"Salut, comment ca va?", i.e., "Hi, how are you?" in French — if the meaning was apparent to you, then you either are fluent in French or picked up a few words here and there.

Good for you.  After all, French is:

  • spoken in 53 countries
  • the national language in 29 countries
  • chosen by 220 to 300 million speakers all over the globe

Fluency in French will open up ways to exciting new adventures and opportunities for you!

Possibly your educational institution requires you to pick a second language, and French seems like a viable option as learning it is not as tricky as other languages.

Therefore, it would be best to enroll for French lessons online or in-person in Philadelphia, NYC, LA, or anywhere else in the States, but make sure you select a credible French tutor — don't just go with the first person that pops up on searching "French tutor near me."

With the right French courses and an excellent French tutor to guide you, you would be speaking and writing like a Francophone in no time!

Let's delve in and explore why and how to hire a private French tutor for French lessons.

Good Reasons To Take French Lessons In Philidelphia

Here are some of the many reasons to learn French in Philly, Boston, Houston, and anywhere else you live:

Popular Language

More than 110 million-plus people have French as their first language, 60 million have it as a second language, and about 100 million people have strong–enough basics to communicate in it.

It is the national language of 29 countries, is the 2nd most learned language after English, and ranks among the top five spoken languages.

Like English, French also serves on universal grounds, owing to wide-spread usage. Whether you need route guidance when abroad, want to seal an international deal, and so on, French can help you out.

Add to that the fact that it is spoken in pretty much all the continents, and you are bound to come across a French speaker soon enough. So knowing it gives you significant leverage when communicating.

Plus, the number of French speakers grows as we speak, it is estimated by the year 2050, 750 million people will speak French,

Considering the factoids, you be the judge, doesn't it make sense to become fluent in French by taking private French lessons in Philly? It is sure to help you in the foreseeable future since millions of people will be speaking it!

The Eiffel Tower in Paris
Feel as native as the Eiffel Tower, with a stronghold over the French language. Source: Pixabay

Easy To Grasp

The English language shares many traits with Modern French. The English we flawlessly speak now is a combination of Medieval Norman French and Germanic Old English language.

This is why many French words have close-enough corresponding English words.

Also, we all know our ABCs', and you will be delighted to know that French shares the same Roman alphabet system.

Whereas, if you decide to pick up Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, etc. — you have to learn a diverse set of new characters.

This is doable, but learning other languages will require much more time than learning French.

Paves The Way For Other Languages

Around two millennia ago, the Roman Empire had a strong grip in Europe, and Latin was the primary language.

Over time, Latin advanced and formed a variety of other languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, French, and Romanian, to mention a few.

Considering the linkage, many of the romance languages share similar traits, be it in their grammar, structure, and so on.

So, if you learn French, picking up on Spanish, Italian, and other languages would get much more comfortable.

Cultural And Historical Importance

France has been an epicenter of many of the world's noteworthy movements. It is known and loved for its divine cuisines, a significant role in cultural progression and fashion, and the contributions it has made towards art, cinema, music, and philosophy.

Plus, in Europe, French was a successor to Latin – all official documents, treaties, agreements were written in French in the 18th and 19th centuries.

With Brexit leading to England's exit from the European Union, there is a good chance for French to gain leverage owing to its extensive usage.

Additionally, the European Union's capital is Brussels, where French is the official language. Also, it is one of the six official languages of the UN. It is one of the official languages of the Olympics.

Therefore, you better start taking French lessons online from a reputed French tutor to be prepared for changing times.

A box of French treats.
A box of macaroons, one of France's many popular desserts. Source: Pixabay

Helps In Business Development

Pick any of the top-ranking countries; you will notice that apart from English, French also plays an important role.

It is spoken in Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, and of course, France, which is why learning it makes all the more sense.

Whether you want to spread your wings in any parts of the United States or anywhere else in the world, knowing French can provide you with much-needed leverage.

Makes It Easier To Visit Or Move To Canada

Canada has gained popularity over the last decade for being one of the best places to immigrate. Their universal healthcare, good politicians, cross-country trains, gun-laws, and hospitable people are some of the many reasons which entice potential movers.

There is a strong dependency on the French language in many parts of Canada, especially Quebec. Even the signboards are bilingual, be they on roads, airports, official sites, borders, highways, etc.

If you are visiting or planning to move to Quebec – one of the most beautiful and largest provinces in Canada, know that 77% of the people here, i.e., 6.2 million, have French as their First Language.

So no matter your reason for moving to Canada, do take French courses in Philadelphia to help you in smoothly transitioning.

Educational Credits

As we said earlier, French is not that hard to grasp, as opposed to other languages. Perhaps this is why it is also the second most learned language after English, as students select it as an additional language when required.

So if you need to pick any language as an elective or are planning to give your GCSE's etc. French is a viable option.

But to grasp well, make sure a qualified private French tutor is guiding you through the required French lessons.

Various French Learning Methods In Philadelphia

You have a variety of choices when it comes to learning French in Philadelphia, Chicago, or anywhere else — it all depends on what your current know-how is.

Here are the French classes you can partake:

Group Classes in Philadelphia

If private sessions seem expensive and you are already versed with basic French, group classes might be just what you need.

However, they won't do much justice if you want to learn from the ground up, because communal classes lack one-to-one personal attention.

And everyone learns at a different capacity. Some may grasp French lessons with ease, whereas others may just waste their time and money as they get lost in the coursework.

So, if you want to strengthen your already developed skill set, look into it. Still, if you have zero knowledge, we urge you to explore other options.

Online Tutorials, YouTube Videos, Audiobooks, And Tutorials

There are a variety of French lessons online; you can easily find tutorials, instructional videos, and much more without much effort.

The best part is that they either cost a few bucks, or you can get them for free!

Intriguing, right, you get to learn without burning a hole in your pocket?

But don't jump the gun without ensuring that the material is worth your time and effort since there is a strong chance that you will end up more confused. Here are the cons to consider:

  • Random videos, despite hard-hitting the right topics, but they lack structure; instead of moving per a syllabus, you will be jumping between topics.
  • Not all experts are meant to teach, so you may be taking the right French lessons, but without the right French tutor, you aren't learning much!
  • Online videos, tutorials, etc. are pre-recorded, so you receive no feedback. Positive feedback or constructive criticism play a significant role in helping us learn etc.
Online lecture on a laptop, with a notebook and a cup of coffee.
A French tutor conducting private French lessons online. Source: Pixabay

Private French Tutor In Philly

Another popular option is to take private French classes from a seasoned professional who can guide you from basics to intermediate to fluency.

During the session, you will be given all the attention, and all your queries and concerns will be addressed.

As we said earlier, the right teaches makes all the difference. Don't choose a random private tutor; instead, make sure your teacher has good reviews and recommendations.

They should be able to tailor the private French lessons per your requirements, to ensure that you grasp in the least time.

The downside is that private French classes don't come cheap!

French Tutor Near Me In Philadelphia

Like us, you too would be Googling for "French tutor near me," and picking the nearest teacher that comes with a good rating.

Remember, don't go with the first person that pops up. It would be best if you made a calculated decision; it's not always the best to go with the cheaper option.


Don't be, Superprof has you covered!

Visit our website, pick a subject, and choose an address, city, or neighborhood, then let our algorithm kick in and find you the best private French tutor near you.

We have 12,758 French tutors, all of whom have a five-star rating. The good news is that 97% of these teachers give the first French lesson for free, and if you decide to move forward, on average, you would be paying $21 an hour.

Sounds promising.

For more on hiring a private French tutor in Philadelphia, LA, or anywhere else in States, get in touch with us today!

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