It is no secret that a majority of students find studying history boring.  This is not a new trend, as early as 1982 in a study published by the US Department for Education found that when a select group of students was asked about social studies subjects such as history, students were "largely indifferent" or revealed, "negative attitudes" toward studying humanities subjects.

Along with this trend, the scarier news according to The Los Angeles Times is that history majors throughout the US are declining.

Students give a myriad of reasons why they find history to be a boring subject. These reasons include statements like history is just about dead people or history is just the memorization of people, places, and dates.

Despite there being truth to some of those claims, history as a subject can be very interesting and engaging.  History is in essence storytelling and the key is to find a tutor that brings these stories to life and motivates us to analyze sources and documents to understand the past and how it relates to modern day.

Why History Lessons are Important

Although it is believed that the state-mandated history curriculum in New York is concentrated with information such as names, places, and dates, the history lessons in New York don't require students to memorize these details.

Learning history doesn't have to be boring
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Although American history is chock full of names, places, and dates, history is about context and bringing sources and ideas together.  Thus it is the teaching strategy and methodology of how the history lesson is delivered to students in New York and across the USA that is important rather than specific dates.

History teaches us about how lives were lived in the past; how the decisions impacted society today and how we can understand people's mentalities and motivations. History is an expansive subject so just because you may not be interested in military history, for example, doesn't mean you will not be interested in other areas, such as ancient Egypt or the Civil Rights era.

Like most metropolitan areas across the US such as Houston or L.A., tutors are not necessarily required to have a teaching certificate in education to teach history which is the case for tutors in New York. Unlike being a school teacher, tutors haven't necessarily passed specific teaching exams, but many have degrees or diplomas in the field and have experience in other areas such as museum work, publications, or seminars and workshops.

The history tutors that are available in New York are some of the best who can pass on their knowledge via history lessons in the most effective, enriching and engaging ways possible.  It is in this way that learning history with a private tutor can be most beneficial to students interested in learning history. Tutors can impart their passion and knowledge of the subject one to one which means you can learn faster. History tutors, therefore, remain in high demand across New York.

History lessons, along with boosting student achievement, can reveal the importance of historical knowledge as a powerful currency in the 21st century, and attempt to develop a lifelong habit of cultural literacy, civic responsibility, and sensitivity in students.

Along with teaching history, a competent history tutor in New York is also able to develop a curiosity in their students and a unique education in the curation of historical content, critical thinking, where a student can learn to collect, evaluate and arrange historical content into persuasive and powerful arguments and narratives. History lessons can create a capacity in students to look at the bigger picture and ask pertinent questions and examine primary source documents rather than just being able to regurgitate facts, figures and dates alone.

Why Hire a History Tutor in New York?

When we read history as adults we are often reading a detailed and focus accounting for specific events, such as the New Deal or Suffrage that drill down the details and provides the full context of the interrelated events surrounding the historical event under discussion.  This is not true for most of the academic history curriculum taught by history teachers.  With the priority to cram the entire world history or at least major part of it and to pass standardized tests, history lesson plans are slowly being conditioned to be full of classroom activities simply chock full of facts and figures to be memorized and regurgitated.

History isn't just about learning dates
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The main advantage of getting history lessons from a tutor in New York is that the tutor will stress upon effective history studying skills such as:

  • Read the material thoroughly: Read all, not just the important bits of the assigned text.
  • Understand the underlying story: It will be a lot easier to memorize the facts and figures if you have the events surrounding them.
  • Add the dates in the context of events: Dates, names, and numbers are harder to memorize and become boring and tedious if you do not add in the context in which they occurred using innovative lesson ideas.
  • Group Study: Find a friend or a group with similar challenges to study with or to quiz you on the material.
  • Use effective study skills and tools to learn: Find what study skills and tools like, index cards or word association to learn and memorize what needs to be learned by heart in a specific unit plan.

It’s never too late to begin getting history lessons from an expert tutor in New York. It's important to set goals with a tutor such as mastering concepts, reaching benchmarks and catching up with peer students in the class on a specific timeline.

A good tutor will support you by using a custom-tailored teaching methodology, building rapid familiarity with the subject matter, as well as introducing efficient study skills suited to your unique learning abilities. History tutors ensure that the lessons mean success in the classroom.

Tutors can offer subject matter enrichment, deeper learning at an accelerated pace to help students build confidence via learning.

Despite the teaching skills a history tutor in New York brings. It is essential that both the student and the instructor are matched with the right synergy to bring about the best in learning, growth, and competence in the subject taught.

Where to Find a History Tutor in New York?

Like in other large cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia, SuperProf has a great list of competent tutors to provide a history lesson in New York.  They strive to find the best match to a student’s specific needs and fashion a tailor-made plan to address the immediate needs of the history learning challenge at hand.

Another most trusted source of hiring a history tutor is parents whose children have the same learning challenges as yours; network with other parents to find out if they have had success in hiring a history tutor who was able to address the underlying need in mastering history coursework.

Learning history in New York surrounded by historical monuments
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New York is unique in its richness of cultural and historical resources from famous museums, to the world-class library system to other public resources available to students that wish to find out more about a specific topic in history they are interested in.  Here are some specific public resources you can use to learn more history:

New York Historical Society:

Not only does the New York Historical Society have the resources and well-trained and competent staff to help you with any project in history you are working on, but they also have a huge store of online resources separated by age groups to help you with specific topics of interest in history.  Along with the usual lectures, exhibits, and other history-related activities, the New York Historical Society have specifically designed curriculum and programs for both students and parents who are homeschooling or studying history for enrichment purposes.

New York Public Library:

The New York Public Library system has invested tremendous resources to allow students to use its branches throughout the 5 borough area as an extension of school libraries and have assigned computers, staff, and reference personnel to help students come in and complete their regular school homework at its libraries.  With literally the resources worldwide at their fingertips, students can research, learn and grow their knowledge of history through the New York Public Library.

That being said, there is a wide variety of tutors available to provide a history lesson in New York.  It is important that you not only interview and select the right tutor but also to inventory the challenges the student is having and how they will be addressed before going forward with hiring a history tutor.

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