From personal to professional development, learning a second language is highly rewarding. You can converse with many new people and familiarize yourself with new cultures.

Becoming adept at speaking a new language opens doors to new opportunities. However, the question remains: which language to master in this day and age?

Undoubtedly, you should learn to speak Hindi; it is well worth your effort, especially if you want to get by in South-East Asia.

It is the third most spoken language, right after English, and Mandarin Chinese, with 615 million speakers, out of which 341 million are native speakers.

Even in the western world, Hindi plays an important role. For instance, many Americans are fans of Indian food and Bollywood movies.

Plus, many English words are coined using Hindi. Due to British rule pre-1947 in the Indian Subcontinent, many Hindi words have made their way into the English dictionary.

We often use words like Namaste, bangles, thugs, chutney, bungalow, punch, and shampoo. Would you believe that they are derived from Hindi?

These reasons make a compelling argument for the recent globalization of the language, which is why people worldwide want to learn how to speak Hindi.

A wise call; however, learning Hindi doesn’t come easy for native English speakers!

But with hard work, perseverance, and a credible Hindi teacher to guide you, speaking Hindi will become second nature.

However, please practice due diligence – don’t go for the first person who pops up when searching for ‘Hindi lessons near me’ – thoroughly screen tutor profiles before choosing one.

Superprof comes recommended by many for our exceptional Hindi lessons in New York, Philadelphia, and elsewhere in the United States of America!

Let’s explore why one should take Hindi classes, its benefits, and the challenges faced by native English speakers.

Three boxes, each representing a different Hindi alphabet. To effortlessly understand and write this script, find yourself a Hindi teacher in Philadelphia, New York, or wherever you are in the United States!
Devanagari is complex and is derived from the ancient Brahmi script. As apparent, Hindi script is different from English, so it takes time to grasp unless taught by a seasoned Hindi teacher. (Source: Pixabay)

Common Issues Faced While Taking Hindi lessons In New York

As a native English speaker, a few challenges may come up when you learn how to speak Hindi. These include:

  • English is written and spoken in SVO, so the order is: subject, followed by a verb, then comes the object, Whereas Hindi follows a slightly different pattern:  subject, object, and verb (SOV). Getting used to this range takes time.
  • It is written in a different script, which some claim to be more difficult than reading Chinese
  • The tongue needs to be flexible as many of the words sound similar to each other, so saying it right is key

Despite the difficulties, mastering the language is quite possible with the right Hindi teacher in your corner. They tailor the material per your ability to ensure you face no hindrance during the process.

Top Reasons For Learning Hindi In New York

Apart from cognitive benefits and broadened horizons — there are many reasons one should consider taking Hindi lessons in New York, Chicago, or anywhere else. Let us touch upon a few of them:

Learning For Love

Imagine surprising your spouse by singing their favorite Bollywood song or reciting your vows in Hindi — imagine the impact!

Most people consider learning Hindi or another language because their significant other speaks it natively. Plus, it helps to make a better impression in front of Indian parents!

Furthermore, it enables better communication and teaches you more about your partner’s country, traditions, customs, and cultural background.

Apart from your Hindi teacher, your partner can help you practice by providing constructive feedback; the will to impress them will also motivate you to learn faster!

And because there are many Hindi speakers worldwide, learning Hindi for love is quite a common reason.

Hindi Movies

Many people around the world are fond of Bollywood films, so it isn’t surprising that Bollywood is a close second to Hollywood. 

They love the songs, dances, and enthralling storylines; however, their comprehension is limited to reading subtitles.

Sure, it may serve the purpose, but the experience is far from pleasing — you miss out on scenes while reading closed captions, and vice versa.

That said, by finding Hindi lessons in New York, Houston, or whichever city you are in, you can arm yourself to experience the world of Bollywood as it was meant to be!

A screening of a Bollywood movie in the cinema. As the number of Hindi speakers increases globally, you can be sure to find cinemas showing popular Bollywood picks around the United States.
Reading subtitles to understand what's going on in the move leads to a compromised viewing experience. Find flexible Hindi lessons in New York and never rely on subtitles again! (Source: Pixabay)


If you’re fond of experiencing unfamiliar cultures and meeting new people, visit India!

