LA may not be the political or financial capital of the US, but Hollywood and its movies have made the city famous and its the first place many people think of when they think of America.

From the Hollywood Hills and the Kardashian sisters’ Range Rovers, to the traffic and the roller skaters down on Venice Beach, any visitor has to admit that LA just has that certain something that makes it a movie star in its own right.

Today, LA could easily challenge New York City for the total of the United State’s top city.

It isn’t all just glitz on Rodeo Drive either, from the Walt Disney Concert Hall to the Institute for Contemporary Art and the Huntington Library and art collections, the sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles can hold its own in culture too.

This thirst for improvement and culture translates into a surprisingly strong academic support network too. Culture and education, after all, are two notions that are tightly linked.

If you live in LA and are looking to find a private tutor for in home tutoring services, you’ll have plenty of educators to choose from!

As well as a surprising selection of cultural destinations, LA has plenty of academic services and tutors to offer!

As early as elementary school, students might need a bit of support with their assignments from a tutor in order to deepen their comprehension of English grammar or math equations.

During high school, as students begin studying foreign languages, finding a French tutor or a Spanish tutor can be a huge help for learners to eliminate their weak spots.

After school help at home might also be necessary for the SATs - a bit of test prep might help your son or daughter ace the ACT or the SATs and get into the college of their choice.

Even grown ups can benefit from a bit of learning from a private teacher sometimes.

Looking at all the options for tutoring services, after school care and homework help available in the valleys, it is normal to feel a bit lost. How do you find the best tutor for you?

How do you find the professional teacher who can provide private tutoring and help you improve your grades and understanding?

These are totally justifiable questions. And in this article Superprof will help you find the right tutoring service for you.

Classified ads for tutors in LA

People who offer tutoring services and are looking for private tutoring jobs to help students get to the next level are legion, and there if you look at the ads there are many to choose from.

Academic tutoring services advertised online and in stores

It’s not unusual to see little announcements of people offering private tutoring services in everything from math to French or Spanish, to test prep, stuck in the corner of a shop window.

This traditional method of finding a tutor or teacher works pretty well, and ensures that you know your future professor is living in your neighborhood, not too far from your home.

You can often find ads for chemistry and physics teachers in the supermarkets in your neighborhood!

The rise of the internet has also led to the creation of many different classified sites online which host a wide range of ads from individuals, among them ads for homework help and private tutoring.

Since tutors near me and students are finding one another without any kind of third party company, the hourly fee for study sessions is generally lower because there’s no commission.

An hour of private tutoring generally costs anywhere from about $25-75.

However, it’s often difficult to make sure that the private tutor’s are using an approved teaching method and following a standard curriculum.

Superprof in LA

In order to help students find trustworthy private tutors, while still having a wide range of choice, Superprof has revolutionized the classified ads, and created a website entirely dedicated to finding the right private teacher for tutoring sessions at home.

Our website hosts verified reviews from former students, and teacher profiles are checked by our team at Superprof. Students can rest assured that the qualifications, and background of tutors are legit, and can browse the different teacher profiles for free.

If you live in LA, or the wider area, you just need to put in your zip code and the topic you’re looking for a teacher for to find a list of potential tutors.

Superprof can find someone to help you learn!

There are no sign up fees with Superprof, just a one time only fee of $19 to contact your potential tutor.

Teachers set their own hourly fees for lessons, and Superprof doesn’t take any commission.

The average hourly fee for chemistry study sessions in LA is $28 in 2017 on Superprof, and it varies widely.

  • Traditional courses for homework help whatever grade your child is in. You can also find English tutors, Math tutors, and native speaker foreign language teachers on the platform
  • Test prep classes to help students ace the SATs, ACT, or event LSATs. Teachers will normally have done well on the tests themselves and might be a college student, recent graduate, or professional test prep tutor. It’s easy to find private tutors in LA who can help you get into the right college or prepare for grad school.
  • Music lessons or sports training with a specialist teacher in Los Angeles who are often working professionally in the sector and can help students learn how to play an instrument or serve as a sports coach to up their playing.
  • Online tutoring services via webcam, which let specialist teachers from far away offer their services, and allow students to practice and learn in the privacy of their home in front of the computer.

Of course, you can also find academic tutoring services in Boston and get after school help in New York with SuperProf!

Companies offering tutoring services in Hollywood

There are many different companies in the United States that offer specialized tutoring services.

