With its rich colonial history, first class universities, and local tech and biotech cluster, the city of Boston would seem to have everything anyone could need.

And all you need to do is ask someone what they think of living in Boston to understand that it’s a pretty good place to be.

With a highly educated population, large number of students, and a balance between protecting history and moving forward, this New England capital is a place to be.

A true university city, almost 8% of Bostonians are employed in the academic sector. With MIT, Harvard, Berkley, Boston College, Tufts, and Northeastern just a few of the local schools, Boston and the surrounding burbs are a mecca for learners.

And you aren’t lacking for choice in education in Boston either!

There are many different options for study, all with different levels of quality and price.

Thanks to the ivy league colleges as well as top 40 schools located in the area, this is one of the main college towns in the USA, and Boston has anything a student could want!

Boston area students are living well in Beantown!

Harvard University is probably one of the best known universities in the world, and is located just across the Charles River from Boston in Cambridge, MA.

With a student body of about 21,000 (most of them graduate students), you know there’s a wide number of highly intelligent students out there to help your child succeed academically.

Many of the university students are eager to find tutoring jobs, and will be pleased to earn a bit of extra money sharing their expertise in private tutoring sessions. Some students may even need a bit of help themselves, improving their study skills and adjusting to the academic rigor of Harvard.

The need for a bit of extra help academically isn’t just something for children struggling with their assignments at school.

When your son or daughter is getting ready to graduate high school and take the SATs, a private in home tutor can help them get the scores and grades they need to get into the right college.

Adults also sometimes decide to invest in a bit of private one to one tutoring, (even if they already have a degree and a job) in order to take a new career path or equip themselves for that next step on the career ladder.

Bostonians are lucky to live in one of the oldest and most economically powerful cities in the country.

And there are plenty of places to find private tutors and academic support in Boston!

Are you looking for a tutor but don’t know where to start?

Superprof is here to help.

Ads for private tutoring in Boston

Help wanted and for sale ads burst onto the scene in 17th century newspapers.

They provided a steady stream of income for the newspapers, and also created a direct link between individuals, who could find a cloak or a maid through the ads!

These types of ads still exist, but they’ve moved on a bit from their origins.

In Boston, people who want to provide private tutoring services now use different ways to advertise.

Where to look for ads offering after school help and test prep, online and on the street

Whether you’re living in a brownstone in Beacon Hill, an apartment in the North End, or even across the river in Cambridge, you’ll find it easy to find a private tutor once you begin your search!

The shops in your neighborhood usually offer individuals some space to put up their ads, and it’s free.

You can usually find an announcement board in supermarkets, and sometimes in the windows of local cafes and independent shops.

Checking out these ads can help you find a tutor for calculus, algebra, geometry, or even test prep like the SAT, GMAT, and PSAT.

You can find notices offering tutoring services in plenty of your local shops in Boston.

However, it should be said that finding a private tutor just from perusing the boards in the supermarket will take a bit of luck, especially if you’re looking for someone for a very specific subject.

For example, if you’re looking for Russian lessons from a native speaker, it might take you a few weeks or even months before the right tutor - a Russian professor born in Moscow - happens to put up a notice in your local South End supermarket.

Thanks to the profusion of websites and widespread use of the internet that’s taken place over the past two decades, a better place to search for home tutoring services or a math tutor might be to check out some of the online classified sites.

The most popular classified sites have everything and group their ads into categories and by location.

If you’re living in Boston or the greater Bay Area, you just need to put in your zip code to see the ads in your area.

However, it’s often a bit of a challenge to judge the quality and level of experience of tutors that you find online on a classified site.

That’s why at Superprof we’ve set up an entire website for classified ads for tutors and teachers for private lessons which let you judge the quality of their teaching and find the best tutors.

You can also find out where to find tutors in New York City if your son or daughter is heading South for college!

Superprof in Boston

With a network of teachers across the United States, and of course many in Boston, Superprof provides a platform for students to review and judge the quality of the teaching styles of all our tutors.

All the tutors’ profiles are verified by our team at Superprof, so that teachers and students can begin their math tutoring near me sessions, confident in what they’re getting.

It’s free to look through all the offers for private tutoring and classes in Boston, and it gives you a sense of the incredible diversity of courses and teachers we’re offering on the platform - whether you need an english tutor, french tutor, or someone to help with the SAT/ACT.