Its rich history and vibrant culture are apparent wherever you go, from the Taj Mahal to one of their historically prominent cities, such as Lucknow, Mumbai, and Delhi.

And if you’re in the mood for some sun and sand, take a trip to Goa! India is huge, and each corner has a unique story to tell; but to understand those stories in all their authenticity, you should learn to speak in Hindi!

The best part is that India’s climate and geography differ by region, similar to how it is back home.

You will find the Thar desert on the west, while the north has a cold and temperate mountainous region. The south is covered by water on all three sides, whereas the east is popular for its many rivers, beautiful hilly areas, and lush forests.

If you can comprehend Hindi while traveling within India, the entire experience becomes personal and unforgettable — conversing with locals in their native language is a delight.

Indian people are very hospitable and would appreciate seeing a foreigner speak their language. You will make many people happy just by taking Hindi classes!

Your knowledge of the Hindi language will make navigating around cities effortless! Finding restaurants, landmarks, transportation, and hoteling services becomes much easier.

In short, the passion for exploring India motivates people to take up Hindi lessons in NYC, Boston, and elsewhere.

Spiritual Significance

India is a spiritual place for many, as Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are popular here. Apart from being the epicenter for these religions, numerous philosophers, gurus, and saints cast their trails in India.

Delve deeper into religious scriptures and artifacts left behind by these revered religious personalities by learning from an experienced Hindi teacher. This will allow you to gain a rare glimpse into unfamiliar spiritual teachings and help broaden your horizons.

Most museums, temples, and shrines will display information in Hindi, and scriptures will also be most accurately translated in the local language. To authentically experience the spiritual pull of India, put in the effort to learn Hindi.

Career Opportunities

It's no secret; India is a growing economy with a bright future. Space research, aviation, law, technology, science, tourism, and medicine are experiencing considerable growth.

Amid such progress, many job opportunities prevail, and many will arise — experience working in a job market as diverse as India can set your career on the right path.

Meanwhile, the burgeoning tech scene has birthed numerous startups with unique ideas; investing in their vision can go a long way.

That said, learning Hindi comes in handy for your career, whether at home or abroad. It helps when communicating with Indian colleagues in the United States or working in a country that relies on Hindi.

Nevertheless, even if starting life in India is not in the books, you still benefit greatly, as the chances of running into a Hindi L1 speaker are high even in the States.

Learning And Teaching Yoga

Did you know that one of the most popular meditation techniques to soothe the body, mind, and soul; comes from the great nation of India?

Yes, you got that right; yoga, aka Yog in Hindi, comes from India — this explains the widespread use of the term ‘namaste’! The popularity of yoga precedes itself.

Virtually, many want to master the art and practice it to stay calm and centered, and who better to learn if from than a yoga instructor from India?

It is not uncommon for yoga teachers worldwide to travel to India, learn from the best, master it, and then teach it forward.

But learning yoga in India from a native speaker would be a challenge with zero-knowledge of Hindi. This is why many learn to speak Hindi to get the most out of their learning experience.

Grasping complicated material, teachings, and techniques becomes easy, and getting the chance to learn from Yog gurus makes it worth the effort.

A lady holding a yoga position to meditate; shows that people from all walks of life find comfort and peace in practicing yoga. Some reputable instructions will know how to decipher original instructional scripts by learning Hindi.
Yoga comes from India, so it makes more sense to be taught how to do it from pioneers. But, to grasp their teaching, one should learn Hindi. (Source: Pixabay)

A Fun-Filled Experience

No matter what language you learn, the process of mastering it is fulfilling, to say the least.

Words cannot do justice to the feeling of understanding native speakers without having to translate over Google!

The language is spoken by many, and most aren’t that well-versed in Angregi — that is how you say English in Hindi.

So, talking to them in their language will give you a new sense of belonging. Plus, it feels great seeing surprised locals react to you speaking their language!

This encourages them to interact and provide assistance; you are always guided in the right direction, and everyone you come across willingly helps.

Overall,  it’s a priceless, fun-filled experience that you can only have if you learn Hindi by taking Hindi lessons in New York, LA, or anywhere else in America and beyond.

But make sure the Hindi teacher you choose is as good as they advertised themselves to be!

Hindi Lessons Near Me In New York City

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