Do you want to play drums like a pro? Are you trying to find drum classes in your own city? If so, here are some recommendations to help you find the best music instruction in five top US cities.

What if I tell you that playing the drums is one of the most complete music disciplines that involves physical and neural activity. Not everybody thinks about this while trying to play drums or even as a competent drum player but the advantages of playing drums are numerous.

Recently, neuroscientists made a study which revealed the difference in drummers' brains compared to regular people, showing an advantage over these latter. Drumming also has several therapeutic advantages.

How To Play Drums

Before helping you find the best drum classes near you. Here are some primary aspects of drumming to consider before taking music lessons.

There are a lot of systems or structures for learning to play the drums:

  • Heel-up vs. Heel-down
  • Deconstruction
  • Playing Softer
  • Slow It Down
  • One Not At A Time
  • Vocabulary
  • Copy Cat (two or more drummers are required)

You can go through all of these methods one by one or combine them all to become a great drummer. Also, with the hand and foot techniques, you will gain versatility in your movements. Some of them are:

  • Fulcrum
  • Grip
  • Arm, Wrist, And Fingers
  • Angle Of Attack
  • Loose vs. Tight
  • Traditional vs. Matched
  • Free vs. Controlled
  • Crossed Over vs. Open Handed

For tempos and grooves, you may consider using a metronome. Nowadays you can find apps for your smartphone. By using this tool you will help reinforce the right timing techniques.

Be patient while practicing. We all know beginners want to play complicated patterns in their first class but you need to observe and listen to the beats with both dynamic articulations and rhythmic complexity by interconnecting drumming skills and music concepts.

Once you understand patterns and rudiments, you can start playing the drums with more confidence.

Dynamic balance and accents are two of the most important methods for you to master whilst learning to play the drums and can be difficult. Crescendos provide tension in the music by gradually increasing the volume from low to loud and its execution is considered to be easier to pick up.

Complete drum kit
Pro Drummer playing a full drum set at practice. (

Drum Battery Components

Here is what a drum set includes:

Drum Parts

AQAThree papers + practical.
All AS and all A2 papers must be sat in the same year.
20% of your grade will be on maths.
15% will assess your practical work.
EdexcelThree papers + practical.
All papers for each year sat in a single year.
Teacher assessed practicals will contribute to your grade.
OCRAs above.As above.

Of course, and as long as you know how, you can add some other percussion instruments to your drum sets, like a gong, timpani, congas, bongos, tambourine, maracas, triangle or even a xylophone. Play around and have fun!

You'll become a famous drummer like the numerous ones born in the US in no time!

Drum Classes In Chicago

It is well known that Chicago has a great culture and music background. Music Schools like the one owned by Marshall Greenhouse called Drum Chicago is a place where you can learn a range of percussion instruments.

Old Town School of Folk Music also provides a variety of disciplines in music instruction. You can also go to the Upbeat Music School highly recognized for preparing its students for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams.

You can also find Drum Studios such as the Ted Sirota Drum Studio or Sam’s Drum Studio. They all have tailored music programs for all ages and skill levels. If you like Afro-Cuban, jazz drumming, Soca, Reggae, Brazilian style or rock drumming, Music Garage or the Phil Brines’ Drum Studio will both help you accomplish your drumming goals quickly.

Kid playing a drum set outside in front of a wall
Kid having a drum class outdoors in the USA (Source:

Drum Lessons in New York

New York, as a multifaceted city has a lot to offer in terms of drumming culture. Tremendous musicians have come from the Big Apple. Want to be like them? There are plenty of music schools or drumming studios to mastering your drumming skills.

Centers like the NY Drum School or Bang! The Drum School offer drum lessons for all levels and ages. You will learn different music styles and develop unique techniques with customized drum lessons. Also, the Williamsburg School of Music offers summer music camps, and private and group classes for kids and seniors.

The Collective School is another music center where you can gain certification!

