If you are interested in learning about the past, studying history either through an undergraduate or graduate program is probably the best option.

There are many academic programs that teach history and it is one of the most interesting fields of study available. A good understanding of history will not only provide you with knowledge of the past, but it is also a good general education that will provide creative writing skills as well as research skills.

Studying history is not only about memorizing historical facts and events. It also helps in learning the general effect of historical trends and other things on the world.

The USA is the third largest country in the world with a population of about 327 million people. It has some of the best schools in the world with an enviable academic calendar and course catalog that many other countries simply cannot match.

It is an excellent destination for international studies for students looking for a graduate degree. It has more than 4500 higher education institutes offering diverse degree and dual degree programs.

The US is a very large country though so choosing where to study is an important decision. Many of the schools have different specializations with some having a greater focus on student life than others. Choosing the right school is not just a question of understanding the admission requirements and the majors and minors on offer.

It's important to understand if schools offer online programs but it's just as important to understand the intercultural relationships of the area. Additionally, many famous institutes, museums, and academies are also there to teach about history.

Study History in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of the USA. It is the seventh-largest city of the U.S and is a cultural and economic hub. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Philadelphia attracts many tourists to its historical landmarks.

If you are planning to study history in Philadelphia you will come across a wide range of top-ranked colleges and universities. They offer history courses at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as fellowships for doctoral level candidates. Faculty and staff are highly trained and students can choose from a variety of electives.

An old sketch of Philadelphia
History of Philadelphia - learning history in the USA - Photo credit: The British Library on Visual hunt.

An excellent college to study history in Philadelphia is Muhlenberg College. Founded in 1848 it is an art college that is linked to the Lutheran Church. It offers courses on art history as well as world history. Another exceptional college is the College of Liberal Arts that is associated with Temple University.

The Department of History at Temple is not large, but is very well run and produces highly trained graduates. The University of Pennsylvania is one of the original colonial colleges and was founded before the US gained its independence. It offers many different programs of study which include History. In addition, it offers online history courses which are accessible from anywhere.

History Classes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a population of about 4 million people spread over 503 square miles. It is one of the largest cities in the US and is known around the world for its culture, media, and entertainment. It also offers some of the best colleges and universities in the world in an idyllic setting that cannot be beaten.

Los Angeles has more than 60 colleges and universities offering a huge number of courses. Its lovely environment attracts students from all over the nation and around the globe. The colleges are divided into private and public sectors and a few online colleges.

If you want to study history in Los Angeles, there are many private and public universities which provide undergraduate studies. Top colleges or universities have a specific department for history courses with some of the best faculty and staff available.

UCLA or the University of California, Los Angeles is famous for its sports teams and the quality of education that it offers. It is a public university offering about seven history degree programs. Hundreds of students gain bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in history from here each year.

Pomona College is a private university offering six history degree programs. Hundreds of history students graduate from this college annually. The University of Southern California is one of the largest public universities in Los Angeles. It offers twelve history degree programs and postgraduate courses, too.

Check for history classes in Los Angeles here.

UCLA building, LA.
UCLA - Learning History in the US - Photo credit: Adietler on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

History Courses in Chicago

Chicago is the third most populated city in the USA. It is known as a passionate sports city and is a great place to live and visit even if it is a bit cooler than Los Angeles. Chicago is home to a large number of private schools and colleges to study a variety of degrees. Education courses are very comprehensive and international students are common.

Many well-known institutes in Chicago offer bachelor degrees with courses providing students with skills in writing, research, and critical thinking. Some of the best places to learn about history in Chicago include Roosevelt University and Harold Washington College.

Old photo of President Roosevelt with onlookers
President Roosevelt - Learning History in the USA - Photo credit: SMU Libraries Digital Collections on Visual hunt.

Roosevelt University is based in the heart of Chicago and offers history classes online in addition to in-class tuition. This is a distinction that Harold Washington College shares and in fact its online enrollment exceeds in-class attendance.

Take History Lessons in Houston

If you happen to be in the south of the USA and you're living or exploring one of the biggest states in the USA, then you're probably in Texas. Houston its capital is named for a key character from history - Sam Houston - and the city has grown to become the fifth largest in the USA.

Houston has many different schools and universities that teach history. Some of the best are the University of Houston and Houston Community College.

The University of Houston has almost 300-degree programs in its curriculum and offers a Bachelor of Arts in History degree. Houston Community College has several different campuses and has a high number of international students among its alumni.

History Courses in New York City

The buzzing Big Apple has no end of opportunities and history courses and lessons are no exception. From the University of New York to Columbia University, New York offers diverse and complete courses in history that can cater to all interests.

New York is full of history even if you don't want to or have the time to study for a degree. There is the Historical Society and the Public Library that have some of the best resources to learn and inspire. You could also consider a tutor on Superprof if you want help with research and analysis of sources.

Whatever your motivation to learn, New York is a great place to become more knowledgeable in history.


Regardless of where you live or where your travels take you, the US has many options available to help you learn all about history.

You can earn a degree, a diploma or even a Doctorate. Or, you can simply take some courses or classes to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world.

History and its lessons are useful not just for general education but an understanding of the mistakes of the past helping us to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.

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