melting pot' for the sheer array of individuals living there from differing cultures.

Although English is the main language spoken across the city, there are several districts and areas in which other cultures thrive. Within these districts, you may find the inhabitants preferring to remain speaking predominantly in their mother tongue as opposed to opting to converse in English.

In such areas, you are also likely to find individuals that either have limited to no ability to speak English, and this could come down to educational experience to academic challenges or simply the lack of opportunities and access to high-quality teachers/tutors.

ESL is a common acronym in the educational world. Standing for 'English as a Second Language', it refers to those whose mother tongue (original language) is any other language than English itself.

So, this could be French to Hindi, Spanish to Mandarin! As long as you hadn't grown up learning English, you are likely to have worked with specialist ESL teachers in the past.

What separates a generalized English teacher from a specialist ESL tutor is firstly their style and experiences of teaching.

ESL Tutors often speak more than one language. Their 'mother language' is likely to be the same as their students, yet they have stronger English proficiency and can, therefore, part their knowledge and understanding whilst conversing between more than one language.

ESL Tutors can often be found working in a variety of educational settings, from public to private, to specialist language schools.

ESL Tutors often offer their services via online platforms and can provide one-to-one tutoring services to private students.

Several families across the city hire private educators to support in the development of their children's English proficiency level.

Yet, not alone are such services offered solely to those under the age of eighteen.

Many adults opt for private ESL sessions to help develop their level of English too! Circumstances could mean that an adult, who may have recently arrived in the city, has yet to partake in structured learning of the language.

To best adapt to a city, it is imperative that the individual attempts in mastering the main language spoken!

This article will take a look at the benefits of hiring an ESL Tutor could have as well as identifying some establishments across the city which offer such services.

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Structured, one-to-one tutoring can take place in a public setting or in the comfort of your own home! (Source: Visualhunt)

ESL Tutors - What Are The Benefits?

Firstly, there is a wealth of reasons as to why a parent would wish to hire a tutor for their child. And in other main cities including Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, parents and guardians often opt for similar support.

If the parent didn't have a strong understanding of the English language, it would be challenging for them to support their children! Also, some kids can respond differently to adults within an educational context.

Being supported by someone externally may see a different reaction in the child's receptiveness, and this should always be a consideration if parents are finding it challenging to inspire/support them with their homework/extra-curricular activities.

Now, let's take a look at some of the benefits both in the context of a minor and an adult receiving ESL tuition.

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Benefits for Children:

a. Consolidates learning

Applying for additional tuition outside of schooling hours will help to develop overall learning styles! If a child is falling behind at school, an ESL Tutor will work on consolidating and targeting grey areas to prevent that student from falling behind.

b. A more personable learning experience

Some class sizes surpass thirty children and the individual may not always get the chance to receive constructive feedback from their class teacher.

An external tutor is a great way to complement the learning they are doing at school!

They also have the undivided attention of the teacher, leaving the educator with a broader insight into the areas of strength and weakness upon the learner.

c. Encourages independent thinking

Again, the fact that the child is receiving a more personalized learning experience allows them to foster a more independent style of thinking.

The designated tutor will ask questions whilst encouraging the student to do the same to enhance the level of depth whilst learning.

d. Improves academic performance as well as one's attitude towards learning

A tutor is there to inspire the child to think independently whilst encouraging positive learning behaviors.

Analyzing a child's development throughout the school is a great way to set future goals which of course inspire motivation and an increased desire to succeed.

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Benefits for Adults:

a. Boosts confidence

Any form of learning can help to generate confidence, especially when improvements are analyzed and short and long term goals have been set.

Developing one's ability to communicate in a new language will help increase social confidence and this goes on to affect more holistic levels of confidence within the individual.

b. Boosts memory/brain power

Learning a new language increases the volume of synaptic nerve reactions in the brain, boosting overall memory skills and one's ability to concentrate for prolonged periods.

c. Enhances decision-making abilities

Whilst learning a new language, we are forced to choose between options to help us to identify the right and wrong answers.

This is the very fundamental of learning: to be able to separate pieces of information whilst acknowledging differences and similarities.

d. Develops community

If you are new to the city and have yet to fully embrace yourself within the community, there is no better way than to brush up on your English speaking skills.

With it being the most predominantly spoken language in New York (and the United States), learning the language is only going to help in developing and sustaining community links.

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Tutors may often use physical aids to help support their students development. (Source: Visualhunt)

ESL Tutors in New York

In the heart of the financial district, The New York English Academy is a company that offers long term courses that span across 12 weeks and these can be conducted either in the mornings, afternoons, or alternatively, students can opt for weekend lessons.

With competitively priced programs, their classes are advertised as a crash course for ESL students, and assessment of progress takes place at the end of each learning week.

The ethos of the company is to create a sense of community amongst its students and after a long week of learning the academy hosts wine evenings for its students with the aim that they can discuss their learning and experiences in English!

If it is private ESL tutoring you are looking for, then where better to look than Superprof! With a plethora of ESL tutors registered to the website, ESL tutors advertize their services across the country, from Houston, Texas all the way to Boston!

Most of the available tutors offer preliminary lessons (introductory class) free of charge to incentivize the student to request their services on a more long term basis.

When going through their homepage, simply search for both which style of lessons (ESL) you require followed by the area of the city which is most convenient.

Students can also request if they wish to carry out their lessons in their home, alternatively, they can be conducted at a tutor's house or in a pre-arranged destination (library, local cafe, etc...)

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Whether you're in Manhattan or Downtown - ESL tutors are dotted across the city! (Source: Visualhunt)
There are numerous reasons for learning English, and it is down to the student to establish if their motivations outweigh the time and effort required in reaching such personal goals.

After all, learning a new language to an intermediate/expert level is no easy feat and it must require patience, consistency, and a desire to succeed.

What is most important is that the student's motivations must be established. For some students, it may take a year/two years to gain a level of proficiency learning a new language, whereas others may take significantly longer.

It is essential that the student is aware of this and one mustn't get disheartened at the process: learning is fun, and the tutor that guides the student must make it exciting, otherwise you'll learn at a much slower rate!

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