The invention of the Internet in the 1990s was just the beginning of a technological revolution. This revolution has brought us into a digital age that engulfs almost all aspects of our environments.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, digital platforms and tools are intertwined with your daily activities.

This digital era has impacted all parts of our life, one of them being the way we learn. The education sector has been one of the aspects most impacted by the wave of new technologies.

Schools have had to adapt their curriculums to teaching students the knowledge needed for the ever-changing world, and have also been tasked with incorporating the use of this new technology into class settings.

Writing skills need to be intertwined with typing. Homework assignments can now be submitted on the computer. Reading comprehension tests can be taken online.

All parts of mainstream education are being altered.

These systemic changes have even made their way into home tuition. Alongside teachers, tutors have had to adapt the way they teach as well as learn to work hand in hand with the new technologies especially made for private teaching.

New technology has helped tutoring in the US has grown exponentially and has made it one of the fastest-growing markets. 

Tutors Embracing New Technologies

One of the ways that the digital age has impacted education is that it has given us tools to continuously keep learning with the help of our computers or phones. Supplemental instruction can now be on the palms of our hands.

The digital age and tutoring
The digital age has had a large impact on tutoring methods. (Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash)

Now and days there are a ton of apps and games geared towards education. These new platforms are being used by tutors to keep students engaged in learning new knowledge even after lessons.

The popularity of these applications is only bound to increase, so both students and tutors have to take advantage of the technological advancements.

Learning apps have been developed for almost all topics, there are hundreds of top-rated apps for math, sciences, and language lessons. They can be used side by side with the curriculum taught by private tutors and can provide additional practice on the side.

Educational apps are available for Apple, Android, and Windows on a variety of topics. Check out some of the following:

  • For math, try Mathway to help you solve homework problems with detailed explanations.
  • For languages, try Duolingo to help you practice pronunciation in one of the 30 languages they offer.
  • For science, try Brilliant, this app offers mini-lessons for a variety of scientific topics, you can learn everything from Artificial Neural Networks to Computer Science Fundament
  • For history, try History Events, here you can learn all about critical dates and events throughout history.

Although these apps have been developed to help with specific skills, it is hard for them to be as effective as a session with a tutor.

Technology has reached impressive levels, but we are still a long way from technology that can personally engage with students at the same level that a tutor can. This is why the best way to go about using educational apps and platforms is to use them in combination with a tutor.

You can ask your tutor to recommend apps that help with the subject you are studying.

Test Prep
There are also apps that help with test preparation, enforce study skills and other academic skills. (Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash)

New technology has also made academic support more accessible to students. All students should receive the help they need to achieve high academic performance. The history of tutoring shows that for a long time, one-on-one tutoring was reserved for the elite, but technology has democratized support services for students.

There are hundreds of individualized tutoring programs that aim to teach students about note-taking, writing skills, algebra, and many other topics, all for FREE! Whether it be through instructional videos on Youtube or online study groups, there are plenty of tools available to help private tutors and tutees to thrive towards academic success.

Group tutoring session also benefit from these programs because it makes it easier to share the work completed. Peer tutors also take advantage of easier communication methods by sharing resources through online chats and forums.

For example at some tutoring centers, student services can share free online tutoring sources or virtual learning opportunities with just the click of a mouse.

College-level classes tend to move quickly so it is important for those tutoring students to be able to communicate their skills quickly, which is a lot more efficient with technology. This all helps more students reach academic excellence.

Video Chat Tutoring

What happens if you’re preferred tutor is not available to meet you in person? One possible solution is to switch from in-person meetings to video chat meetings.

It is easy to find tutors for general subjects such as math and science that are willing to make house visits, but if you happen to be searching for someone to help you in more specific topics, don't be afraid to look past your zip code.

Private tutoring for more outside of the box subjects can be found through online tutoring services.

Online tutoring
Some online platforms help tutors and students connect through web calls. (Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash)

There are plenty of tutors for all types of subjects that are willing to teach via computers, you can even find some right here on Superprof.

Video chat software has improved dramatically over the years. Some video chat platforms even have tools to make a tutoring session even more effective. There are options for screen sharing, live updated documents, and even sections to jot down your notes.

One other benefit of tutoring sessions through web calls is the low cost. If a tutor does not have to take into consideration the time and money used in driving over to the meeting spot, they can reduce the price of the sessions.

Those looking for foreign language tutoring might also be able to greatly benefit from tutoring session through video chat.

By not having to be in the same place as a tutor, you will be able to have access to a larger range of native speakers in foreign countries. You will no longer be limited to the people you find in our area.

Through Superprof you can find certified tutors that teach the following languages, and most of them are available for online sessions.

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • French

Online private lessons are becoming more and more popular due to the improved technologies that allow for easy connection to people from across the globe. Through these advancements, tutoring companies have been able to set up around the world.

With the help of video chat technology, becoming a tutor has never been so easy. All you need is to set up a profile on a site like Superprof. You can be tutoring online in no time as a certified tutor.

Better Platforms for Tutors

The technological advances that have impacted the world of tutoring are not online beneficial to the student. Tutors themselves can also reap the benefits of the changes.

For example, online tutoring can increase the number of students that a tutor can schedule. Through webcam sessions, a tutor can schedule students back to back with no time in between; this would be very hard to do if you needed to personally meet all of your students.

There are also various platforms that allow tutors to manage their business with several tools such as online calendars, billing software, and chat rooms to use with both parents and students.

billing platforms for tutors
Tutors are now able to use online billing platforms to invoice clients. (Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash)

Tutors can teach a great variety of subjects. Whether you are working on calculus, test prep, or social studies you are going to have to keep track of the lesson plans, assignments, and the meeting times with your students. Management tools like Google Calendar and Google Docs can be very helpful to keep all of that information in an organized and accessible portal. This gives you more time to dedicate to student success and less time organizing paperwork.

Software such as Tutor Cruncher helps tutors access resources, exercises, and lesson plans all on one page. This software, like many others, also helps with scheduling and billing. It can help you better manage your time and communication with your tutee.

These online platforms also allow tutors to be able to work outside of the confines of a tutoring center. This gives the tutor more flexibility in the type of work they choose to do, as well as autonomy to decide their own schedules. This allows the teacher to provide his or her own tutoring services without restrictions.

This improved management software adds to all of the benefits of becoming a tutor.

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