According to the National Survey on High School Strategies by the US Department of Education, one-third of high-school students need some academic tutoring, and at least 17.6% of college students have used tutoring while in college.

These figures denote how vital tutoring is for American students. Though numbers can vary for each state, one thing is certain: whether you're from Houston, Chicago, New York, or anywhere across the States, you'll need private tuitions to get through some of the courses.

The education system is already burdened and unable to produce the desired learning outcomes in students, even in usual subjects like Math, Chemistry, and English. The problem gets worse if students opt for a topic that's entirely alien to them, such as French.

Learning French can be challenging for Americans as it's not a native language here. Many elementary school students aren't interested in learning French in the first place.

That's partly because the French teacher doesn't care about their learning needs in a classroom replete with more than 50 students.

A French tutor teaching a teenager
A French tutor can help develop an in-depth understanding of the language using visual learning tools.  Source: Unsplash

However, it's not the teachers' fault that they are often unable to focus on each student equally.

In such cases, the poor students are left to fend for themselves or get tuitions in the French language.

As a result, many students struggle to read their French lessons and make grammatical mistakes, even in writing.

However, it's possible to solve this problem with the help of a qualified French Tutor who can help you upskill and make you more fluent through real-life conversations.

Whether your goals for learning French are to pass your exams or gain a coveted job with a private French tutor, you can do it all.

Bear in mind that hiring a French Tutor not only helps you crack the exam, but it'll help you find real-life success as well.

Why Should You Hire A Private French Tutor?

Learning a second language is always an exciting experience and comes with many benefits. Of the 6909 languages in the world, French is often touted to be the most popular foreign language one can learn.

French as a second language can boost your brainpower and unlock a whole range of new career opportunities as well. Perhaps, if you're still dubious, here're five reasons why you should hire a French tutor.

A World Language

There are at least 220 million people in the world who speak French. That makes it one of the most important and widely used languages in the world. In fact, it is one of the official languages for major international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), and a bunch of others.

Moreover, French is the official as well as the working language of world organizations like the UN, the European Union (EU), NATO, International Red Cross, and UNESCO.

No wonder French is the second most learned language in the world after English.

Vast Career Opportunities

Learning French gives you an added advantage with English when you set your foot in the corporate world. Many multinational corporations (MNCs) have French as their working language in many sectors.

If you have learned French from your school's French courses, chances are you miss these opportunities as your French might lack fluency and has grammatical issues. But with a private French tutor and their private French lessons, you can uncover a vast array of economic opportunities.

French Language Open Doors To A Cultural Universe

The French language is often considered as the language of culture.

If you learn French through private French classes, you can embark on the cultural journey of the world's fashion, arts, theater, science, and architecture without any hurdle.

Also, you can easily read the original manuscripts and works of classic writers like Voltaire, Hugo, Proust, and Baudelaire, which you can't do without a private French tutor.

The French Language Is A 'Bridge-Building' Language

If there's one European language you describe as a bridge-building language, it's the French. Whether you are in Houston, LA, Philadelphia, or Boston - you will find plenty of French speakers around.

French connects you with other European romance languages such as Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

If you're not familiar with French and wanted to learn any of the above languages, you'll face great difficulty. However, you can easily ace these languages if you know French since several French words are found in these languages.

Things To Expect From A French Tutor

Learning French can be challenging, particularly when you have little to no time or aren't sure how to even begin this mammoth task.

However, if you are thinking about hiring a private French tutor, you are on the right track. They can help develop learning and study skills, enhanced subject comprehension, elevated confidence for reading, writing and speaking, and more.

Here are a few ways French tuitions and a French tutor can help you:

One-On-One Engagement

With private French classes, a tutor can gauge a student's learning capability and can devise appropriate teaching methods as a result.

Student learning through a laptop
A French tutor can engage you in one-on-one sessions to help you know your shortcomings and devise a plan accordingly. Source: Unsplash

Unique French Learning Experience

With a private French tutor, students will get a unique personalized French learning experience that they're unable to get in a regular classroom.

Whatever difficulty you are facing in learning French, your tutor will customize difficult lessons and activities so you not only understand the French curriculum but love it as well.

After all, French is often known as the language of love.

Improved Academic Grades

Many students learn French only in their classrooms, and mostly also enjoy learning French. However, when the results are out, many students have either failed or secured bad grades.

The reason is, one-hour of French class with 20 plus students is just not viable to learn a second language. It would help if you had a private French Tutor to address this issue.

Not only can a French Tutor help you prepare for coming tests and examinations, but also work on your pain points or grey areas.

Tutor checking student paper.
With a French tutor, you'll get customized lessons which will help you understand French better and get high scores
With time, you'll see your French grades improving by a fair margin.  Source: Unsplash

Promotes Self-Pace Learning

Private French classes will enable students to take learning initiatives of schools all by themselves. Not just that, your student will also learn how to manage this self-learning pace.

Encourages Students To Ask Questions

The anomaly of learning a second language is that when students don't buy into the concepts wholeheartedly, they get quiet and retreat into the corners. They don't ask the teacher to clarify it, possibly because they feel uncomfortable in front of their peers.

A private French tutor will teach and encourage the student to feel free when asking questions. Whether the problem is small, big, relevant, irrelevant, a French tutor will guide them to ask without being self-conscious.

Ace You TFI Test With The Help Of A French Tutor

The Test de français international (TFI) is a French-language proficiency test for students and professionals alike – the test is for those whose native language isn't French.

The TFI measures an individual's French skills who are working either in a professional business environment or an academic institute.

With your regular school French classes, it's hard to crack TFI and go for higher education or a professional working environment.

But, with a private French tutor, the dream of acing the TFI and getting higher education in one of the top EU universities or working in multinational corporations can become a reality.

Nail Your French Subject Test With The Help Of A French Tutor

To get admission in any of the US College, you need to pass the SAT exam with good scores. The SAT is also compulsory if you're planning to take a second language in college.

The French Subject Test under SAT is where you can demonstrate your efficiency in written French and prove your interest and expertise in it.

With the help of a French Tutor, you'll not just pass French Subject Test, but you'll ace it with perfect scores and save yourself from introductory level French courses in the college. 

So if you have studied French in your high-school and keen to pursue it in your college as well, you need to pass the French Subject Test with impressive scores.

Do it with our private French tutors based in Houston. They are accomplished French teachers who have taught students across the country.

How Do I Find A French Tutor In Houston?

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