Learning a second language like French can be challenging for high school, college, and university students in the US. However, despite the difficulties, many US students select French as a second language.

For example, according to the Modern Language Association’s 25th language enrollment census, enrollment in the French language has increased to 41.5% in US institutions of higher education in 2016.

Although many students choose to learn French, not many can genuinely master its grammar and other intricacies. This happens because schools, colleges, and universities have way too many students in a single classroom with just one teacher.

You can’t expect one teacher to pay close attention to every student’s learning needs. No matter how much a class teacher tries, students will find a way to complain about their failure to understand, especially when learning a foreign language.

A situation like this demands a feasible solution. Try working with a private French tutor to fulfill your learning needs.

All over the US, whether it’s Chicago, New York, Boston, or across the States, a French tutor can help students overcome their French learning problems. Private French classes by a French tutor offer customized lessons and activities so that the experience of learning a foreign language becomes exciting.

Challenges To Learning French As Your Second Language

The French language is touted as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In the US alone, about 13 percent of students opt to study French as a language. Despite its fame, French is considered challenging when it comes to learning a foreign language.

Some key issues you face when learning the language of love (French) are:

Tricky Accents And Pronunciation

The biggest challenge for a student who’s learning French is the pronunciation and accent. Written French and spoken French are two different languages altogether since rules dictating pronunciation don’t apply when the language is written.

For instance, to perfect your pronunciation and accent, you have to look out for rules that transform ‘Je aime’ into ‘j’aime’ and make the ‘t’ in ‘cabernet’ silent.

Person holding placard with written French.
Make your French pronunciation and accent accurate than ever with our private French lessons. Source: Unsplash

Also, the nasal ‘r’ in most of the words like ‘frere’ can make the non-native French learners go crazy.

Your regular school French classes can’t make your child perfect in written French, let along speaking. However, with private French courses, your child can master the French language without much pronunciation or accent difficulty.

Inconsistent Spellings

Another blatant challenge a rookie may face when learning French is spelling. Many high school students complain that the French spellings change in ways that are entirely unnatural for them.

Words within words and sentences go unpronounced, letters are skipped during pronunciation, and yet they’ve to be present in your written French. All these complexities of inconsistent spelling can drive students into a nightmare.

Your high school or college lessons aren’t going to solve this problem as teachers don’t have time to go into such minute details in a class of 50 or more students.

However, you can overcome this challenge as well by opting for a French tutor near you, or you can go to find an online French tutor.

Whatever you select, keep in mind that the only method to this madness is through private French lessons.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Private French Lessons in Chicago

French is a language of love, and many Americans see the French language as a beacon of romance, beauty, and culture. Moreover, it can enhance your intellectual abilities and open a range of economic opportunities.

That’s how beneficial this language can be if you learn it properly, and you can’t do it without a private French tutor.

Here’re some of the reasons why you should take private French lessons in Chicago:

You’ll Be The Center Of Attention

As mentioned earlier, group classes can be detrimental to learning a new language. After all, each student has different goals and study methods. How can one teacher ensure effective learning for all of them at the same time?

It’s usually the students who suffer when the teacher can’t give enough time to each of them.

While in private French lessons, you’ll be the tutor’s only focus of attention. This way, your French tutor can pick up on your learning needs and can chalk out a practical plan that’ll suit your abilities.

Enhanced Self Esteem

A female teenager writing happily.
SuperProf provides you with certified French tutors that’ll help you learn French without self-criticism. Source: Unsplash

The one-on-one approach with your private French tutor will help you gain a better understanding of the French language as a whole. You’ll become more confident in your approach to dealing with a foreign language like French so effortlessly.

Your French Tutor’s positive support will boost your self-esteem, and you’ll become more calm and participative in your school French classes.

Get In-Depth Learning About The French

One significant advantage of getting private French lessons online or in-person is that you can go into minute details if you like the course.

Sometimes a minor angle shift can open a new understanding of the subject. Since many students consider French a challenging language, delving into the details with your French tutor will help you understand it better.

You don’t have this leverage in your regular high school French class.

Personalized Help

Mostly, high school and college teachers avoid taking many questions during or after the lecture – they try to limit to a few queries mostly. And since there’s a time shortage, many students are unable to express their problems or ask for assistance.

However, in your private French lessons, you can write everything that’s been bothering you. And your French tutor will help you work out every single problem through a tailored technique you’ll find it easy to work and implement.

Student-Centric Pace

Though there’re many reasons why you should go for private French lessons, one of the most significant advantages that you’ll have is that your French tutor will work at the pace you deem fit.

Mostly, teachers in high schools present a lesson plan that is time-bound and quick-paced. As a result, many students get left behind and never catch up with the rest of the class.

However, your private French tutor will teach you French lessons at a slow pace and even answer your questions without making any haste.

A teenager using her laptop.
With our French tutors, self-pace is the learning norm, so take lessons when you see fit. Source: Unsplash

Ace Your City Colleges Of Chicago Language Placement Test With The Help Of Private French Lessons

If you’re planning to enroll in any of the City Colleges of Chicago language courses, then you to secure good scores in the True North Language Placement Test.

The True North Language Placement Test is designed to test a student’s language proficiency skills. This language proficiency assessment test is used to check whether the student is eligible or appropriately placed in language courses to communicate and collaborate with the world in a particular language.

If you’ve studied French as a language in your high school and now want to continue French classes in college as well, get ready to take the True North Language Placement Test.

Every new and former student need to take this test if they’re registering for the language courses. However, there’s no credit, nor will the test be judged on a pass-fail basis.

Nevertheless, your test scores will help you get the desired language course level in a college.

Our private French lessons in Chicago and other states like LA, Philadelphia, or Houston possess a credible tutoring record of helping students acing their Placement tests and exams with impressive scores.

Finding The Best Private French Lessons In Chicago

Studying French as a second language can be a daunting task for many students and professionals alike. However, Superprof can make your experience of learning French easy and exciting. Since SuperProf is a hub of qualified and trusted French tutors in Chicago and other states.

Our experienced and accomplished French tutors have the right credentials, as well as the necessary expertise to help you stay on track.

If you’re looking to improve your French for academic purposes or want to learn French for better economic opportunities, SuperProf can help. We can put you in touch with certified French tutors who’ll help you improve your grades and develop skills to prepare you for better career opportunities.

Our French Tutors provide timely feedback if you’re making any mistake. Plus, you can easily reach tutors if you’re facing any difficulty. This accelerates your French learning process in the right way.

Superprof connects students and professionals with some of the best French tutors. They provide the best private French lessons in Chicago or anywhere else in the United States.

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