Boasting countless cities that are considered the global powerhouses of finance, culture, and capital, The United States has always been recognized for its extensive economic prowess across the world.

The countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product) compared to others has remained consistently at the top thanks to the mass distribution of foods and beverages, crude oil and fuel, aircraft and engines, industrial machinery and automobiles to name just a few.

The vastness of the countries wealth is distributed across the fifty states, yet there are a number of key players that help to generate most of the annual income.

New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles are all worldly recognizable cities for both unique and contrasting reasons. Culturally, each city has a lot to offer and this results in the tourism industry only contributing further to their annual GDP.

With such a breadth of contrasting businesses and the constant innovation from start-up and long-running companies, neither of the cities mentioned seems to be slowing down.

Due to the nature of supply and demand, such companies are forever on the lookout for new talent to help propel their businesses into the next chapter. Corporate and large scale businesses offer a range of employment prospects to cater for the various job positions available.

An increasing need for professional economists currently exists and colleges and universities across the States are accommodating for this demand by offering additional masters and postgraduate programs to their already in-demand economic based courses.

This results in many aspiring economists flocking to such cities to complete their studies in the hope of one day sealing their dream job. The massive draw to undergo an undergraduate/postgraduate in economics is that you can literally work in any field you wish.

Economists are required in most private and public business sectors which incentivizes those which have yet to make up their mind in regards to future employment.

Unfortunately for us all, the field of economics isn't what one would label as a walk in the park.

To be a successful economist, one must have a strong understanding of complex mathematical concepts to achieve the very basic expectations associated with such an area of employment.

Students often have to choose between the area of macro and microeconomics which can influence future employment prospects greatly - so, being sure of your path, especially when embarking upon postgraduate courses is imperative.

The ever-changing and complex nature of economics results in multiple students having to work overtime, especially when exams loom around the corner.

Because of this, students look for additional support to aid development throughout their education.

A number of extracurricular opportunities exist to support those who need it most. From evening classes, online courses to one-to-one tutoring, the sky is the limit for those willing to put in the extra work.

Resounding developments within the area of technology has resulted in more and more people seeking such help via online platforms.

Experts within the area of economics offer their services through structured online tutoring. This alone does not ensure that the consumer receives a personable learning experience, but it depletes the arduous and time-consuming commutes, making it a win-win for all involved.

Although online teaching has seen a recent rise in popularity, face to face tutoring is still an effective and regularly used method upon students and professionals hoping to develop there already harnessed knowledge and skill sets.

This article will direct you to the various opportunities available in the five states aforementioned. Be sure to acknowledge the alternative methods of finding local tutors as well as additional extracurricular opportunities which serve to help aspiring and experienced economists.

Economics Classes in New York

Yellow taxis wait in the busy New York traffic.
NYC remains one of the most visited cities in the world. (Source: Visual Hunt)

New York is the third largest economic state behind California and Texas, and if recognized as an independent state it would rank as the 12/13th largest economy in the world - pretty impressive right?

As well as its booming touristic industry, The Big Apple has a diverse number of manufacturing and financial services which constitute its economic profit.

Both students and experienced professionals are always looking for ways to develop their knowledge within economics and there are multiple options available at their disposal!

Find an Economics Tutor in LA

Recognized as one of the most dynamic economies in the US, Los Angeles is home to the infamous Hollywood, and the city is celebrated as a global tycoon within the entertainment industry.

Although this is considered as one of the key components to the cities overall gross domestic product, the main exports within LA are within high-tech, aerospace, and advanced transportation as well as being home to one of the nation's largest manufacturing bases.

There are a number of higher educational establishments that offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in economics including UCLA and The University of Southern California.

The high volume of students within the city makes it a hot spot for those looking to require extracurricular tuition.

There are a number of suggestions to help students and professionals who are searching for additional support within their learning in LA.

Tutoring Opportunities in Philadelphia

A bridge stays lit up during the evening.
Pennsylvania's largest city stays alight in the evening. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Known for its rich history and revolutionary sites, Philly is the central hub of economic activity within Pennsylvania.

Financial activities account for the largest sector of the metro economy and the city has over the years experienced a transition toward Information Technology production and service-based employment.

There are a number of prospects for students to get involved in extracurricular activities to help support their learning of economics.

Search through the various options the Philidelphia has to offer.

Economics Courses in Houston

Home to over 2.3 million inhabitants, Houston's economy is primarily reliant upon the energy industry.

A great platform to help keep up to date on the latest news and affairs is by following The Houston Economics Club (THEC).

With strong affiliations with the National Association for Business and Economics (NABE), the THEC is an association of economists who meet regularly to discuss current economic events.

The city is home to a number of revered educational establishments which means Houston is filled with students majoring in economic-related certifications. Highlighted here are a number of possibilities for Houston tuition.

Economics Tutoring in Chicago

An art installation is observed by local residents.
Tourists flock to Chicago to appreciate the cities diverse art installations. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Chi-Town is home to over 35 of the Fortune 500 companies which are accredited for their expansive annual revenues.

The home of McDonald's isn't alone recognized for its flavorsome fast food, but multiple businesses from pharmaceutical giants to aerospace pioneers like Boeing were all established in the city.

The University of Chicago Department of Economics has active online forums for its students and displays a number of events on their homepage.

This is an effective way for budding economists to liaise with each other as well as identifying the various prospects that are out there.

There are multiple options for both students and professionals to develop their network, whilst being exposed to the numerous extracurricular opportunities available within the city.

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