Philadelphia certainly has a number of things to gloat about: the birthplace of America’s first newspaper, home to the seamstress Betsy Rutt who created the first American flag to arguably the tastiest sandwich ever created – does the name really need to be mentioned?

Pennsylvania's largest city is notable for its rich history and it is no exception when it comes to boxing. The most recognizable name that comes to mind is ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier who was a back-to-back heavyweight champion during the peak of the sport’s popularity during the mid-1960s, (as well this, Joe also picked up an Olympic Gold Medal on the way).

Over two dozen world boxing champions throughout various weight classes have called Philadelphia home. And although the popularity had since been surpassed by the likes of American football and baseball, the sport has since seen a resurgence which is attracting a diverse spectrum of willing participants.

Long story short, boxing is a tremendously effective strategy in developing health and fitness. It can enhance cardiovascular endurance, enabling you to run and exercise at a higher intensity for extended periods of time.

Why is this important? Well, an enhancement of such endurance levels helps to reduce respiratory problems as well as decreasing the chance of heart attacks, strokes and coronary artery diseases.

This may all be well and good for those reaching an older age, but what about the younger crowd that are so eager to participate? Generating lifelong healthy habits is proven to be most effective when such habits are adopted earlier in life! So, whether you are retired or you are in fact still in Elementary School, the sport has no restrictions upon age when providing physiological benefits.

So, whether it’s the grueling, competitive and testosterone filled settings like that from the Rocky franchise you so dearly crave, or if it is a modernized fitness based boxing class with the latest equipment and facilities - there are a number of options which you can choose from!

Remember, before trialing a few of these places out for yourself, be sure that you have an idea of what exactly it is you want to improve!

It could be solely fitness based which drives your intention or it could be to develop self-defense techniques or to take part in your very own charity boxing match! The sky is the limit and this article is here to help display all those options that are available to you.

Boxing Clubs Near Me   

woman posing in boxing gloves
Lightweight sports attire is recommended during all exercise sessions. (Source: Visualhunt)

Whatever your requirements, the boxing scene in Philly is sure to suit your every wish! A number of new gyms have recently opened across the city whilst a number of venerable establishments still remain.

There is a wide range of options in which you can choose from. Private lessons with seasoned trainers are available at most gyms if you are looking for a more exclusive and personable experience.

It is also of worth to check out the varied options on the Superprof website! Many boxing and mixed martial arts coaches are available upon request and can be contacted directly through the website. Simply type in your preference (i.e. boxing/fitness coach) with your location to find trainers within your locality.

If you are instead raring to strap the gloves on and get into a conventional boxing setting, working in classes with like-minded boxing enthusiasts, then the choices are endless.

Having already launched successful gyms in LA, San Francisco, and Washington DC - the franchise Rumble Boxing have opened their doors in the city of Philadelphia to help cater for the growing interest in the sport.

You’ll find that most of the newly opened complexes boast far more than a few punching bags and a boxing ring with weathered ropes! Everybody Fights, founded by George Foreman III comes equipped with the highest quality boxing facilities as well as space for cardio and free weights.

Still not impressed? Well, the gym also boasts amenities such as a steam room, lounge area, juice and coffee bars, and even a towel service… boxing never was so easy!

Find below a list of well-respected gyms with the strongest customer reviews Philly has to offer. Remember, take a look at each and decide which boxing classes apply to your needs:

  • Jack Costello Boxing Club
  • MPR Endurance
  • Joe Hand Boxing Gym
  • Rumble Boxing
  • Warrior Boxing Gym.

Boxing Associations and Charities

Referee looking on a boxing fight
If your ultimate desire is to compete in the ring be sure to contact your local licensing association. (Source: Visualhunt)

Mid-Atlantic Association is a non-profit organization serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

The organization ensures that in alignment with standards and guidelines set by USA Boxing, contact-based programs and new boxing clubs are responsible for appropriate sanctions within their jurisdiction. They also have to certify any events which occur to ensure the safety of the individuals involved.

You can join the MAA as a new athlete on their website if you are looking to compete. It also has all the up-to-date information regarding the latest rules and regulations of boxing.

Philly Boxing History is also a great website which displays all of the latest boxing news and upcoming boxing events within the city.

If you are hoping to get involved in boxing to benefit a good cause, then charity boxing is certainly an effective way of raising money!

From law students battling it out to a commemoratory charity boxing event for Philly’s own Smokin’ Joe Frazier, these are just two examples of charitable events that have occurred over the years. If this is an incentive for you, then be sure to contact the Mid-Atlantic Association for assistance in organizing such an event.

Muay Thai Boxing In Philadelphia

A popular alternative to boxing which has generated a number of Muay Thai clubs to open up in recent years.

Varying in its approach, Muay Thai is a combat sport which, similar to boxing, uses stand-up striking techniques yet differs as it also involves various clinching and grappling techniques too.

Unlike boxing, it requires the use of elbows, knees, and shins as a means to attack your opponent and has been a growing force in the Western world.

The sport has seen increased popularity in Philadelphia and there are a wealth of gyms across the city to choose from which include: Stay Fly Muay Thai, 8 Limbs Academy, Royal Striking Muay Thai and Balance Studios.

Discover the best boxing classes on Superprof.

Boxing Clubs For Kids

Girl in pink helmet and boxing gloves
Children can join a range of boxing and self-defense classes from ages 4 and upwards. (Source: Visualhunt)

The increase in popularity isn’t solely due to the adult market, for the interest in boxing it seems knows no age. Opportunities for younger and older teens as well as children over the ages of four are becoming more common across the globe and the demand has generated further opportunities for budding boxers alike.

Of course, the fitness element is enough to warrant volunteering your child to the next child-friendly boxing class, but there are plenty more benefits to sway your decision!

Boxing can be a great way to relieve stress, install discipline, generate overall strength whilst exposing your child to vital self-defense techniques that can be essential for their future. As they say, the most effective way to learn is by starting at an earlier age so why should you wait?

Remember, there are specialized trainers on the Superprof website – once contacted they can then state whether they offer their expertise to a younger crowd!

Philly’s Next Champ offers daily Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes designed specifically for children of varying ages. They hire the best trainers that have experience working with children from the ages of 4+ years.

Joe Hand Boxing Gym is a non-profit organization which focuses not only on training children physically but a computer lab within their facilities poses a unique place which concentrates on the holistic development of the child.

They offer a free boxing program for children aged 8-17 years so you don’t have to worry about spending a buck!

No based in Philly? Take a look at Boxing centers and finding lesson across more US cities here.

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