It is now more important than ever for students to be multilingual.  Learning several languages enriches the mind and expands their horizons, both personal and professional.

And French is the perfect language to start with.

With nearly 300 million speakers in five contents, French is one of the most widely learned languages in the world, second only to English. It is a language of international relations,  global business empires, and thousands of websites, pointing to the rising importance of French.

In fact, the number of French speakers is projected to grow in the coming years. It is estimated that French will be the most spoken language in the world by the year 2050.

French influence can be seen across the States – from Boston and Houston to New York and LA, and many other cities.

Schools and other educational platforms provide an excellent opportunity for some students in the United States to learn French. However, many others have to rely on tuitions and online resources to improve their command over the language.

Still, thousands of Americans do their best with available resources because they know that learning the French language increases their chances of finding a job in the United States as well as overseas.

Additionally, learning a new language like French adds to your skillset, stimulates your mind, and opens you up to new perspectives. It helps you connect with all types of people across borders of land and language.

Student learning French with the help of a tutor.
A French tutor teaching a student with the help of sticky notes. Source: Unsplash

Why Learn French?

Like many people around the world, Americans think of French as a language that's full of romance and beauty. But those aren't its only qualities; it is also associated with culture and class.

That explains why being able to speak and understand French can considerably enhance your career prospects in the corporate world. Many business owners rank multilingual abilities as a must-have for their employees.

Along the same lines, learning French as a second language can improve your travel experiences and open up the possibility of immigrating to a French-speaking country.

Here are some reasons why learning French can positively impact your life in many ways:

French Is The Language Of The Future

French might not just be the language of the past and present, but it has also fortified its status as the future language. Its usage is growing exponentially across the world, and the latest projection anticipates that 750 million people will speak the French language by 2050.

French for Traveling

Quite often, language barriers hold you back from exploring the world. When the spirit of adventure strikes, with the French language in your repertoire, you will be able to navigate new places by reading road signs, menus, and train tickets.

Furthermore, it also lets you connect with the new people and branch out of tourist hotspots into the real world as the natives see it. You will be more equipped to start the journey and explore all the excellent food and everlasting country charm when you have French in your linguistic repertoire.

French Broaden Your Horizons

Indeed, any new skills you develop help you broaden your intellectual horizons. Learning French is a sound way to keep your brain active and agile with the progressions.

When it comes to learning a new language, you need to not only understand what a word means but also interpret its correct context. It is also equally important to know how too put together grammatical structures, speak naturally, and indulge in a whole lot of active listening.

Like all other languages, the French language is more than just learning to speak it. It is an entire package that includes writing, conversing, and understanding, which exercises your mental muscles.

French For Career Breakthrough

The ability to speak the French language helps you get the most immersive exposure possible in the international job market. French knowledge opens up a gateway to French companies in France and other parts of the world.

Today, companies operate across international boundaries to stay competitive and updated in the professional world; learning French is key to emerging markets full of business opportunities.

Furthermore, it is a great way to connect with colleagues in other countries, generate new leads, and build strong relationships and networking.

You place yourself in a setting where you are required to speak French. Ultimately you expedite your journey to fluency. An unfamiliar or new place teaches us that there is so much to explore in the French-speaking world.

Connect Yourself With French Culture

The French language has a lot to offer, including some of the most beautiful and poetic expressions in the literature world. As you start to grasp the language, you will find yourself immersed in the French culture, unfiltered.

The right French tutor can help you get familiar to the world-renowned French authors, their famous works as well as the contemporary French language. It all becomes accessible when you learn the language.

French As A Second Language

If you live in America, you probably catch bits and pieces of French conversation in movies and TV shows all the time. The learning process might frustrate you at first, but, contrary to popular belief, the French language is not difficult to learn.

It requires precision and a bit of practice to reach a level where you can converse in French.

French tutors can take several different approaches to set up French lessons for you — all in an effort to make learning the language enjoyable. The good news is that you won't have much trouble understanding it as it is a soft and melodious language.

Even though French might not be your native language, but learning it for someone familiar with English is comparatively easy. For relatively minimal effort, you can learn French as a second language that will allow you to access useful, relevant, and entertaining stuff.

On a global level, the language has been at the forefront of business dealings, science, and literature. It also carries significance in law and serves as an important language in many international and regional courts.

Furthermore, it is the official language of the United Nations, NATO, the World Trade Organization, the EU, and the International Olympic Committee.

Despite that, the French language is considered relatively easy for English speakers to learn. However, it will still require time, determination, and a certain amount of patience for you to master it.

If you are interested in learning the language, then it is crucial to go for a private French tutor who understands your learning preferences and caters to it accordingly.

An e-book in French.
It's possible to read French fluently as long as you listen to your French tutor. Source: Unsplash

Traits To Look For In A French Tutor

The French language is just like any other new language. Still, some familiarity through movies, multimedia aids, video tutorials, semi-easy reads can be highly beneficial for students. Additionally, having an excellent French tutor with knowledge of the language.

Let us check out some of the characteristics of an excellent private French tutor who can help students with French lessons online or in-person:

Personalized Learning Environment

The approach taken by private French tutors is that they alter their teaching style and the subject matter according to your specific needs. They structure the content of French lessons in a way that they are able to connect with you and execute a personalized approach at your own pace.

This way, private French lessons enable you to establish emotional as well as mental connections with the French tutor.

Instill Positivity

Learning the French language may not always be easy for you. Quite often, students withdraw from French courses in between due to the complexity involved in the language. But a hopeful and encouraging French tutor can empower and promote students to learn French, make most of the French classes, and attain proficiency.

With the easy access to online French tutors and distance learning, private French classes have made it convenient for both the tutor and student to connect on a different level.

An enthusiastic French tutor will always look at ways to spark interest, generate passion in students, and thereby enlists amongst the right tutors.   

Stay Attuned With Your Progress

Taking French lessons is very different in the learning phase. The right French tutor will understand different learning phases and teach you through tailored French lessons best for your mental caliber and distinct personality.

A student practicing her verbs.
A private French tutor can highlight your strong points and work on your weaknesses. Source: Unsplash

It's Important To Find A Private French Tutor In Boston

If you have not been exposed to French previously, learning it for the first time can be challenging. You are likely aware that there are several online French courses, resources, and books available to help you learn French.

Besides, many French tutors advertise their tutoring services.

Choosing the private French tutors at Superprof is the best choice for several reasons.

Our approach is to help you find the perfect teacher, someone who can help you reach your language-related learning goals. We understand that the grades don't matter when it comes to learning a new language.

At Superprof, French tutors modify their lesson plans to meet your unique needs and strengths that help you learn French much more quickly.

Contact us to learn more about French tutor near you in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, or any other city and get started on your path to success.

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