And with a sprawling population of almost 4 million inhabitants, Los Angeles is no exception!

Private tutoring sessions can be the key to academic success!

If you want to sign up for private tutoring through a learning support company, the process is generally pretty similar.

Once you’ve paid your registration fees (which can generally cost about $50-100, depending on the company), they’ll meet with you to determine your needs and learning objectives.

Then they’ll select a tutor for you who can help you improve your test results and understand your assignments.

The tutoring company will take a commission from the hourly fee for each session.

Huntington Learning Center

This national company is now in its 4th decade and has plenty of experience teaching students and helping learner prepare for standardized exams. Huntington of Encino opened in 1997 and is a leading provider of academic tutoring and test prep in the valley.

Teachers are all certified and go through intensive training. Huntington uses Common Core standards to make sure tutors are following an agreed curriculum.

Instructors begin by conducting an academic assessment of students, and then craft an individualized learning plan to get them ready for their big math test or science project.

Their LA center is located in Encino, just off of Ventura boulevard and serves LA, Beverly Hills, Winnetka, Woodland Hills, Panorama City, and Northridge.

LA Tutors 123

This Los Angeles based company boasts its local roots as a major selling point. Many of its teachers have over a decade of teaching experience and an advanced degree in their subject they tutor.

As well as providing an individualized study plan, LA Tutors puts an emphasis on incorporating technology into learning, through the use of video conferencing, educational software and apps, an simulated test situations.

The tutors at LA Tutors provide academic support, and test prep for all ages from school to graduate to professional exams.

They’re located on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

Varsity Tutors

This nationwide tutoring company puts an emphasis on the backgrounds of their tutors, recruiting heavily from Ivy League and Top 40 schools.

They offer private tutoring in home, as well as online tutoring classes, and focus heavily on test prep as well as academic tutoring, offering subjects like AP Calculus, SAT prep, and French and Latin tutors.

There are also plenty of services in LA that connect students to private tutors. You can check out sites like Frog Tutoring, Purple Maths, or plenty of others!

Students can also find many of these tutoring services available throughout the country, so you can find a tutor in Boston or a teacher in San Francisco!

After school and homework help programs in the city of stars

There are some not for profit or social good organisations which aim to make academic success a reality for every student.

Students who are struggling in school can get in touch with one of these organisations to try and pass their tests and improve their grades.

In LA, every child can succeed at school!

And of course, tutoring and homework help aren’t just for students in danger of being held back!

We can all always do a bit better and improve our grades with the help of a tutor at home.

These programs all offer very affordable fees, and are sometimes even run as charities with the goal of helping children to succeed academically and providing enrichment activities!

Get math tutoring near me here.

YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

One of the largest providers of child care and after school help in the whole country, the local LA YMCA branch offers tutoring and homework help at six of the Ys in the area - East Valley, Mid Valley, San Pedro & Peninsula, Santa Anita, Southeast-Rio Vista, and Wilmington.

Tutoring services are offered to children between the ages of 5-17 and ‘Homework Heroes’ are also on hand to help children with academic skills, if they’re struggling to read or learn maths.

Other branches offer different services, including after school learning programs that offer lessons in science, creative writing, cartoon drawing, and computers. Still other Ys offer early learning readiness programs for your youngest children, or teen club keep older children engaged after school.

You can find your local Y online or by tweeting @YMCALA

Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club

This nationwide organization was first founded in 1944 and provides a wide variety of after school activities and support for students of all ages. Programs include homework help in small groups, fine arts classes, and ‘The STEM Adventure’ to get children into the technical sciences. Scheduling usually works on a drop in or after school basis to the clubs and tutoring centers.

After School All Stars

Founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2002, this organisation works directly in schools to provide help for children in grades K-12. They offer free tutoring in a wide range of topics including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and any other topics students enrolled at the school may be studying and need supplemental help with that school year.

In LA, they’re working with the Los Angeles, Montebello, and Lucerne Valley Unified School Districts. The organization’s goal is to make sure that all children, no matter their background, have the study skills they need to successfully graduate high school and have the option of going to college.

Now that you know everything there is about after school help, one on one tutoring and private tutoring services in Los Angeles, it’s up to you to choose which format of supplemental instruction will best meet the needs and budget of you and your child!

You can also find a wide range of tutoring services for students in other cities around the United States. We can also help if you’re looking for a one-on-one tutor in San Francisco.

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