Whether you are an expert personal trainer or beginner, this article will help you to meet your students' demands and get them to meet their fitness goals. 

Are you a fitness amateur looking to see results and learn the right movements? 

Superprof is here to help you choose the best gym equipment according to your fitness goals (muscle gain, weight loss or cardiovascular reinforcement).

Gym Machines that can help you get the best results
Going to the gym and not knowing where to start can be completely discouraging. However, with the right personal trainer and gym machines, you will become a pro in no time. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Certain personal training sessions can be done with very little or no fitness equipment. This will give you even more excuses to avoid the judgemental stares at the gym and do your own at home exercises. This article will give you all the secrets to get back in shape without spending loads of cash.

What Gym Machines Should we use in Personal Training?

Whatever exercises you do, whether it is in a sports club or using fitness equipment in a gym it is paramount that you know which muscular group you are mobilizing while you are doing the specific movements. It is also important to know the importance of each and every piece of exercise equipment you will use.

According to your objective (lose weight, gain muscles, cardio recovery, increase flexibility), you will not use the same gym machines or at least not at the same intensities. Alright, let's use an example to understand more clearly. If you run 5 miles an hour on a treadmill you will mostly burn unwanted fat, whereas if you do short distance sprint sessions on a 400m track, running at your Maximum Aerobic Speed you will develop your cardio, build stamina, and in the process become the next Usain Bolt.

Unless you are preparing to the become the next Mr. Universe, it is completely useless to use the same training program during each session. Variety is the spice of life and also the key to gaining muscle in a healthy and balanced way. The secret is to exercise different muscle groups at different intensities to let your other muscles take some time and get some rest.

For example, you will never work out your upper body muscles, at high intensity, 2 sessions in a row unless you want to hurt yourself.

Free Weight Exercises can be done a variety of ways
Which ones do I pick to make me strong? (Source: Visual Hunt)

It should be a personal trainer's pleasure to explain to you the principles and rules of an effective workout. Superprof is here to show you different fitness equipment that you can use during your personal training sessions to make you a more athletic person.

Upper body muscular training

Written below is frequently used exercise equipment that will give you great results. Of course, there is a lot more but here are just a few:

Pull Up Bars

Hung to a wall, the Pull Up Bar helps tone and build muscle in the arms, primarily the biceps, as you lift your body up and down. The repetitions of the exercises called chin-ups can be done in 2 different ways, in supination (palms towards you) or in pronation (palms away from you). In supination, the biceps get worked a lot more whereas in pronation you equally strengthen the upper and lower back muscles known as the dorsal muscles. Gloves can be used to avoid hurting the hands.

We highly recommend being supervised by a professional personal trainer during your first repetitions, starting with supination and working your way to pronation with the result of having a better-shaped silhouette.

If you are an at-home fitness expert, you should buy a Pull Up Bar and install it on any type of resistant wall. Preferably a door frame so that you prevent any hilarious accidents!


Extremely useful and essential for any free weight exercises that are designed to tone up and build your upper body muscles (biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals and dorsal muscles), easily accessible in any commercial fitness centre. If you wish to gain more muscle and progress faster with an at home personal trainer, you should invest in a weight set.

There are some certain safety measures to abide by if you choose to use barbells, especially if you do CrossFit and perform kettlebell exercises.

Bench presses

In training programs where you wish to gain or tone muscle, these exercises done on an adjustable bench are crucial for working your pectorals.

The only catch here, however, is to carefully choose how many repetitions you should do based on your physical objectives. When in doubt, call a personal trainer to ease your mind and plan your repetitions. Bench presses need to always be done with a buddy to spot you. You may think you are strong and don't need a spotter until you can't lift the bar off your chest!

Men's Health magazine is always a good help and advises us here of 20 Pieces Of Equipment You Need In Your Home Gym if you have the room and the finances to build a complete home gym. Take a look, you'll definitely find something useful.

Personal training for the Gluteus Muscles

Who doesn't want an enviably bottom? These exercise suggestions will get you that backside you've always wanted and by the way, this section is not just for you ladies! Here are our tips:

  • Cardio Fitness: Low-intensity cardio training for burning unwanted fat and sculpting your silhouette, should ideally be done 2-3 times a week, 45 seconds a session. For these exercises, you have the choice between many different gym machines such as rowing machines, exercise bikes, electric treadmills and elliptical machines.
  • Muscle Toning: Several devices have been specifically made to workout and tone the gluteals. Watch out, it's not guaranteed you will find these devices in every fitness centre.
  • Bar Squats: these exercises may get the best results but they are also the most technical. Before doing any sort of weight lifting, request the assistance of a personal trainer. If Bar Squats are not done correctly they may result in many aches and pains. The main advantage of these exercises is that they are super complete, they work the glutes, the quadriceps, the calves and the back muscles. Check out stronglifts.com for a very detailed article about how to squat with the proper form, common squat issues, and squat techniques.
  • The Bridge: this exercise works the buttocks and gives them a nice round form. It also allows you to stretch your back and in a yoga-like position. Very fun!
Doing squats using different free weights
Doing squats with weights can be dangerous and result in injury. Knowing how to do it right makes all the difference. (Source: Visual Hunt) 

Of course there are many other versatile exercises to tone that bottom, however, they require other kinds of fitness accessories such as squat racks, and steppers that can be found in most gyms. Such exercises include kick-backs with the help of dumbbells and step-ups that can be done on any sort of elevated platform.

