There is no denying the fact that learning a second language can benefit you by developing your skillset and career prospects. It can also help enhance cognitive abilities as you challenge your brain to find new ways of processing languages, leading to changes in perception and decision-making skills.

In today’s ever-competitive world market, cutting-edge technologies and globalization have made international communication a necessity. The French language is spoken by over 300 million people all over the world in over 50 countries. In fact, it is the official language for international organizations such as FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, United Nations, and UNESCO.

Speaking one language is no longer enough. Students who learn French have better chances of finding a job, whether abroad or in the United States. Also, the fact that they are multilingual can be a great advantage when applying to French companies like L’Oréal, Renault, Chanel, and others.

That explains why French is the only language in the other than Spanish that is learned by more than one million students in the United States.

French is the most commonly spoken language, aside from English and Spanish, and the French influence can be seen in many American English words and phrases.

Whether you are a youngster thinking about your potential career, a college student planning to go to some French-speaking country or an adult who’s thinking about changing career paths, taking French lessons is a good start.

A French tutor helping out a student.
A student taking French video lessons. Source: Unsplash

How Can French Lessons Help?

Learning French has never been easier. Many approaches make learning French fun and enjoyable, no matter the students’ age. The French language is an analytical one that also structures your thought process and develops critical thinking.

If you’re just getting started, look online for tutors who offer French lessons in LA, Boston, New York, or anywhere across the states. These virtual or in-person classes can help advance your proficiency in the French language.

A private French tutor can plan your lessons in such a way that it would have a concrete structure, outline clear goals, and spark interest.

Here are a few ways private French classes can help you learn the language and appreciate its unique characteristics:

Structured Lessons

It’s essential that you feel confident reading and listening to the language as you do speaking and writing it. Quite often, it gets difficult for students to understand texts and written conversations, and they get frustrated because they can’t contribute and express themselves to the fullest.

A French tutor will address all your issues and design your lesson plans accordingly that your activities will adequately trigger specific skills. The activities that target the skills are more challenging; you get lots of practice and build your confidence during French courses.

This should expose you to new terminology and grammar that will help you acquire the tools to form sentence structures and accurately express yourself with.

There will be a predefined lesson plan with clear goals for each French class, depending on your comfort level with each skill.

Strengthen Skills With Multimedia Activities

Multimedia activities are terrific to create French immersion that enlivens French classes while surrounding you with real-life French conversations and listening practice.

French tutors use multimedia as an effective way to help you discover the French culture and society and learn how the language is spoken in a variety of natural settings. It also allows you to learn French accents, tone, and idioms with clarity.

So it makes private French classes a lot more exciting than if your tutor relies on a language textbook to teach you the language. Sure, it is crucial to have a set curriculum to ensure the effectiveness of the classes, but they should deploy interesting new teaching methods.

Multimedia makes it incredibly easy for you to learn, whether you are taking French lessons online or in person. All you need is a laptop or a tablet and a Wi-Fi connection, and there you have it!

Custom Reading List

A private French tutor will consider your learning preferences and offer relevant reading material that should challenge you while also retaining your interest in the language. It is an obvious first step and the key to success.

They will ask about your favorite genres, books, movies, and other relevant information to create the reading list that’ll appeal to you.

Furthermore, your teacher will set reading goals so you can commit to reading books from the list. Together you’ll figure out how many books you can finish in a specific timeframe, how often you can read per week, etc.

A private French tutor will further advise you on how to exceed the reading target. They will also encourage you to make notes while reading so you can retain new vocabulary words and expressions and research the unfamiliar words so that you can follow the narrative more easily.

A custom reading list created by a French tutor according to your preferences will help you reach your language-related goals by expanding your vocabulary, improve grammar and spelling. It is something unique to you as you focus on your interests, learning objectives, time commitment, and fluency level.

It also supports your learning objectives, and you can accomplish it when you get a command over language’s basics, such as writing, reading, pronunciation, etc.

Meaningful Assignments According To Your Caliber

Homework is an opportunity to go beyond what was studied in French tutoring sessions, through research and independent revision time. French tutors give you important assignments that help you come up with specific questions about particular topics.

This way, you can learn vocabulary more efficiently and find information about the assigned topic on your own. Before the next French lesson, you can gather specific questions based on the elements you learned. A private French tutor will collaborate with you to solve the queries and help you understand difficult concepts.

The assigned activities and assignments in private French lessons will ultimately motivate and empower you to enhance your learning capacity of the French language.  It will also help you solidify your commitment to reading and learning goals.

Accountability And Passion

A French tutor will be passionate about the language and will make lessons ingesting to gain your attention. Also, they will infuse passion in you as it eradicates boredom and annoyance, which is very common while studying a new language.

Plus, a responsible private tutor allows the student to counter the blame and be accountable for any negligence and lack of dedication towards the study of language.

Language learning classes are different in every phase. You can reap countless benefits from private French lessons. Most importantly, it allows you to immerse yourself in the French language without much distraction and at your comfortable pace.

So, either you want to expand your knowledge, improve your career chances, or be a better multitasker to make your travels pleasant. It’s possible to find online French tutors as well as teachers who are willing to teach in-person all over the United States. These experts can expedite your learning process with valuable insights.

An excellent private French tutor can understand the different phases of learning a language and find ways to involve students in French lessons. That’s because actively engaged students learn more effectively and efficiently than those who don’t participate much.

This pursuit forces you to rethink your approach to language itself, with the right combination of an expert French tutor, rich subject matter, and your eagerness to learn.

A private French tutor reviewing a student's assignments. 
A French tutor checking a French learner’s assignment after a first few sessions. Source: Unsplash

Accomplish Your Language Goals With French Tutors In LA

French, an endeavor of many dimensions, has long been an essential worldwide language, and today is no exception. It takes the skills, efforts, and dedication of a student and a French tutor combined to study the French language.

At Superprof, you can find competent French tutors near you, who offer one-on-one courses in LA, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, or any other state to help you get the most out of learning the French language.  You are guaranteed a top-notch French learning excursion that’s skillful, appealing, and exciting.

A teacher conducting an online class via video conferencing.
Private french classes allow you to learn the subject at your comfort. Source: Pexels

The French course content is tailored to your specific learning needs. This way, you know how to use the language in your day-to-day and professional life.

With Superprof, you can find and sign up for a suitable teacher and sharpen your French – like you have always wanted to! A comprehensive plan that makes French classes interactive and covers all the aspects of learning French — reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

So, focus on your language-related goals with our private French tutors. They can help you attain your language learning goals. Try a French lesson with Superprof and hone your French learning skills.

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