Unlike some countries, not everyone is happy with the US national educational system.

Inadequacies in school and programs--US students have had enough and their parents are dissatisfied with what school offers them.


Because parents no longer trust a system that has so many disadvantages.

To remedy the disadvantages of the national educational system, parents turn to in-home academic support.

More pedagogical, the in-home private tutor's support helps the student no longer feel alone in the face of the national educational system's difficulties.

If you want your child to boost his or her average in all major subjects, why not hire a private tutoring teacher?!

Academic support from elementary school on...

Elementary school is one of the main steps in the child's education.

The young student does in fact collect everything he or she will need over the course of his academic career at this very early stage--whether it's grammar, verbs, or the basic rules of math!

However, the student's parents are usually quite unhappy with the way their children are treated in school establishments.

Let's have a look at the numbers in order to better understand...

Each year, more than 3 million students leave elementary school with incredible difficulties in one or more subject.

As soon as elementary school, children from low-income families are at a disadvantage in terms of education.

The national educational system's teachers are not able to dedicate their time to their students' difficulties because classes are much too overcrowded for teaching on a case by case basis. 

Academic problems in elementary school could have disastrous consequences on the child's social integration explains school psychologist Dr. Amanda Webber:

«School always exacerbates inequality. [...] A much larger percentage of those students who are behind when they enter 6th grade are issued from low-income families in comparison to those issues from the middle class. School is quite selective, and not very egalitarian, not very attentive to those in difficulties..."

Academic support is a good way to make sure your child does not drop out from school.

The in-home private tutor is a serious and regular part of the child's academic regimen, and he disposes of all the necessary academic tools in order to help with any school subjet: 

  • Math class
  • English class,
  • French class,
  • Spanish class,
  • German class,
  • Chemistry class,
  • Psychology class,
  • Biology class,
  • History or Geography class.

From elementary school all the way to high school, you can organize study sessions with a competent tutor.

The earlier the better!

Calling On an In-Home Private Tutor in Order to Better English Skills

The English language is increasingly popular all over the world!

However, because of the advances of the internet, and "internet lingo" as some call it, kids all over are no longer turning to correct spelling or grammar usage. It is becoming a problem!

However, tutoring can help!

Linguistic specialists estimate that around 50% of kids would revert to texting or internet language if someone was not there to check up on them and grade their papers.

Not only is this alarming for students' future careers, but very alarming for their grades--which could suffer greatly!

It's important to note that a good grade in English is essential for a student's integration into the professional world: from kindergarten to high school, students must pay attention to spelling and grammar!

Check for a good online tutor here.

Young students are increasingly frustrated with questions of language! The internet has warped their view of it.

Furthermore, in most schools, the written answers for tests are harshly graded and teachers pay a lot of attention to the students' spelling and grammar. If you have the right answer but did not write it correctly, this could cost you some points!

Looking at all these elements, we conclude that increasingly poorer use of the English language will cost some children their future jobs. A good mastery of the English language is indispensable to getting work and building a career.

You may have a great CV, if your emails are filled with errors, you will not be taken seriously!

In-home private lessons could ensure that your child will get back on track with the English language and perfect his or her use of the English language. 

Academic support for English is more and more saught after by parents, who are themselves subject to their children's errors in text messages, notes, or emails.

Let's also note that academic support is also a solution for overbearing parents.

Whether you are studying a science or literary subject, the in-home private tutor will adopt a steady pace in which you will work on the English language.

Whether it is to learn English as a second language (ESL) or to perfect your native tongue, you can count on tutorign to get you back in the saddle by making English fun and enriching! 

In-Home Private Lessons to Better Math Skills

Not only are there issues with English, but there are issues with math...

The proof is in the numbers!

Yet, science subjects are very important for national research. If the United States wants to keep its status as an innovative country, we have to count on young students!

The National Level Lowers

In a New York Times article entitled "Why do Americans Stink at Math?" journalist Elizabeth Green writes:

"As a nation, we suffer from an ailment that John Allen Paulos, a Temple University math professor and an author, calls innumeracy — the mathematical equivalent of not being able to read. On national tests, nearly two-thirds of fourth graders and eighth graders are not proficient in math."

What a shame, as mathematics are much more important than they may seem!

Being good at math can change everything!

It's true: if you're good at math then you will most likely get a good score on the math portion of the SATs and then get into the school of your choice.

If you would like your child to have a brilliant career (doctor, researcher...), you have to get going as soon as possible.

In-home private tutoring will ensure that students become better at math.

Thanks to his educational techniques, the in-home private tutor will know how to remedy the main problems found in schools by employing the following:

  • Regular math learning,
  • Revising learned formulas,
  • The possibility of revising during weeknights, weekends, and on holidays,
  • Intensive courses that will help boost the level,
  • Learning important math concepts (calculation, algebra, geometry…),
  • New revision techniques (online classes, online exercises, applications…),
  • Implementing a pace that works with what the student is trying to accomplish,
  • Exam prep sessions (midterms, finals, SATs), etc...

Via a regular pace, homework help with a qualified educator will allow your children to perfect his knowledge and he or she may even end up turning towards a science career as a result.

The tutor will be able to help consolidate the child's knowledge, but will also become his or her academic counselor and will guide him or her all along the way of his or her academic career!

Academic Support to Boost Foreign Language Learning

Americans stink at foreign languages too!

Learning another language is almost always a hardship, especially because of the U.S.A's geographical position.

Yet, according to a 2014 Speaking Agency survey, almost 60 percent of Americans would like to learn a second language. 

So why all this stinking at languages?

Well, like everything, it starts at school!

In the United States, there is not a strong emphasis on languages to begin with.

However, if you'd like to be a journalist, an IT worker, or even a doctor, learning Spanish could be essential for your future career path and is extremely appreciated by recruiters! 

On the global level, Spanish is a huge plus.

Spanish could be your ticket to a great job.

However, you can only learn a foreign language little by little. Parents are only recently seeing how important it is for their children to learn a second language in today's world.

Parents can also no longer settle for their children only learning at school.

Still according to Speaking Agency, here are their preferred alternatives:

  1. A private bilingual school (35%),
  2. Collective classes in a language center (34%),
  3. Private lessons (33%),
  4. Language books teaching a particular language (31%),
  5. E-tools (25%),
  6. A subscription to an original language foreign TV channel (23%).

Because private schools are not available to all due to how expensive they are, most parents are turning to private lessons and private tutors.

With private tutoring no reason to neglect the importance of foreign languages. The private tutor's goal is to perfect his or her student's language skills in the preferred language.

Native tutors are more popular as they know both the culture and the language by heart.

Calling on a private tutor for your child is always a great thing and opens many doors for him or her.

Forget about national education's problems! In order for your kid to excel in all subjects, private tutoring is the best solution!

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