Learning about history on your own can be the easiest way. You can visit your local library and pick up some books. You can even watch top history documentaries on Netflix.

After a while though, you may find yourself getting stuck or bored doing it on your own. How do you start looking for good history classes or a tutor though?

You first have to identify what type of history you wish to learn more about. Is it history in a specific time period? On people? Culture? Religion? Country?

The options can be pretty lengthy, but the different types of history classes out there are numerous!

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one of course, but you may want to have an idea before searching for history lessons. Going online can be the most obvious way, but it could get overwhelming with a large amount of links, websites, and options.

Here is where we can help!

We researched some of the top ways to find the perfect history class or tutor and we are here to share our findings. You may not be set on what type of history you wish to learn more about, so maybe after reading this, you may have a better understanding.

Taking History Lessons at an Institution

view of harvard university during the fall
Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with about 6,800 undergraduate students and about 14,000 postgraduate students. Source: roger4336 on Visual Hunt

Learning about history, in general, is a great way to reconnect with our past and who we are today. Like previously mentioned, you can spend years studying history and still have plenty more left to learn.

If you are the type of person that learns better by taking face-to-face lessons then you may want to look into signing up for physical history classes. Some physical classes can happen by going to your local community college or university.

Some institutions may allow you to sign up for some classes even if you are not doing a full program. The good thing about signing up at a college is that you will have many options on different types of history classes.

Some examples can be anthropology, art, archeology, world or USA history classes.

If you aren’t sure what type of history class you wish to take, a lot of institutions will offer descriptions online about what you will be learning within your time in the history course.

This way, you’ll have an idea before even starting and it could make your choice easier. One downside about taking history classes at an institution such as a college or university is lack of time.

If you are working full time, for example, your only option may be taking classes after work, if any are available.

Some institutions could offer Saturday classes, but availability could be limited. Another downside of taking history classes at an institution could be the cost.

Because you will be signing up at a college or university, there may be inscription fees plus the course fee.

In addition to this, there may be learning materials such as textbooks that may apply. These two are just minor things that should be considered when signing up for history classes.

On the contrary, taking history courses at an institution could help you learn much more. Not only will you have a professor teaching the course but you’ll also be surrounded by classmates that will help with your learning.

Assignments will allow you to go further and to research specific history topics. You will also be exposed to much more material versus just reading books on your own.

If time and money are what concern you about signing up for history classes through an institution, you are not the only one. Lucky for you though, many, if not all, institutions offer online classes.

When signing up for online classes, the price will be lower than signing up for physical classes, and in most cases, you will receive the same material as if you were going to the physical class.

By taking online classes, you can accommodate the material to your schedule such as after work or on weekends, and you’ll still have access to communicate with the professor.

In today’s modern world, online classes have become more popular and easier to take.

Private History Classes

view of a statue of Abraham Lincoln with a closeup on his face
Abraham Lincoln has been remembered as the "Great Emancipator" because he worked to end slavery in the United States. Source: Visual Hunt

If taking private lessons is more your style, you can hire a private history tutor to help you with history lessons.

Maybe you are looking to hire a history tutor for your child who is in need of help with some advanced history classes. Here is where Superprof comes into play.

Superprof is an online community of tutors in just any possible topic out there, including history.

The website will locate you to tutors near you and are just a few clicks away! By using Superprof, you can search what type of history you are wishing to get a tutor in.

Once the results are presented to you, you can see a description of each tutor that is available with a description of what type of history they teach and the pricing per hour.

You will see grad students, professors or history professionals that are ready to tutor you! One thing that can help you pick your tutor is by checking out the tutor’s reviews.

You will get a description of their experiences, work history, and skills. Their reviews are based on people that have hired them in the past. By reading all of this, it can help make your decision a lot easier.

By hiring a private history tutor your lessons will be catered to your needs and your areas of interest.

In addition, you will be able to set up the time that works best for you or your child.

History Clubs, Groups or Gatherings

picture of the great sphinx in Giza, Egypt
The Egyptians built sphinx statues to guard important areas such as tombs and temples. The most famous sphinx is the Great Sphinx of Giza. Source: VisualHunt

If you wish to take a more casual approach to history lessons, you can check out your closest libraries, museums, and online social platforms.

Libraries already are filled with history books and papers that can take you back in time and any place in the world. Because the resources are all there, some libraries have special history programs that you can join or attend.

Let's take the Los Angeles Central Library, for example, they are offering an upcoming course on the history and future of cheese making in the state of California.

On the other side of the country, the New York Public Library is offering courses on genealogy and African American history.

These are just examples of what types of courses you can take at your local library. You can also visit your closest museum to check out if they have any special history events or classes.

The San Diego Natural History Museum in Southern California is a great example of mixing history, fun and learning all in one.

This specific museum has a social group called "The Secret Society of Adultologists" that can be joined by anyone 21 or older that is interested in learning more about natural history.

They open the museum after dark and they have these events multiple times a year. This is just one of the ways that local museums are encouraging people to learn more about history, and making it easily accessible and fun.

One final way that you can learn more about history in a casual and fun way is by joining social groups within your city.

Website such as Facebook and Meetup have groups that are catered to people who have similar interests in history. Some groups join for happy hour or at coffee shops to discuss their love of history and share ideas.

You may even find groups that are a bit more specific such as art, world or USA history.

Joining social history groups like these can be great if you wish to meet people with similar interests especially if you love to share ideas.

You could even be pursuing a career in history and would like to discuss with other people in the same area as you.

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