Nearly half of all parents are stressed out by concerns over their children's schoolwork.

And it's even worse a child is having difficulties in a specific subject.

Free online and smartphone tutoring lessons can be rather attractive to parents with limited finances.

They allow students to learn and acquire skills while enjoying themselves, thanks to fun exercises created by designers and educators. It's a good way to keep students' interest in subjects like history, geography, or math, but it does still require a certain amount or organization and motivation.

  • Are these free apps solutions in and of themselves, or are they a supplemental resource?
  • Can apps or online lessons truly ever replace a private tutor?

Getting Organized to take Advantage of Free Tutoring Options

Does your child have difficulties in school and would you like them to benefit from tutoring?

Your first thought might be to turn to free tutoring lessons. Thanks to the Internet, there are numerous computer and smartphone solutions that help students make progress, from first grade through high school.

This is even more important in the era of standardized testing at all levels.

A little help often goes a long way and is greatly appreciated by students even if they're not necessarily facing difficulties.

tutoring services online
Books often lack an interactive aspect to keep students interested.

However, you have to find the right app. One that addresses your child's needs and at their level, to promote success and progress.

There are numerous sites and apps.

To make the right decision, to be afraid to read the customer reviews on other sites. To make it easier, many apps offer a free trial period. Students can begin the exercises and meet a few goals. Then you'll need to pay for the app to be able to continue.

This trick allows you to try out certain tutoring services before committing or purchasing.

But for this type of tutoring near me to be useful, it's also essential to use it with a certain amount of diligence and patience. Rigor is the key to successful academic success.

As a parent, your role will be to assist your child in the process to make sure the program is truly effective.

On the other hand, if you're a student, and too told to do these things with your parents (although follow-up is never a bad thing), you'll need to impose this rigor yourself!

And of course it's not exactly torture to play a few educational games online...

But it's also important to properly identify your needs and skills gaps in order to be able to progress effectively. Once these needs are identified, it will be easier to find the right free tutoring app or site.

This tutoring doesn't necessarily need to be general. It could be that a student is only having difficulties in one specific subject. Why focus on math problems when the student is below average in History?

Lots of sites and apps have been created for specific subjects. Knowing which is needed helps compare them better and find the best solution.

Free Tutoring Sites and Apps

Online sites are often very extensive. They give you access to content like lessons and review exercises.

But there are tons of sites to choose from.

When it comes to free online tutoring, the best of field is, without a doubt, Khan Academy. Unlike just about every other online tutoring site in the United States, it is 100% free. Not just a free trial, or through certain levels: always free. On top of that, it's got a well designed and helpfully organized website that will help you find just the right lessons no matter what the subject, everything from Math to Chinese.

Another site that offers broad subject matter, but which might also be more useful for older students (high school and above), is one called Udemy. You can search for tutoring on any subject you can think off, from the broad to the very specific. So if you're having trouble in one aspect of Algebra, for example, you can search for tutors who can help you get through your homework. It too is 100% free.

Beyond these, you might look at your local school system's website, or the library's, to see if they have any free online resources. A number of free community based organization might also offer online tutorials for help on homework. The advantage to these types of local resources is that the math tutors near me will understand the coursework and schools better.

Sites like these are not, however, the only places offering free online tutoring. Today, lots of young people love studying with the help of Youtube.

I have myself gone over study materials in preparation for exams with help from online videos. It's a good way to both relax and review effectively!

free tutors computer
Today it's possible to take advantage of free digital tutoring services.

Are you so busy that you rarely have time in front of your computer?

This is why apps were invented! Once they're downloaded to your smartphone, it's possible to use them wherever you are. What better way to motivate your child to study than by having fun.

There are many apps for tutoring and homework help in the U.S., but few of them are truly free. One that comes with no cost is Quizlet. The app uses the flashcard model to help students of all ages and levels progress through a number of subjects. It also allows you to create your own flashcards for a specific test or class.

Another is Kahoot!, which bases it's learning on games, which can be played alone or even with friends nearby, via a master screen. It makes group learning and challenging even more fun.

The last we'll mention is Socratic, which works by allowing the user to snap a photo of a homework or study question, which the app then answers with a host of explanatory videos and short lessons, to make sure the answers are really taught and not merely given. It also walks students through math problems.

Are Free Digital Tutoring Services Truly the Answer for Struggling Students?

When students are having difficulties, it can be hard to re-motivate them to study the material through a simple tutoring lesson. It becomes necessary, then, to find a new way to explain things to them and regain their interest.

This is where the apps come in to play.

Do you have doubts about effectiveness of smartphone games?

You see, students view them more as a way to challenge themselves, like a game, and less as something done to make their parents happy.

The designers and experts who make these games, by working with teachers, have succeeded in finding the right balance between educational content and fun. It's an explosive and effective way to help your struggling child.

apps useful free tutoring school
Apps enable you to get today's children's attention.

What's more, apps are easy to access. There's no needing to have a clean desk and a little lamp. The smartphone is enough. A simple tool that can enhance your child's progress.

And if you want to be able to monitor their progress, most apps offer the ability for you or a teacher to follow along. This option really allows you see and track their progress and motivation.

This also allows you to make sure that the apps you download are being used. What's more, the low cost of these apps (some are even free at the entry level) allows you to download more than one if your child needs more help.

These tools, developed for smartphones, are sort of like descendants of the game Memory, the game we all played as children to help develop a variety of essential skills.

These apps, however, are nothing like a classroom led by a teacher. Even if these apps are fun and an overall advantage, they can never replace the know-how and knowledge of a teacher. These games are more like a complement.

Tutoring: The Concrete Advantages of a Private Tutor

Even if the notion of benefiting from free digital tutoring options is very attractive, struggling students are certainly going to need a private tutor to guide them and help them make progress. Because these students are often lost and lacking in understanding. They need the benefit of different and deeper explanations to make advances.

Also, managing your child's tutoring lessons with a private tutor allows you to impose a certain working rhythm in your child, something that's lacking with the apps, and hard to instill that way...

But what does a tutor offer a child?

Unlike the apps or websites, regular sessions with a private tutor offer real human contact. This is important because the tutor will be able to recognize the student's state of mind and see facial expressions in moments of confusion.

tutors and tutoring services
There are many advantages of a tutor.

Private tutors can also personalize the tutoring sessions according to the student's needs and steer them towards exercises that will work better for a particular person. This is the kind of special attention that changes everything.

Haven't we all loved a subject simply because of the way the teacher presented the material?

The relationship between a student and tutor is important, helping insure that learning is done in the best conditions that motivate students. This is why a private tutor is better than an app or website.

Today it's very easy to choose a good tutor online. Here on Superprof, the profiles of each teacher are presented so you understand their strengths as well as their experience and passions, adding a level of reassurance for parents and students.

As much as apps can be a very good tool in terms of supplementing tutoring services, the presence of a tutor giving private lessons in Spanish, History, or Geography will always be a real need in terms of school support.

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