Learning how to play guitar isn't all, it's important you also get some to know about the instrument's culture and history. So whether you're a beginner guitarist, learning how to read chords on tabs, or a confirmed musician, be sure you know about your musical instrument.

To do so we've gathered information a guitar player needs to know.

The History of the guitar

Guitars date back more than 3000 years before our era.

It was in Persia that this instrument was listed for the first time ever, though it resembled more a lute than the guitar we traditionally see today.

The first guitars found
The origins of guitars

  It was then imported into Spain during the 10th century and underwent various transformations during the following centuries: classical guitar, folk guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar.

The guitar is classified as a plucked string instrument – it's possible to play several sounds simultaneously.

As soon as it appeared the guitar was seen as a popular instrument that brings people together, whatever their origins or social level.

It can adapt to any style of music, enabling it to accompany many instruments, or be played solo in different styles such as rock, blues, jazz, country, classical music, flamenco, metal or reggae.

10 guitar styles: how to learn them?

Each style of music has its own codes and characteristics. Playing rock, blues or funk is instantly recognizable whether you have a musical ear or not.

The main styles of music on the guitar are: rock'n'roll, rock, blues, jazz, heavy metal, funk, pop, reggae and country. They each have their own strumming patterns and chord charts.

Learn about guitars and guitarists
Vary the pleasures during your guitar lessons! Start jamming!

To learn to play these different styles you'll have to work and muscle your fingers: it'll help you gain speed, flexibility, coordination and strength when finderpicking and develop you fingerstyle. If you're taking guitar lessons near me and you want to work one of these styles do talk about it with your guitar teacher first.

For each of these musical styles learn the basics that correspond to the genre: main rhythms, strumming, main guitar chords, how to scratch your strings with your right hand, the different techniques of the left hand and recurrent basic chords. Some styles require only the bascis (you can play a rock song with only the A chord, the D chord and the G chord), others really need some experience and good figerpicking. Don't forget to tune your guitar before you start!

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The world's 10 best guitarists

There've been musicians who have literally transformed the world of guitar and music; musicians who've become standards of a specific music style.

Drawing a list of the world's top 10 guitarists isn't easy because depending on your musical tastes or your affinity with a particular musical genre you'll be more oriented to so and so.

Nevertheless, the universe of guitarists agrees on a handful of them to set as references both for technical and melodical greatness that have created some of the best guitar songs.

The best guitarists on the planet are:

  • Jimi Hendrix: the guitar maestro that revolutionized the practice of the instrument with his extraordinary touch, his technical innovations and amazing guitar solos.
Jimmy Hendrix, one of the greatest guitarists of all time
Learn how to play the guitar by watching Jimmy Hendrix
    • Eric Clapton: excellent melodist, the man mastered anything. His style is oriented towards both blues and rock.
    • Jimmy Page: one of the Led Zeppelins, he renews his practice of the guitar, associating for example the bow of a violin.
    • Robert Johnson: legend says that this genius guitarist sold his soul to the devil against his gift.
    • Chuck Berry: an early adopter of rock'n'roll, he brilliantly mixed blues and country.
Learn how to play guitar like Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry, one of the best guitar players!
  • Carlos Santana: the World Music guitarist. His style is lyrical and sounds very soft.
  • Muddy Waters: An unrivaled blues maestro, known for his use of the bottleneck.
  • BB King: the blues king that probes the human soul and its deep roots.
  • Keith Richards: lead guitar of the The Rolling Stones, he simplifies to the maximum his pieces to obtain their quintessence.
  • Eddie Van Halen: How can such a man give the impression that there are two or three other musicians while he is alone with his guitar?

5 false ideas about guitars

Given the difficulty of learning the guitar, one often hears hasty criticisms, abrupt judgments on the guitarists' universe. It is common to hear or read here and there of wholly far-fetched ideas.

Here are the top 5 false ideas about guitars:

  • I have no ear: as for your hands, ears need practice.
  • I don't have rhythm: you will acquire notions of rhythm by working on your technique, your knowledge in solfeggio, the appropriation of the instrument and regular work.
  • My fingers aren't suitable for guitar practice: whatever the size of your fingers, nothing prevents you from playing the guitar.
  • I'm left-handed: contrarily to what one thinks, playing the guitar as a left-hander is not a blemish. Listen to musicians like Kurt Cobain, Gary Moore or Jimi Hendrix!
  • "I'm too old for this Sh*t" (with the voice of Danny Glover/Roger Murtaugh in Leathal Weapon): there's no age to learn guitar if you're determined enough.

What opportunities when you know you to play?

What jobs can you go for when you know how to play the guitar?

Get more opportunities as a professional guitarist
When you know how to play the guitar, several options are available to you.
  • Play in your own band, produce yourself in concerts, or even perform your 1st concert
  • Become a guitar teacher: in a music school, an association, through tutorials and videos on the Internet, in a blog or by giving private lessons.
  • Integrate a group to produce in various events: weddings, balls, parties.
  • Accompany renowned musicians on stage.

As you can see guitar trades are numerous and varied.

Still not convinced?

Here are more reasons to strum some more riffs!

8 Scientific Reasons to Play Guitar

Playing guitar also has many forgotten benefits.

Discover now the scientific reasons to play the guitar!

For example :

  • The guitar will make you happier.
  • The guitar helps you relieve stress.
  • The guitar can reduce some persistent pain.
  • The guitar improves our intellectual performance.
  • The guitar improves blood circulation.
  • The guitar increases self-confidence.
  • The guitar allows to develop your creativity.
  • The guitar improves your seduction capital.

Playing guitar is an excellent medicine against boredom and depression.

It helps guitarists and has many physical and mental benefits.

So make your neurons happy by waving your Gibson strings.
Quickly take your dose of serotonin, endorphin or oxytocin.
One last step? You are almost ready to embark on the adventure of the guitar.

Come on, here's a bonus: the last advantage of learning to play the guitar.

Selection of the 10 best guitar pieces to seduce

And yes ... The guitar is a weapon of massive seduction.

In order to help, we unveil 10 Songs that All Guitarist Should Play To A Woman:

1. I'm yours, Jason Mraz: hippie-australian seduction

2. You're Beautiful, James Blunt: Fragile Seducer

3. Wild world, Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam: the poet's flirt

4. Wonderful tonight, Eric Clapton: the serenade of the ultimate guitarist

5. Angie, The Rolling Stones: the junkie's declaration of love

6. Wherever you will go, The Calling: the grunge crooner melody

7. Wonderwall, Oasis: the basics to learn guitar

8. Shape of my heart, Sting: arpeggio, melody and declaration

9. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley: the mystical guitar-voice seduction

10. The scientist, Coldplay: the dredge

This is scientifically proven by us.

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