“Music can make men free.” - Bob Marley

Learning to play the piano has to be enjoyable whether you're a pianist who plays modern music or other genres. A lot of Brits are interested in learning how to play the piano.

Whether you have a grand piano, upright piano, or electronic piano, you need to find the right piano tutor to help you learn how to play.

So how do you do it?

In this article, we're going to have a look at the different types of piano tuition available and exactly how you find tutors and teachers for learning how to play the piano.

Finding Piano Tutors via Friends and Family

Whether you want to learn piano, synth, guitar, drums, saxophone, accordion, flute, violin, or ukulele, it’s never been easier to find music teachers. In the digital age, you can easily find tutors thanks to the incredible power of the internet!

How much do private piano tutors cost?
Think about asking your friends if they know anyone. (Source: StockSnap)

However, you should first speak to people you know. Tell your friends and family that you’d like to learn to play the piano. Maybe word of mouth will help you find a musician who teaches keyboard or piano lessons. If your family is anything like mine, word will get around!

Start by talking to your family then talk to your friends. The piano is a fairly common instrument for people to learn how to play and a lot of people are starting to teach others how to play it. You'd be surprised at how many friends of friends play the piano.

Furthermore, with word-of-mouth, you’ll have someone you know to vouch for the music teacher otherwise they wouldn’t be recommending them to you. This means you won’t need to rely on online reviews.

This is a surefire way to find a tutor whose approaches will work for you.

Every student-teacher relationship is different. It’s therefore recommended that you meet up with the tutor before you hire them. If they’re right for you, make sure to thank your friends or family for the recommendation.

Finding a Piano Tutor Online

The internet is one of the most important tools of the modern age. You can find tonnes of information quickly. You just have to search “private piano tutor” or “piano tutorials” into a search engine and millions of results will pop up in front of you!

You’ll find plenty of tutor’s websites with tutors offering different types of classes (intensive classes, weekly classes, etc.). However, it can be tricky to trust the reviews on a tutor’s own website as they’ll obviously own put the favourable ones up!

You can also check out tutoring websites like Superprof. You can find tutors according to where they live and what they teach. You can also read reviews written about each tutor by their students to help you pick the right one for you.

These platforms are an effective way to compare the different tutors available and check out their profiles. It’s very likely that you’ll find someone to help you get better at playing the piano and practise those Mozart or Bach pieces you’ve always wanted to play.

You can also compare the prices of the tutors so that you can choose someone in your price range. It’s also worthwhile looking for tutors who like the same type of music as you.

Using Social Networks to Find Piano Tutors

Whether on your smartphone or your computer, social networks can be accessed from any device it seems. Social networks have replaced the instant messaging services of old and can now be found everywhere.

Which are the best social networks for finding piano tutors?
Social media is a useful tool for finding tutors. (Source: LoboStudioHamburg)

You can find information, inspiration, news about your friends, keep up with the news, see events, talk about hobbies, and (you guessed it!) find private piano tutors.


This is the world’s most popular social network. While there’s also Snapchat and Instagram, most people find Facebook a lot easier to use. To find a piano tutor on the platform, you can look at Facebook groups dedicated to music teachers and teaching music.

You can also search directly on the platform itself. By typing “private piano teacher” or something similar, you’ll find the pages of thousands of tutors. You just have to make your choice, which might be harder than learning to play the piano itself!


While you can’t really put up classified ads on Instagram, you can create a network. A lot of musicians on Instagram post photos of their instruments or their performances. They can create a community of followers who are potential students.

Look for piano accounts and you’ll inevitably find a piano tutor.


Twitter is pretty good for getting the message out. You can also search by language, region, etc.

Finding a Piano Tutor in the Classifieds

If you’re not that keen on the internet, don’t worry! A lot of private tutors still use notice boards in local businesses. This means that people who live nearby can easily find them.

Where can you find ads for private piano tutors?
An oldie but a goody. (Source: Pexels)

You can also find notice boards in shopping centres and supermarkets. You’ll find private tutorials, people selling things, and babysitters, etc. Just have a look around and see if anyone’s would be interested in offering you a piano lesson. These ads can also be found in the baker’s, florist’s, butcher’s, etc.

They’ll usually include the tutor’s name, the type of lesson they teach, whether they’re willing to travel, and the levels they teach (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Most importantly, you’ll also find a phone number or email address so you can contact your potential piano tutor. Consider asking questions about their rates, timetable, and teaching approaches when you call them.

Make sure to take several numbers and call a number of different tutors. You can also ask for a taster session to see whether or not you get along with the tutor.

Post Your Own Ad

You can also make your own classified ad saying that you’re looking for a private piano tutor. It’s quite original posting this kind of ad. However, it can yield some great results.

You can also do something similar on your social networks and in small local businesses.

So what should you put on this ad?

Start by getting to the point! Say you’re looking for a piano tutor and the type of piano tutor you’re looking for.

You should then mention the styles of music that you like and the styles of music that you want to learn (jazz, rock, blues, classical, etc.). You should also consider mentioning what you want to learn about the piano (music theory, history of music, reading sheet music, scales, improvisation, fundamentals of music, etc.).

Don't forget to make sure your ad is eye-catching, especially given how messy some of these noticeboards can be!

Ask a Friend Who Plays the Piano

There’s surely someone you know that can play the piano and could teach you the basics (reading sheet music, coordinating your left hand and your right hand, etc.)! Ask them if they could lend you a hand or even teach you for a fee.

Can you get group piano tutorials?
Piano can be more fun with friends. (Source: cocoparisienne)

You might end up convincing your friend to become a private piano tutor. You could just meet up and let them teach you how to play a certain song. There’s nothing stopping you from meeting up in public places, like train stations, with pianos.

After all, you can spend time with your friend and share your passion for music. You can then spend an hour letting them share their piano skills with you.

It doesn’t matter whether your friend classically trains you or not. The important thing is to learn how to play the piano. You can always supplement these lessons with music theory classes.

Learning music theory can help you better understand how to play your instrument, too.

While absolute beginners will be alright with a general piano lesson, an intermediate or advanced pianist may need more out of their music lessons. With private lessons, you can talk to the person teaching piano and tell them any specific things you'd like to focus on.

In fact, you can work with them to create a custom piano course. Tell them whether you want to focus on reading piano music or sight reading, ear training, classical piano, jazz piano, music history, or preparing for an audition for a conservatory.

There are so many different ways to learn how to play the piano that you really have no excuse. There are also methods for all budgets, too. So stop saying that you've always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument and start doing it now!

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