Living in the US’ number one city gives you everything you coud possibly want at your fingertips, but also some frustrations regarding traffic, rents, etc.

But at Superprof, we prefer to see the glass as half full!

New York is a lively city with cultural attractions, a vibrant international group of residents, and world class museums that are hard for any visitor not to love.

New York has lots of cultural offerings…and choice of private classes!

The city’s cultural strengths also brings other advantages that are worth noting.

If you’re a student in New York and struggling at school, you may need to find a private tutor at home to improve.

Of course, you may very well just want to find an academic support class even if you aren’t in danger of failing.

The good news is, there are plenty of options for private classes at home in New York City!

Whether you want to move on to the more advanced material in a subject, learn something new, or nail down material before a big test, a big of academic tutoring can be the perfect solution.

But how do you find a private teacher in New York?

Given all the different options, it’s easy to feel a bit lost.

Superprof has done the research for you on all the different options to support your learning in New York.

Tutoring organisations and learning centres in New York

There are many different companies that provide private tutoring at home in the US.

They often have many years of experience.

With offices in most major US cities, they are of course also very much present in New Amsterdam (the original name for New York City when it was the center of a Dutch colony in the New World. There are lots of other fun facts that you could learn taking private history classes, too!)

  • For example, you can find Sylvan Learning on the Upper West Side, in Downtown Brooklyn, and even out in Jersey City.
  • Huntington Learning Center has offices serving the Upper East and Upper West Sides, as well as the Bronx, Flushing, and Park Slope in Brooklyn.
  • People who are just looking for math and reading tutoring might find Kumon Math and Learning Centers useful. There are centers in Midtown West, Gramercy Park, and Upper West Side.

All the learning centres work in more or less the same way.

Once you’ve chosen the company and location that suits you best, you can talk to them about your study needs and goals.

Getting a tutor can help you feel more prepared for your finals!

Next you’ll have to pay your sign up fees.

The fees will generally cost about $75, but it’ll depend on which learning center you go with.

The cost for one hour of tutoring will depend on your level, but will vary between $30 and $50.

Sometimes you might be able to negotiate a discount of up to 50%

Next they’ll assign you an at-home tutor who will be teaching you everything you need to know to help you study and improve your grades.

Whether you’re getting private French lessons, Algebra tutoring, or help with physics and chemistry, it’s all generally the same, no matter your grade or age!

From elementary school to high school, and including college and grad school, you can find academic support in New York City with different tutoring services.

Your teacher will generally send you a personalized lesson plan and give you feedback at the end of each session in order to help you keep motivated and track your progress.

The learning centers specialize in private one-on-one tutoring, but also offer other services depending on your goals.

For example, you could join small group classes, take part in an intensive class during summer vacation, or find online classes which use videoconferencing software.

You can also find many of these companies also active in other cities in the United States, if you wanted to find a private tutor in Boston or get academic support in San Francisco, for example…

Classified ads for private tutors for New Yorkers

The traditional way of posting small ads and notices for services still works despite technological advances.

In New York, you can easily find a private tutor by looking at the ads in shop windows, or checking out classified sites on the internet.

However, it’s difficult to feel confident in the background, teaching methods and experience of a online tutor when they’re found this way.

In order to bring the tutor search into the 21st century, Superprof has developed a website entirely dedicated to private classes where potential tutors and students can find each other and make contact.

Thanks to a system of verified reviews by students and tutor profiles that go through a system of checks, you can rest assured that your teacher has all the experience you need, just from looking at their profile.

Thanks to Superprof, there’s no need to check out the ads in coffee shops to find your tutor!

You can find teachers for every level on Superprof, and they’ll all have one thing in common - a genuine desire to share their knowledge and expertise.

You can find all your traditional courses, like math help and geography tutors on Superprof in New York, but you can also find lots of unique tutors offering bespoke classes too.

Private teachers for practical skills too!

People who want to take guitar lessons, find a yoga teacher, or explore many other subjects will also find everything they need on Superprof.

There’s no sign up fee, just a small fee to pay the first time you get in contact with a tutor.

Superprof doesn’t charge any commission, either.

In 2016, the average cost for an hour’s tutoring via Superprof is $25.

Even grown ups can use Superprof to sign up for classes or find a private tutor.

After school and homework help programs in New York

Whether you’re living in one of the five boroughs, or the surrounding area, it’s easy to find a homework help program near you in New York City.

They’re often less well known, but help make academic success available to all.

Usually available after school for a couple of hours each day, students can get homework help to work on their assignments, study, and review what they learned that day.

Whether it’s a class in Physics, French, or History, students can get the answers to questions that they weren’t able to ask in school.