If you want more exercise ideas and the best assets around, take a look at Fitness Magazine's Top 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt. You'll have the best bottom in no time!

Superprof's exercise pick: Swimming! When people ask me what my favourite physical activity is, I always say swimming. You do not need to be an elite Olympic athlete to enjoy swimming. It's liberating, effective and free of any traumatizing injuries. Swimming is a total body workout that helps you burn that cellulite, works a great number of muscles and relieves tension thanks to the massage-like feeling of water on the body.

Swimming is a full body workout that doesn't hurt
Swimming is a love of mine that deeply works your muscles and helps you shed the extra pounds without many aches and pains after. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Should a Personal Trainer use Home Gym Equipment?

We saw it above, gym equipment and weight machines are interesting because they permit us to isolate and work out certain muscle groups. If we told you could become your own personal trainer and have your our own home gym using everyday objects, would you believe us?

Personal trainers are physical training experts. Many have attained a BTEC National Vocational Diploma and achieved a Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. Trainers also possess the First-Aid Certificate in case any clients suffer from an injury while training. They are extremely experienced in the physiology and anatomy of the human body. They are there to help you reach your fitness objectives and teach you what sports equipment is best for your situation. They are also instructed to show you useful movements without the use of commercial fitness equipment.

Many fitness classes (abdominals, muscle gain and toning, cardio), water aerobics or pilates can be done without the use of any training equipment. In most cases, all you need are some a good floor or yoga mats, a towel and your favourite energy drink. Let us never forget that a good fitness program needs good quality nutrition and hydration to keep you in shape and give you the rest you need in between training sessions.

The following low budget home gym equipment can produce amazing results:

  • A skipping rope
  • Resistance bands
  • Abdominal crunch machines; to help you do efficient abdominal exercises without the back pain

It is also very possible to use everyday objects such as a bed, dining chairs, a bench or even a wall in your flat to do your exercises. Greatist has released an amazing article depicting 50 bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere. These exercises are designed for at home personal training without using specialized gym equipment.

Personal training: the peculiar case of the abdominals

Abdominals should be treated on their own because they can easily be done with or without fitness equipment.

Crunches are the most popular abdominal exercises done in personal training or fitness classes. They are usually done with your own body weight, without any gym weights. It is crucial to hold your head up with both hands as you lift your chest up and down.

Another effective abdominal exercise is the sit-up. It is an easy and effective movement to tone those abs. It consists of moving your upper body up and down while lying on your back with your legs folded.

Abdominals need to be treated differently to get good results
Sit-Ups are great because they can easily be done without the use of gym equipment. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Men's Journal recommends doing Flutter Kicks as an interesting and effective abdominal workout. Flutter Kicks are not violent and they get you that six pack you've always wanted. Caution needs to be demonstrated during this exercise because if you lower your legs too far you could easily hurt your back.

There you have it, whether you use equipment or not, there is a little something for everyone's personal training style. What makes a good personal trainer? Adaptability, realizing that every single client is unique and has their own needs.

Fitness Gadgets to Get the Most out of your Training

Proposing a high-quality personal training program with effective exercises and realistic objectives requires planning. But sometimes, what separates a decent personal trainer from a FANTASTIC personal trainer is the material they use and the data they have at their disposal...

Therefore, for an even more effective training program, why not use all the statistics that fitness trackers can offer?

  • Calories burnt
  • Running time
  • Average speed
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep quality...

The data provided by these fitness trackers are very diverse and allow you to get the best out of your workout. They also permit you to retrieve all the useful and functional training information you need on an app. Everything is then transferred to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

This allows any gym trainer or fitness enthusiast, keep track of their progress, strengths, and weaknesses. A fitness tracker is an ideal complement to an enhanced workout that makes exercising more fun!

No need to go to the gym anymore, get an online personal trainer.

Gadgets and Wearables has a great list of best fitness trackers and health gadgets for 2018.

Connected Tracking Bracelets and Smart Watches
Apple Watches and Fitness Tracking Bracelets can help you get the most out of your workout.

The Best Sports Watches 2018 for Getting Fit

Alright so you get the point: fitness trackers are a great complement to a complete workout. 

However if you a little extra cash and want to invest more (you can never invest enough in good quality products), you should go ahead, treat yourself, and buy a smartwatch!

Buying one, for the simple love of watches and the latest technology, can be a good idea, but a smartwatch is more sophisticated, precise and advanced than a fitness tracker. Smart watch functions include:

  • GPS
  • Pedometer
  • Gyrometer
  • Blood oxygen sensor
  • Integrated sports programs
  • Compass
  • Altimeter...

Many technology brands now specialize in smart watches, such as Garmin or Fitbit (we cannot neglect to mention the Apple Watch or even Samsung for that matter). Nevertheless, if you like an old classic and are afraid of buying from a brand you've never heard before, don't fret because well-known watch companies now offer a wide variety of models:

    • Fassil,
    • Casio,
    • Tag Heuer...

Now if you want more effective fitness training, it's completely up to you to discover the various functions of your new smart watch!

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