You can find music classes, floor barre, chemistry tutors, and even foreign language courses in Boston. Courses in Portuguese and Hindi are especially popular given the diverse immigrant population of the metro Boston area.

Whether you’re looking for ballet classes, guitar lessons or math tutoring, you can find it in Boston with Superprof!

There are lots of different tutors near me and advertising on Superprof:

  • Math classes - students can find tutors for anything from elementary school maths to test prep for AP Calculus or the SATs
  • English classes - to improve your spelling and writing, or study different classic pieces of literature, reading or writing tutors are great. SAT prep too.
  • Tutoring for physics and chemistry - to get through high school and maybe even prepare for the Advanced Placement exams
  • History & Geography classes - in home tutoring for learners to deepen their comprehension and review what they learned in school.
  • Test prep classes to ace standardized exams like the SATs and get the AP scores you need for college credit
  • And many other subjects too!

There’s no sign up fee on Superprof, you just pay $19 once to get the contact details of your tutor of choice.

The first hour of classes is generally free.

On average, the cost of private math tutoring in Boston for the first half of 2017 is $28 per session.

That’s a lot less than the average price of upwards of $50 advertised through some tutoring programs for private tutoring services.

Superprof is everywhere in the US, and you can also use our platform to find private or small group lessons in San Francisco or after school tutors in LA!

Tutoring services in Boston

In the US there are many different specialist services for academic tutoring and tutoring centers who offer private sessions.

Some of them offer over 20 years of tutoring experience.

The sign up process is generally the same for all of them.

After getting in touch via phone, their website, or going to their office, you can explain what you’re looking for from a tutor or educator.

You explain how many hours of lessons you’re looking for a week, and you pay your sign up fee.

Sign up fees vary a bit between different companies, but are generally about $50-100.

Then they’ll assign you a tutor, who’ll have at least a Bachelors degree in order to qualify them to teach you, and in some cases will be a certified teacher.

They also add a commission to the cost of each tutoring session.

Your teacher will provide you with a personalized lesson plan and provide regular individualized evaluations for you to judge your progress.

As well as one-on-one tutoring sessions, these companies have often diversified their offerings and also sell different course formats.

So if you don’t like learning on your own, you can also sign up for group lessons, where the class size is generally less than ten.

It might also be possible for you to sign up for online tutoring classes (via video conference) or to take part in an intensive course during summer vacation.

Raise your game thanks to private tutoring!

These tutoring companies offer services from everyone from elementary school up to high school, and also offer night classes for adults.

In Boston, you can find many different tutoring agencies ready to sign you up:

  • Signet Education has a tutoring center located in Harvard Square in Cambridge. They also offer tutors in New York and online tutoring.
  • Frog Tutoring - a nationwide platform that recruits tutors from local universities
  • School Tutoring Academy, which invests in training tutors in the Boston Public Schools curriculum and keeping them up to date with Massachusetts Curriculum Framework
  • Sylvan Learning Center - a nationwide specialist in tutoring and academic services

It’s up to you to make your choice and choose the tutoring company that’s best suited to your needs.

There’s similar services in every state, and you can also find tutors in Seattle and teachers in New York!

After school help in the Boston metro area

There are many different after school clubs and homework help programs in the US which offer support to students who need help for a small annual fee, or sometimes even for free.

These programs often focus on academic success as their raison d’être, helping children find their learning style, master test taking, and celebrate their strengths.

In Boston, you can find many voluntary or not-for-profit groups ready to provide after school help in lots of subjects, including trigonometry, math, reading, and grammar.

It gives children from disadvantaged backgrounds a step up academically, and provides support in a neutral environment.

Classes could be on specific topics, or might take the form of more general homework help with assignments depending on what the students need.

There are several available in the bay area:

  • Boston University’s Community Service Centre is staffed with students willing to help children from the Boston Public Schools with homework and test prep.
  • The YMCA offers after-school programs for students at 13 locations throughout Boston, everywhere from Roxbury to Chinatown, to Huntington Ave and Dorchester.
  • Roslindale Community Centre offers after-school child care and homework help with assignments

Don’t hesitate to speak to teachers at your child’s school and find out about any other local programs.

Living in Boston, you can easily find high quality tutors and academic support so that you and your children have all the advantages in terms of educational success and career progression.

You’ll be able to find the right teacher for you, whatever your age, background, and budget!

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