After school activities could also include games and sports!

Students can also get help learning a foreign language, often a required class at school that will become important in high school and as they graduate to college.

Often homework help can come from a mix of people - volunteers, teachers, even high school or college students.

Depending on their needs, students can get help for the subjects where they’re struggling, or work on their homework and projects.

After school programs could also include the option of playing games or a sport, or maybe even taking part in arts and crafts or cultural activities. It all depends on the program and what the student needs!

  • The New York Public Libraries run Enrichment Zones in 10 different public libraries in Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island. Children in grades 1-8 can get help with homework, take part in other enrichment activities, get tutoring in Common Core reading and math subjects
    • They also run literacy help for children in grades 1-2, and mentoring programmes to provides teenagers with support in college applications and career advice.
  • The United Federation of Teachers also provides a dial-a-teacher service, for elementary and middle school children struggling to answer homework questions. Staff are available Monday - Thursdays, 4-7pm and speak 12 different languages.
  • Modeled after the successful 826 San Francisco, there’s also an 826 New York, a non profit that was set up in 2004 to provide after school support and writing programs for children in Park Slope and Williamsburg. The program is free, but due to high levels of demand, requires applications. Children who require academic support and families demonstrating financial need receive priority.

In most cases, the tutoring centers above are all free.

Some using a mentorship model to help children develop their self confidence. Other after school programmes run small group lessons at the tutoring center, which can be great for children who don’t like learning on their own.

Some children learn better in groups to help them take advantage of academic support!

Centers that work in small group lessons can help create a real community spirit among students.

Children will learn and improve together, and questions asked by one student can also help the other learners improve.

Many of the teachers and tutors at these organisations are volunteers.

You can often find college students who want to help younger students who need academic help, retired school teachers, stay at home moms, all working as tutors.

Tutors’ backgrounds are varied, but they’re all dedicated to helping children succeed academically whether they focus on maths or the GMAT.

There are also local organisations and rec centers which are very active in the borough and offer students numerous enrichment programs throughout the school year.

Some of these will charge an affordable price, but others will still be free.

  • JCC Manhattan is at its heart a Jewish Community Center, but among the gym classes and religious activities it also does a lot of outreach activities, including tutoring for local children with supplemental instruction and writing tutors.
  • The New York Center for Children also offers tutoring services, although they are generally focused on the most vulnerable children, helping students with a history of abuse or who are in the foster care system. However, they’re always looking for volunteer tutors to help out, for anyone interested in becoming a tutor.
  • South Bronx United also combines a soccer sports program with academic support, and offers services including SAT and GED test prep. They have a history of helping local students win scholarships to prestigious New England and upstate boarding prep schools. Kids in their program are required to take part in academic programs at least twice a week and can do after school tutoring, work on language skills or study skills, or improve English and Math skills. 11th graders do SAT test prep and seniors in High School are matched with a mentor to help them through the college application process.

Finally, many volunteer organisations have partnered with inner borough schools to offer tutoring directly in schools, after hours, for free.

To sign your child up or find out if there’s a program available at their school to help with SAT prep or assignments, just speak to your child’s teacher.

These organisations are often very good and the tutors help children improve their grades without a big spend from parents. You can find the same kinds of after school programs for tutors in LA or private classes in San Francisco!

Finding a tutor online

Just like anywhere else in the US, some people will find it easier to find a tutor online in New York.

For many students, it’s often an easier solution to find a math tutor online than searching someone out IRL, and you can sometimes even find free academic support on the net. Plus, you can study in home with an online tutor instead of going to a learning center.

In our opinion, online tutoring might be most appropriate for catch up classes or to learn a new subject following a traditional curriculum.

Basically, a teacher giving private lessons at home to students can offer a lesson plan that’s entirely personalized to their student and can help them improve as quickly as possible.

Tutors are also generally great for teaching study skills. Whether they’re a math tutor or an English tutor, they know their student, their personality, and their weaknesses, and can easily adjust their lessons for their learning style.

When you’re working on your college applications, struggling with geometry, or preparing for your final exams, you also need to make some choices about your academic future. A teacher can help answer their students’ questions.

You can also take advantage of your tutor’s advice when you’re working on college applications, trying to choose a major, or getting ready to take the standardized exams like the SATs.

The internet can be super useful to find online exercises for calculus and work through SAT and ACT study guides or brush up on a trigonometry. But the internet isn’t a teacher…

Now that you know all the different choices to find a private teacher in New York City, and the region, it’s just up to you to choose which method is the best for you!

Otherwise, here’s some advice to find the perfect tutor or educator in Boston!

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