It was said between the years of 2012 to 2016, there had been a rise in involvement within yoga from 20 million to 36 million American people. Both the Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance calculated that by the end of 2016 over 15% of the countries population had partaken in some form of yoga in the last six months.

The latest statistics haven't yet caught up but is only natural to assume that more Americans are now taking part in this global craze.

Once an ancient practice created over 5,000 years ago (yes, that is not a typo), the beginnings of yoga were documented in texts across Northern India and throughout this time there have been multiple variations and individual styles that have been crafted to help make this practice accessible to the masses.

Articles embedded within this piece will analyze and look closely into the various branches of yoga, but the eight main styles are listed here below:

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Sivananda Yoga
  • Yin Yoga

The terms coined to describe the various styles may not be conventionally Western, yet, don't let this deter you! Each style outlines various principles that make each approach unique, and, analyzing goals & motivations will help to establish which style will be appropriate for the student.

Not alone can studios be found in the main cities, but it seems they are also appearing in the less populated areas across the country. Towns and small suburban areas are experiencing a rise in opportunities for those looking to become involved!

Yoga Retreats

Across the United States, there is a wealth of transformative yoga retreats in which enthusiasts can go for calming weekend getaways or even partake in a weekly/monthly specialist yoga program.

Those who get infused with the culture may also look into becoming yoga instructors and various training programs can be conducted in which those with such aspirations can gain qualified instructor status.

This article aims to outline the various opportunities that are available across some of the main cities and cultural hubs across the United States.

Due to the sheer number of studios and fitness establishments that offer yoga lessons, the challenge becomes choosing the one most suitable to the performer's requirements/fitness goals. From locality (accessibility), price range to finding the perfect instructor; several considerations must be accounted for!

What is common for a lot of the studios across each of the states is that a preliminary session can be carried out by a first-timer either at a reduced price or often free of charge. Such programs aim to target new customers and this can, in turn, benefit the studio as well as the student involved.

Yoga Instructors In The Big Apple

A taxi pulls out of a junction
With hundreds of options to choose from, New York is filled with opportunities for budding yoga enthusiasts! (Source: Visualhunt)

Considered to be one of the liveliest cities not alone in the country but the world, it is understandable why yoga has gained such a strong following across New York.

With the constant sound of taxis beeping in the distance, to the bustling crowds of suited workers rushing to and from work; one of the most visited cities in America has embraced yoga as a staple practice for its positive contribution to mental wellness and overall relaxation levels upon those that attend regular classes.

From Ashtanga to Yoga sessions with the family, there is an abundance of yoga studios and establishments to choose from!

New York-based studios have also been offering their services via online 'Zoom' activities which means participants can get involved from the comfort of their own home.

The Best Yoga Classes In LA

One of the largest and most visited cities in the states, Los Angeles is known for its wonderful weather, creative music, and art scene as well as being home to a dedicated audience of health enthusiasts.…s-in-los-angeles/

To say yoga is a popular practice in Los Angeles would be an understatement.

From Vinyasa Flow to Hatha Yoga, there are multiple studios both in central and within the suburbs that offer classes for beginners and those with more experience.

Not alone do yoga sessions have to take part in the studio!

Those residing in the City of Angels have the chance to perform their yoga activities outdoors, and even on the vast beaches across LA. After all, yoga was traditionally performed in the great outdoors and with the city being blessed with warm temperatures for the most part of the year, well, it would be rude not to!

Where Can I Find A Yoga Instructor In Boston?

Similar to the other popular cities across America, Boston has multiple yoga studios for all levels of ability and experience.

As discussed in more detail on how to find the ideal instructor in Boston, it looks into more depths as to the benefits of group-based sessions as opposed to one-to-one, private yoga lessons.

The article also explores some of the most popular and well-reviewed studios across the city, whilst identifying the differences between some of the styles that are available across Boston. This includes power yoga - an approach that emphasizes the importance of physiological advancement through repetitive and powerful yoga movements.

How To Find A Yoga Teacher In Chicago

Two yoga mats lay rolled together.
Chicago was the first American city to be introduced to yoga! (Source: Visualhunt)

Swami Vivekananda is accredited for introducing yoga to America and this was done so in the heart of Chicago at a seminar that had taken place in the 1890s.

This generated a substantial interest amongst those present, yet the popularity of the practice hadn't come to fruition until the late 20th Century.

From family yoga to more traditional approaches, there is an abundance of opportunities for those who wish to get involved.

Finding a yoga teacher in Chicago has never been so easy, and from drop-in sessions, monthly memberships to introductory offers, there are many different ways to get involved!

Finding A Yoga Teacher In Philadelphia

Recognized for its sporting and exercise excellence, Philly is filled with sports centers and fitness studios that leave no excuse for the locals to get started.

In finding a yoga teacher in Philadelphia, it helps to discuss the various characteristics to observe when choosing a yoga instructor.

From recognizing and appreciating a student's development to the various teaching styles associated with their practice; it is imperative that students feel comfortable when being taught and that the environment created is one of both acceptance and warmth.

It also compares some popular styles that are available across the city including Ashtanga and Hatha, whilst assessing both to compare which will be more suited to a person's goals and motivations.

Yoga Classes In Houston

With over 2.3 million residents, it is no surprise there has been a surge in yoga studios popping up across the city.

Unsurprisingly, there are a variety of options/styles and these are explained in yoga classes in Houston.

A more recent phenomenon is Bikram Yoga which takes place in a heated room. Although it isn't necessarily suited to all of those who attend, the physiological and mental developments are said to be significant - this being if you can hack the heat of course!

Another relatively new concept is the adoption of yoga practices in hospitals and recovery centers. Those suffering from physiological setbacks, whether that be from an isolated injury or if an injury was picked up from playing sport, the benefits of yoga have transcended into rehabilitation methods to support and assist in a quicker and more effective recovery.

Yoga And Its Influence On American Culture

A yoga instructor performs a pose.
Yoga has had a massive impact on the way Americans perceive exercise and fitness. (Source: Visualhunt)

From movies and advertisements to the endorsement of its practice within educational settings, yoga has truly surged across America over the years and its impact and influence only seem to be increasing.

Many Americans have incorporated yoga into their usual workout regimes and because of this the sheer amount of studios across the country has increased dramatically.

This has generated certain benefits for yoga enthusiasts. The increase has given more possibilities and the variance of motivations for including yoga into your fitness regime and now more likely to be catered for!

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