Private drum classes are also taught in music studios like Music Makers NY or Drum Lessons NYC where you will learn coordination, music theory, style studies, sight reading, and techniques that will help you to increase your level and develop more complex cognitive perception. At Manhattan Drum Studios and the Mickey Vershbow Studio, you can learn music for complete beginners with personalized and group lessons. They also provide Djembe and African Percussion Rhythms tuition.

Take a Drum Class in LA

Los Angeles has a lot of facilities to learn the drums and general musical disciplines. Rhodes School of Music or Fuentech Drum School provides one of the best music instruction in L.A. and surrounding areas.

These schools offer you the chance to be a part of a rock band and perform live shows once you feel you are ready. How cool is that!

You may opt for taking drum lessons with Mike Papagni or maybe go to the School of Rock Fairfax District LA, located at 7801 Beverly Boulevard. They will both help you to improve your drumming skills in one-to-one or group classes. Percussion ensembles and summer camps are also part of their music programs.

Other drumming studios like Los Angeles Drum Lessons & Hand Percussion or Drum Lessons Los Angeles will teach you how to read music, rudiments, different drumming techniques and how to develop your own style. Visit Melissa Drum Lessons or Red Pelican Music Studio for beginners, intermediate or advanced level drum tuition for all ages.

If you go to the SoundLife Music Academy, Joe Ferrante Music Academy,  Santa Monica Music Center, Green Brooms Music Academy, or even the French Conservatory of Music, you will be taught by some of the best drum teachers. Just give it a go!

Man playing bucket drums outside
Bucket drummer having its fun with a fan! (Source:

Drum Classes in Houston

There is a lot to say about Houston city and its music scene. Besides its typical folk and country music scene, you can find many music influences. It also has numerous locations for learning to play drums.

You can learn with Troy Nicar or maybe you want to try learning drums in The Rehearsal Room and be part of the Young Artist Group or Becoming a Band Program that gathers students to form different bands.

Bach to Rock Memorial Music School, Vivaldi Music Academy or the Dynamic Sound Houston offers drum lessons in several styles of music including, blues, jazz, or rock. At the Millennia Music School or the Virtuoso Music Academy, you will learn the best drum rudiments and techniques to become a successful drummer.  In CMLessons you can get drum lessons in Spanish as well. These music centers teach beginners, intermediate and advanced level music students.

Find Drum Lessons in Philadelphia

Phili has great music scene birthing artists such as  The Roots, Stan Getz, Thom Bell, The Intruders, Jeff Campbell, and Erykah Badu just to name a few!

Jon Ardito Drum School is one of the best places to learn how to play the drums with affordable prices help you get to the next level with its drumming programs. At the School of Rock Philadelphia is another music school where you will learn not just to play drum beats but also song structure, dynamics, rhythm, and melody. Being part of their workshops and music camps will master these skills.

At Philadelphia Drum & Percussion you will learn how to drum, how to read music, and music interpretation.

If you go to Drum Lessons with Charlie Heim or the Settlement Music School, one of the largest music communities, you will experience drum and percussion instruction covering a huge variety of styles including in instruments such as the gongs, congas, tambourines, castanets, xylophones, marimbas, cymbals, snare drums, vibraphones, timpani, triangles, drum sets.

Hands playing drums
An alternative technique to hold a drumstick (Source:

Online Drum Lessons

Last but not least, having a drum class in the comfort of your home through live video lessons is also a great option. 

On Superprof, we can also help you find highly recommended drum teachers. We connect music tutors with students on various modalities and for all ages and levels. Just beat it!

To sum up, we also need to take care of ourselves and our drum kit. The way you set up your drumming hardware must be ergonomic. Maintain a correct posture to avoid body pain and the wrong blast beats. You might consider using hearing protection as well to prevent ear drum damage.

Stretching and warming up is very important so that all muscles respond quickly which helps coordinate the movement required for playing drums.

Take care of your drum kit, lubricate hinges and tension rods. Periodically, change drum heads and use bags or cases to store them. Before a drum performance, do not forget to tune up your drum set for a perfect sound!

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