Are you bored sitting at home and want to engage in some fun, energetic activity that doesn't require you to leave the house?

Learning to dance is a brilliant way of getting over the blues and pumping up some adrenaline! Especially when it comes to hip hop – creativity, expression, and a Superprof tutor is all you need!

Who said you cannot have fun while being at home?

If you already appreciate good beats and music, a move to hip hop dance lessons will be perfect for you. Hip hop dance and music go hand-in-hand since dance is all about syncing your actions to the beat's rhythm.

Not only that, but hip hop dance classes are an excellent way to stay healthy and fit, which can also reduce your stress levels during this bleak time of quarantine.

So if you're wondering how exactly hip hop dance can benefit you, let me share a few reasons with you.

A painted graffiti of a hip hop artist. Learn the art of hip hop, and with practice and dedication, you can master it and become as good as the greats.
The term hip hop has evolved from just being a music genre and incorporates several important elements like visual arts, creativity, expression, and movement through other art forms such as dance, djing, and rapping. (Source: Pixabay)

What Are The Some Of The Health Benefits of Hip Hop Dance?

Have you ever felt an adrenaline rush after a heavy workout and feel like you can achieve everything? This is because heavy exercises like dancing can release feel-good hormones and help you connect with your brain's emotional centers.

Besides providing emotional support, learning hip hop dance has an array of benefits that you could avail. Let's see a few of them.

Improved Mental Health

High-energetic activities like dancing are known to be effective in dealing with negativity and stress. When you dance, your body releases endorphins and neurotransmitters that alleviate stress.

A combination of music and dance is known to reduce any feelings of anxiety and stress. Hip hop dance classes require you to dance on the beat of the music that requires focus on fluid movement, strengthening muscular memory.

Hip hop dance can also be a way to express creativity, positivity, and happiness as many famous hip hop artists have long used hip hop to connect with people. If you live in the USA, you might have noticed several wellness centers offering hip hop dance classes as a way to channel emotions and maintain well-being.

A hand sequence in a hip hop dance routine depicting mental health. You can express your emotions via this fine dance medium.
Hip hop dance combines full-body movements woven into storytelling techniques to convey otherwise hard-to-express emotions. Many theatre productions now use hip hop dance pantomime to signify mental health issues prevalent in society. (Source: Pixabay)

Improved Physical Health

While running on the treadmill or jogging around at a park are popular cardio choices amongst fitness buffs, running can quickly become monotonous and boring. In that case, hip hop dance can serve as a fun alternative to cardio exercises. The twists, turns, and jumps can get your heart rate up and burn unwanted calories.

In fact, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and Nina Dobrev have made hip hop dances a regular part of their fitness routine.

If you want to learn how to dance like Shakira, Click here!

A typical hip hop dance fitness class can last 45 to 60 minutes and require moderate to high-intensity movements. Advanced courses also include a lot of flexibility and stretching routines that can add to mobility and muscle strength.

Increased Cognitive Abilities

As Hip Hop has become a significantly relevant cultural movement, its benefits have extended to educational research. The creativity behind choreographing hip hop dance is woven into narratives and stories about identity and power through which the youth perceive themselves and their world. Hip Hop dance has become a way of having a dialogue between individuals and communities.

In fact, more and more educational institutions around the world are incorporating hip hop dance and music as a creative subject offered to students.

Being a part of hip hop dance classes means playing an active role in learning, growing, and evolving through times and using dance to communicate ideas and beliefs.

Superprof is one of the top-rated platforms to offer virtual and private tutoring for hip hop dance classes in Chicago, Atlanta, and elsewhere.

A group of hip hop artists performing at a gig. Dancers play a vital role in the performance, and their moves keep the audience captivated.
Hip hop has played a significant role in disability activism by demonstrating alternate arrangements through which disabled hip hop artists can showcase their creativity and connect with people. (Source: Pixabay)

How Can Superprof Tutors Help You Achieve These Benefits?

There are many reasons to prefer private dance lessons over group lessons. Some dancers are young and already have school assignments and extra-curricular activities to maintain over dancing classes. Others may find that they're not comfortable dancing freely in front of a group and maybe holding back their full potential.

Whatever the reason, tutoring can strengthen your dance skills, boost your confidence, and make you more consistent in your dance practices.

Individual Attention

If you're new to learning hip hop dance, taking private dance lessons is perhaps the best idea for you. This is because private tutoring can offer students individual attention and focus on detailed movements, which students usually struggle with.

Moreover, having a private tutor also means that you set the pace of your lesson. You no longer have to be afraid of missing a class and struggle to keep up with new movements and dance routines. You can set your schedule yourself in a private lesson and take as many breaks as you require.

Self-Paced Learning Environment

No dance class is easy to master in the first go. However, with consistent practice and patient, you can be a proficient hip hop dance in no time. However, one thing to remember is that it will take time and effort to get used to advanced and complex moves.

A private hip hop dance class is better than a group class since it allows you to be yourself and take as much time to master a routine as possible. Your private tutor will understand the kind of moves you're good at and can set your classes accordingly.

Due to hip hop as a popular cultural movement, hip hop dance classes are being offered all over the States, in Chicago, Houston, and other cities.

High Level Of Expertise

Hip hop dance classes incorporate a mixture of basic, intermediate, and advanced movements. They start with the basics and then gradually become more refined as students build muscle strength. Suppose you're taking hip hop dance lessons to enter a competition or train for a production. In that case, it is essential to hire professional instructors who have a significant amount of dance experience themselves.

Superprof has reputable instructors from LA, Chicago, etc. They've had their training on the mean streets as well as some of the leading dance academies across the globe. This gives them an understanding of the soul behind the music as well as the technicalities of movement.

Improved Performance

Private hip hop dance classes can prepare students for highly specified auditions or competitions by focusing on their body coordination and problem areas. You can be more aware of the movements that need significant improvement. You can work with your instructor one-on-one to perfect your dance routines.

Cost-Effective Training

Private dance lessons will cost you much less than taking admission to an expensive dance academy that does not guarantee individual attention. With that said, the charges your private trainer charges depend on their level of dance expertise. No matter where you live in Chicago, NYC, etc., you can have your very own private hip hop dance class, depending on the style of dance, level, and sessions attended.

Do I Need To Have A Specific Dancing Attire For My Hip Hop Dance Lessons?

Hip hop dance is all about being able to move and sway freely without any restriction. So it is vital that while dancing you wear clothes in which you feel free and comfortable. However, like in ballet, where students are required to wear ballet shoes and leotards, hip hop doesn't have any pre-determined requirements. It is usually preferred to wear loose vests and baggy pants, but if you feel more comfortable in yoga pants, feel free to choose that!

Dancing and moving around freely is especially useful when you break a sweat during the routine. Fitted tracks tend to stick to your body, making it a challenge to attempt some complex moves. Baggy clothing will provide you space to express and breathe through your dance moves!

Dance It All Away With Superprof Private Tutors

Hip Hop has continued to be a platform where people can express and relieve significant stress in their lives. Suppose you are dealing with anxiety or want to start an active fitness routine. In that case, it is time to engage in some fun hip hop dance lessons and dance all your anxiety away!

If you think you need to be a professional for learning hip hop dance, worry not. Superprof has teachers of all levels – from beginners to advanced – every teacher is equipped with skills and techniques to be a perfect fit for you!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website today and choose a teacher who lives near to you! Whether you are based in Chicago, San Francisco, or anywhere else in the States, Superprof has a teacher everywhere!

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