Phoenix, also recognized as Arizona’s Urban Heart, is the largest city in the Sonoran Desert occupying over 1.6 million residents.

Not alone a city famous for its blisteringly hot surroundings, Phoenix itself is one of the largest entertainment states in the hub of Arizona, hosting a range of events from concerts to botanical festivals; it is a place currently witnessing a rapid growth in population as people flock each year to experience living in The Valley of the Sun.

So, what happens when a sport like boxing in the USA has made a resounding comeback in popularity in a city as vast as Phoenix? Well, the city, of course, accommodates for this demand by supplying those people with a wealth of options to choose from.

Boxing has been on the rise worldwide as people become more attracted to a sport that offers an endless level of health benefits.

So, release whatever preconceptions you may have of the sport, for its present evolvement has seen fitness enthusiasts from all scopes of life incorporate boxing methodology into their everyday exercise routines.

The current motivation to be a part of the sport has never been greater and Superprof is here to offer advice and suggestions over which opportunities may coincide most suitably with your personal goals.

A note of importance: we only include options that have achieved consistently strong reviews from previous and present users of their services.

Here are your ‘need to knows’ of everything boxing in the city of Phoenix.

Boxing Clubs In Phoenix

Blue boxing punch bag
Each gym offers a different setting - take a free trial to establish which one best suits you. (Source: Visualhunt)

Offering both group and individual classes, Camelback Boxing Gym helps you to build strength, lose weight, gain endurance and even relieve stress!

You will never be short of options over at Camelback for the club offers classes in conventional boxing to mixed martial arts and kickboxing. Plus, to help with tricky commuting issues, they now have two locations - one-off Midtown on Camelback rd with the second location off E Glendale Avenue!

Don’t just lift weights, lift yourself! A nifty slogan for a franchise that is gripping the US market by storm since the sports recent resurgence. Title Boxing Clubs can be found across most states of the US and it would be a true challenge to find one of those establishments which don’t have a below four-star rating.

With a focus upon high-intensity workouts, the variation of classes available set out upon exercising the body, mind, and soul - working on all areas of the body whilst picking up some valuable self-defense techniques along the way.

The gym has the latest up to date equipment with experienced trainers at your disposal. They also incentivize beginners by offering a free boxing class as an introduction to their gym - be sure to check out their website today!

The owner of Chavez Boxing Gym has been a part of the Phoenix boxing scene for over three decades and the gym specializes exclusively within one-to-one training.

Women, men, and children are all encouraged to enroll within personalized training exercises and users are even encouraged to train for free on days when they don’t have scheduled classes!

A number of other boxing gyms within the area, also with strong user reviews include:

  • Jabz Boxing – Central Phoenix
  • Iron Gloves Boxing Gym
  • Gent’s Boxing Gym
  • Pound Gyms.

Boxing Associations and Charities

Two boxers in a ring
Charity boxing matches are becoming an increasingly popular way to donate towards a good cause. (Source: Visualhunt)

The Arizona Boxing and MMA Commission is the designated association for the city of Phoenix. On the commission’s website, you can find a breadth of information from the latest boxing rules to upcoming amateur and professional events.

The organization ensures that all boxing and MMA events in Arizona comply with both the laws and regulations of the respected sports, therefore protecting all participants involved. If you are looking to compete in a competitive fight in the state of Arizona, this is the commission you must approach prior to arranging your first fight.

Be aware that all individuals regardless of sporting level must have a license prior to competing in a competitive event – you can apply for a sporting license directly through their website.

As discussed earlier, boxing as a sport has seen a rise in popularity especially in cities such as New York for a diverse number of reasons. Not only are people eager to participate to develop their fitness but more and more people are training to represent a certified charity in a boxing event.

If this is a reason which has sparked your interest within the sport, there are a number of affiliated boxing gyms within the city of Phoenix which can help to direct you on your way.

Fight Ready is both a boxing and MMA organization that sets up licensed competitive matches to raise funds for a number of different charities. Located in Scottsdale in the wider state of Phoenix, this could be a great place for you to start.

Alternatively, if you are looking to organize your own event it is advisable to contact the commission directly regarding your request.

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Mixed Martial Arts In Phoenix

Two men martial fighting
Partner exercises aim to strengthen and reinforce self-defense techniques. (Source: Visualhunt)

MMA doesn’t just comprise of the globally popular UFC, but it branches out to various other combat categories including Muay Thai, Karate and Taekwondo. We have identified a number of favorites in the Phoenix area to help you in your search! You can also consider other cities such as Philidelphia and Houston.

The MMA Lab is a strong favorite amongst Phoenicians. Located off Bell Canyon Pavilions, the place offers a range of programs with a jam-packed schedule running from Monday to Saturday.

Newcomers are offered a free trial to a class of their choice and the company prides itself on creating an inclusive and supportive environment - just check the testimonials on their website to discover an array of satisfied customers.

Another popular choice that offers classes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Kungfu is EKF Martial Arts. Located just off North Ridge Avenue, the venue offers a busy schedule of classes every day of the week.

The training center opened its doors in the year of 2002 and the owner and instructor boast a history consisting of countless professional medals awarded from varying forms of martial arts.

A number of other establishments providing similar options within the area (also with strong reviews) include:

  • World Martial Arts Academy
  • Ucelo Martial Arts Phoenix
  • USA Martial Arts Phoenix
  • United Martial Arts of Phoenix.

Boxing Clubs For Kids

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee… Well, this infamous quote may go amiss with the younger generation, yet children and young adults have just as much opportunity of participating in boxing or mixed martial arts classes as their parents.

Valley of the Sun (YMCA) is currently offering cardio classes that combine boxing techniques with a focus upon fun and fitness. Check their website now for the latest events and schedules.

As well as providing weekly sessions for children of varying ages, USA-Martial Arts also hosts birthday parties in which your child can invite their class to learn about the techniques and strategies of martial arts in a fun and relaxed environment!

If that isn’t enough, the company also specializes in summer camps in which the kids can develop their skills during those busy holiday periods.

A majority of the boxing gyms cited previously in this article offer both adult and kids programs allowing you the chance to partake in classes together - find out more through their websites and you could be hitting two birds with one stone!

Head to the gym with your youngster and meet after training in either of these establishments mentioned below:

  • EKF Martial Arts
  • Rodriguez Boxing Club
  • Camelback Boxing Gym
  • Madison Boxing Gym.

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