Celebrated for space innovation and its numerous cultural landmarks (San Jacinto Museum, The Holocaust Museum and the infamous Space Center to name just a few), Houston is a melting pot of diversity which offers a wealth of experiences to its 2.3 million occupants.

The fourth largest city in the United States also boasts a number of significant sports teams, iconic venues and has been a hub for producing sporting stars of the past.

Presently famous for showing up on daytime television commercials trying to sell you a fat-burning grill, former Heavyweight Champion and proud Houstonian George Foreman is a household name across the world.

It doesn’t stop there! Jack Johnson, also a Houston, Texas-born athlete, was the first black heavyweight boxer to win a world championship – rather impressive!

Yet, Houston alone should not be accredited solely for its production of professional athletes, for the city has a strong reputation for nurturing talent through its effective youth structures and vast opportunities for amateur performers.

Boxing has made an astounding resurgence over the last few years and that is largely inode to an increased awareness of its physiological benefits.

Countless gyms and fitness professionals in the USA have been incorporating boxing fitness within their exercise regimes as it proves such an effective tool when developing one's muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Due to this, a number of establishments across the city have been opening their doors to cater to the sport's formidable rise in popularity.

This article will help to provide you with a range of options for you to choose from within the city.

Be aware first of all of the reasoning behind your interest. There are a number of different opportunities which focus on the aim to adhere to the breadth of one’s personal goals – whether that is to simply develop personal fitness or if it’s the desire to box in a competitive setting: each option will be presented and discussed to help you decide.

Boxing Clubs In Houston

Black and white photo of boxers in a ring
Feeling competitive? Sparring is a daily exercise in a number of gyms across Houston. (Source: Visualhunt)

Donis Boxing Academy, owned by three-time NABF Champion David Donis, is a gym that prides itself on its experienced trainers.

The academy offers classes that focus specifically on developing boxing and self-defense techniques whilst they also run a program that focuses on developing fitness with the incorporation of various boxing drills – certainly with a look!

Are you aiming to build a better you? If so, Baby Bull Boxing offers classes and training for fitness-minded individuals as well as amateur and professional athletes.

From speed boxing to what is called the ‘fuse’ program, a 2 x 30-minute work-out of intense ‘heart-pounding’ conditioning, they offer a range of varying classes to suit your every need. Baby Bull also offers private classes for that extra personalized experience.

The popular franchise Title Boxing Club has a gym in Midtown Houston that is guaranteed to get your heart racing.

They have a busy schedule compiled of varying classes to get you on your toes to help ensure that time constraints will be a matter of the past, (morning sessions start at 05:30 am).

9Round Houston prides itself on offering the ‘best work out in town’. As a first-timer, you can schedule a free workout to see if the gym is to your suiting.

Their main philosophy is to inspire an ultimate body transformation, so if weight loss is your main motivation this is a great option for you!

Another strong selling point over at 9Round Houston is that there are no strict timings for their fitness classes. So if, like many people, you have a busy and at times tumultuous working schedule, the club offers rolling classes in which you can turn up at any time and join in an exercise program facilitated and monitored by experienced trainers.

If you’re looking to enter the ring during your training, then Main Street Boxing is a great place to start.

The gym offers amateur boxing classes that incorporate most of the traditional boxing training methods, as you will be expected to jump ropes, partake in partner and work line drills as well as gaining the opportunity of sparring in the ring; although the latter is optional.

Other gyms which boast strong online reviews from satisfied customers include:

  • Slava Boxing Gym
  • Vortex Boxing Houston
  • Women’s Elite Boxing Club
  • BodiesByOsby Boxing and Fitness Academy
  • Progressive Amateur Boxing
Boxers training in a ring
Mixed Martial Arts consists of a number of separate styles from Ju-Jitsu to Kickboxing (Source: Visualhunt)

Boxing Associations and Charities

If your ultimate quest is to compete in the ring then you will have to apply for a boxing license. In the area of Houston, the designated association is the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

They are responsible for regulating all combative sports within the city, from mixed martial arts to various forms of wrestling. Be sure to check their website for the latest up-to-date information on the current rules of the sport.

A number of charitable campaigns have graced the city across the years - all supporting various causes.

From black-tie events to help raise funds for underprivileged children within the community to boxing matches created to help generate awareness for The Lone Survivor’s - a foundation supporting Veterans within the Houston area, there is a variety of causes all to benefit those in less favorable circumstances.

Charity boxing events have become increasingly popular and it is a proven way of generating funds toward a cause of your choosing. Other cities that offer charity boxing include New York and Phoenix. So, if you are incentivized by the prospect of competing to help others, make sure you check the TDLR website to apply for your amateur boxing license and be sure to express your motivation to your boxing trainer.

Mixed Martial Arts in Houston

The city of Houston has even more options when it comes to alternative combating sports. From cage fighting to taekwondo, karate to Ju Jitsu– you will be spoilt for choice!

Main Street Boxing, as mentioned earlier, also offers beginner Muay Thai sessions which aim to cover the fundamentals of the sport, learning techniques which compromise of kicks, knees, elbows, punches and clinch work.

Promising an ego-free atmosphere, you have the opportunity to progress onto an intermediate course after completing an introductory period.

Located on Greenway Plaza, Elite MMA prides itself as being the top training facility for MMA in the greater Houston area. They offer a free session for new members and they also offer Brazilian Ju-Jitsu classes.

As well as conventional MMA and Ju Jitsu, they offer self-defense classes and weight loss and conditioning programs. They also separate their classes by experience level and they also offer 1:1 private lessons.

Established in 1968, Kim Soo Karate has celebrated its 50-year milestone and prides itself on its work within the community.

All levels of Karate are taught by seasoned professional trainers and they offer classes of mixed ages, making it a great activity for the family!

Get boxing lessons in New York here.

Kids Combative Sports – Houston

Girl kneeling wearing boxing gloves, sun on the boxing ring
Most of the gyms advertising adult classes also cater for the younger generations. (Source: Visualhunt)

The draw for parents/guardians to enroll their children into combat based sports has become increasingly more common.

Historically, young adults and children particularly took to Karate but there is now a range of options to choose from.

Revolution Dojo offers a number of MMA based classes for children aged 5 and upwards. Their training focuses on building strong character and self-discipline as they follow a ranking system to help enhance motivation.

BAM BAM Academy offers a leading Martial Arts program for children. It is one of the only gyms in the city which specializes in children’s MMA classes and they work in conjunction with schools to help develop a holistic and all-round development.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu has always been a prominent figure within MMA but it has recently gained increasing popularity in the United States over the past ten years. These classes can also be found in Chicago and Philidelphia.

A gym that specializes in this is Gracie Barra Heights. They aim to teach the fundamental skills of Ju-Jitsu whilst emphasizing the importance of fun! The gym welcomes children from the ages of 3-15 years to take part in their programs.

A number of the gyms mentioned in the ‘boxing clubs in Houston’ section also offer training classes for younger children - giving you plenty of options to see what is best for you!

Looking to find such opportunities in different places across the US? Or, would you perhaps like to send some suggestions to friends or family that may live in a separate state? Find boxing classes near me!

Here at Superprof we have compiled a list of options from boxing in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix as well as boxing classes in Los Angeles.

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