Philadelphia is a big touristic hotspot. It has many places to attract visitors including some of the most iconic historical landmarks in the U.S.A. Besides this, it has beautiful parks and also the first zoo in the US. It is also a top supplier of public art and a home for opera, theatres, and music. Its local cuisine attracts many locals and global visitors.

The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is also called “the city of brotherly love”. It is said to be the birthplace of the U.S.A. and was founded in 1682 by an English Quaker named William Penn. Later, it became the capital of the Pennsylvania province. The city played an important role in the American revolution. It is a heritage site of America and a cultural and economic hub. It is at present in the top 10 cities in the world. There are many colleges and universities here that make it a top study destination for students from all around the world. Many of these institutions of learning offer an opportunity for a campus visit which gives you an insight into campus life. If you are fortunate enough to attend one of the tours, make sure that you review the student resources available to you.

Statue of William Penn, Philadelphia
William Penn History Courses Philadelphia - Photo credit: ConspiracyofHappiness on / CC BY
Like in other big cities in the states such as L.A. or Chicago If you want to study a history course in Philadelphia, you can choose any major, minor, or certificate program from a wide range of colleges and universities. There are also many online history classes offered by a few institutes. Philadelphia offers foundation undergraduate courses in history which you can take on your way to an undergraduate degree. In addition to online history classes, you can also obtain an online bachelor degree from some very prestigious institutions.

College History Lessons In Philadelphia

Muhlenberg College

Muhlenberg College was founded in the year 1848. It is an art college associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is named after the patriarch of Lutheran Church in America. It is devoted to educating the students beyond what is normally offered in other art colleges. It offers a huge variety of degree programs to enroll in and has a very robust course catalog. It has many major and minor courses in different fields including art history and world history. As with other institutions in cities such as New York or Houston, The instructors are highly qualified and most have a Ph.D. degree in their particular fields. The student-faculty ratio allows tutors to really focus on working and improving their students' knowledge. The history courses offered will allow you to turn your passion into a worthwhile career or even progress further towards an advanced degree. It also has an activity council that arranges many events and workshops for the students.  

A photo of Philadelphia Eagles fans
Philadelphia Eagles - History Education in Philadelphia - Photo by Casey Murphy on Unsplash
The courses in history are designed to give the students the basic and advanced study of history. The major in History comprises a total of nine courses. They can select from Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East but must study at least one course in US history, European history and one in any other global region. The history lessons also help them to become an effective researcher.

Temple University: College of Liberal Arts

Temple University is one of the largest research universities in Philadelphia and was founded in the year 1884. It offers 500+ degree programs across 15 different schools and colleges. The College of Liberal Arts is one of these, and it focuses on arts and history. This private college could be considered the best college for History in Philadelphia. The college transforms the students to become innovators in the related fields. The Department of History has more than 30 highly experienced faculty members. At any given time, there are 400 students with a history major in the college and an additional 100 master and Ph.D. students. At the liberal arts college, the students are taught in seminar-style classes. The history classes are conducted by award-winning history tutors to teach about the past. The history department mainly provides bachelors, masters and Ph.D. degree programs on an advanced level. Students can take six courses while studying a minor history course. That includes two introductory courses and any three comprehensive courses in History.

Community College of Philadelphia

The community college of Philadelphia was founded in 1964 and started classes in 1995. It is the largest public college of higher education in Philadelphia city. The college has served more than a million students since it came into being. It is considered as one of the best colleges for associate degrees and certificate programs. The campus is well organized and has everything a college student could need. There are various places to eat, a library, a gym, and many gift shops. The College gives admission to students from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. It offers many History courses to learn about how people and societies used to live. The courses include US history, Global history, and black history. It also teaches about Philadelphia history, African American history, and Latino American history. All the courses are open to students and can be taken in any order. Most of the history tutors here are well-qualified historians. They try to help the students as much as possible to achieve their academic goals. The college also has clubs and organizations that offer leadership openings and volunteer work.

University History Courses in Philadelphia

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was founded in the year 1740. Students fortunate enough to choose the Univesity of Pennsylvania for their history studies are in a facility replete with a history of its own. It has a huge number of departments including history. The university has many programs of study including undergraduate and graduate degrees in history. You can also access online history courses in Philadelphia through the university.

Photo of College Hall, University of Pennsylvania
College Hall University of Pennsylvania - History Courses in Philadelphia - Photo credit: chrisinphilly5448 on / CC BY-SA
Known locally as Penn, the instructors are highly qualified and have experience in field research. Many of the educators have high distinctions and awards. The university has many basic and advanced level history courses. History as a major is one of the largest offerings in the campus at the undergraduate level. Students may select to focus by regional area or study a general curriculum. Students can also elect to undertake a dual degree program with a minor in history. In addition to the undergraduate programs, the University also offers certificate classes. These courses still follow the general education curriculum but they provide a more basic level of knowledge.

Eastern University

Eastern was founded as Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the year 1925. It began working as a college in 1932 and was named Eastern College in 1972. It became a Christian University in 2001. The school provides education through various departments to thousands of students in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is associated with the American Baptist Churches and is known to mostly have Christian students, instructors, and administration. The different departments have a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, seminary, and international programs including history. The school has a high percentage of international admissions. Eastern University offers both major and minor history courses in Philadelphia. The major includes bachelors in history that offer vocational flexibility. The BA in history can lead to countless career opportunities. It provides extensive knowledge of history with special skills in writing, research, and critical analysis. The history tutors are qualified scholars and historians with great expertise to teach about the past. It also provides minor history classes mainly in American history and European history. That is designed to highlight the religious, social, cultural and intellectual history. The students are also offered many workshops and seminar to enhance their skills.


If you're looking for history education in Philadelphia you have to know that this historic city has you covered. There are a host of different schools and universities that you can attend to gain an education and understanding of history. While American history is for obvious reasons a focus, world history, and regional history also gets a detailed examination by these experts in the field. In some cases, simply attending a campus tour of some of these schools will give you an education in and of itself!

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