There are multiple reasons as to why someone may be seeking a professional trainer to develop their singing voice.

Countless studies have identified a number of benefits singing may have, both emotionally and physiologically. If done regularly, the process of singing can help to improve memory as well as generating a more confident and creative individual.

A vocal coach can help to enhance developments at a quicker rate, as well as ensuring that any harmful habits are not picked up along the way.

Across the United States, there is a high concentration of professional voice coaches who provide varying services at different prices. Therefore, before embarking upon any search, it is important that a specified rate along with personal availability is established.

But before understanding how to find the best coaches or identifying how much they may cost, it is important where they are situated. Although there is a high concentration of voice coaches across the country, it certainly isn't always a straight forward process in finding the right one for you!

This is because there are multiple platforms and various approaches one can go about in finding the most favorably located and best-priced coaches.

A simple internet search will create many options to choose from. The more prominent and vastly populated cities have several specialist companies which offer vocal sessions from qualified and experienced professionals.

Larger cities like Los Angeles and New York also have a number of competitors within the industry.

Singing Lessons in Los Angeles

A view of a busy LA street
Private voice coaches and academies are found all across the city. (Source: Visualhunt)

There are several opportunities for those who are searching for their ideal vocal coach! Angeles Academy of Music is a company renowned for offering a wealth of services for all ages and abilities.

The company also offer lessons in a range of different genres including classical, pop, blues, jazz and R&B.

The establishment has recently been voted within the top three music schools in Los Angeles and has over the years supported thousands of singers and aspiring musicians in developing their singing techniques.

A familiar theme you may begin to notice is that several academics do not alone offer services for singers. The Angeles Academy of Music also offers piano, guitar, cello, and violin lessons. So, if you are also thinking about learning a new instrument as well as working on your voice, an academy may be the right place for you!

Singing Lessons in San Diego

A sunset in San Diego
The tenth-largest US city is home to a number of different singing academies for children and adults. (Source: Visualhunt)

Now, if you head South of LA you will find yourself in the popular city of San Diego. Famous for its miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, there is a number of opportunities for aspiring singers to seek help in developing their voice.

There are various companies which offer a range of different services, from genre-specific lessons to general, introductory private sessions.

Take the School of Rock for example. With over 400 thousand Facebook followers and a cult following of aspiring teen rockers, this San Diego based music establishment is fundamental in not alone enhancing the technical skills of the artist, but also an individual's overall confidence levels.

This initiative was initially designed to cater for those who wanted to develop their overall confidence, and practicing with the goal to perform in front of fellow students is the perfect approach in doing so.

The company boasts 20 years of experience and they have several locations across The States and they cater to over 35,000 students.

Expert vocal instructors with a specialization in rock performance help to incentivize those who wish to focus on a particular area of singing in alignment with their musical preferences.

Performance-based education is certainly a form of purposeful education. With a clear goal, a participant knows exactly what he/she is working towards and therefore must work towards that by partaking in necessary preparations.

Singing Lessons in Austin

Often considered the live music capital of the world, Austin Texas has a rich history when it comes to musical performance.

The world-renowned South By South West (SXSW) and The Austin City Limits Festival are two of the largest platforms for up and coming artists and bands/musicians travel across the world to perform on the various stages that are dotted across the city!

It is often acknowledged by the residents of Austin that no matter what the day, there will be numerous options for music fanatics to experience free performances across the respected bars and musical clubs across the city - completely free of charge!

A place with such a large concentration of musicians means that music schools and academies are available for those looking to hone and develop their skills.

From absolute beginners to advanced performers, a simple google search will offer a wealth of opportunities to cater to your various needs.

Also, check out the many benefits of taking singing lessons and how practicing at home can enhance your singing proficiency!

Singing Lessons in Chicago

A broadway sign reads Chicago.
Chicago has been home to some of the most respected musicians of the past. (Source: Visualhunt)

Another city which is certainly no stranger when it comes to musical history is The Wonderful Windy City!

From the smooth singing Sam Cooke, who wrote and sang the classic 'Wonderful World', to arguably one of the worlds most popular current artists Kanye West, Chicago has provided the world with an array of household names of which songs have inspired social change and justice across the world.

Yet, all of these artists must have started somewhere.

A top performer must understand that regular shows can often take a toll on the individual. Unlike playing the piano or guitar, singing can be more volatile meaning the voice has more chance of being damaged or being unprepared - often, and unfortunately resulting in a performance in which you couldn't seem to hit the notes you had wished for.

Although the voice is considered an instrument, it can be strained and effected from things as menial as the weather, or even an air conditioning unit, (quite literally: Adele once had to cancel a concert as her vocal cords were strained in which she blamed it on the air conditioning units in the plane she used to arrive at the international show).

This means that vocalists must take extra precautions when preparing and 'cooling down' after a performance.

These various techniques, especially when it comes to top performers, are almost always taught by highly skilled and experienced vocal coaches. This helps to illustrate the importance of guided knowledge within this area as it helps to preserve and maintain healthy vocal cords for performance.

Chicago has hundreds of choices across the city to choose from. From many academies to private vocal coaches, there an abundance of opportunities to delve into!

The cities association with Jazz and Soul music allow further opportunities within these particular genres and specialist vocal sessions are available within the main central areas as well as the suburbs.

From respected companies like Bucktown Music, The Voice Lab and Heart of Singing, you will certainly be spoiled for choice! So, identify what your long term goals are before signing up for your first lesson.

A Word of Advice

A number of the companies and private coaches which offer their services online may well provide the first session for completely free or at least at a reduced price.

This allows the student to identify if the services in which the coach provides is to their expectations and if they could see themselves taking regular sessions with that particular coach.

Feeling comfortable with your vocal coach is incredibly important and their style of coaching must both inspire whilst instilling the necessary techniques and strategies to combat voice fatigue.

As well as location, price and particular preferences i.e. genre-specific coaching, many considerations must be met before signing up for long term lessons.

It is important that all preferences have been outlined prior to contacting vocal coaches so the chance of making a mistake are far less likely.

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