The United States has seen a boost of private tutoring as its popularity increases amongst parents and students, and also as a career opportunity.

Is tuition the correct choice for you? Will it add unnecessary pressure on your kid? Is it worth the investment?

When considering the option of hiring an instructor for yourself or your child, you might be on the search with some questions.

Leave no stone unturned
Asking the right questions will get you on the right track. Source: Visualhunt

Finding a quality educator can be a challenging task. There are a bunch of factors to take into consideration, like finding something that suits you or finding prices that you can afford.

Reading this article can answer the main questions parents and students have while on the search for tutoring services.

How And Where Can I Take Private Lessons Outside Of School?

One of the main perks of home tutoring is that you or your children will receive lessons in the comfort of home!

Teachers may also provide lessons outside of your home, like at a coffee shop or local library. 

One of the factors that most students take into consideration when looking for a tutor, is to make sure they can mobilize themselves around the city. This means that they have a car or a bike available to get them to the lesson.

Some teachers also provide services in their homes. Make sure to ask for a basic background check, out of safety precaution but this is a great idea if there is nowhere else to hold the class. 

Tutors should be aware of these location elements too! If a student is going to be coming to your home, you need to make sure to have your house clean and organized. 

It is very common for students to have their private tutor visit them at home. Many people choose this option due to hectic schedules. It is a simple solution for saving time and the cost of transportation.

Expand your teaching and learning horizons
Online platforms are a great way to meet students and tutors. Source: Visualhunt

As schools and overall education has changed, online tutoring has seen a rise in popularity. This method allows both students and tutors to work from their own homes or anywhere with good wifi and a webcam! 

Platforms like Superprof are great tools for finding tutors. Once you have decided who you want to work with, you have the freedom to meet in person or start working via video call.

This means you could be tutoring Spanish in Texas or receive a piano lesson from Los Angeles!

For tutors themselves, earning money through online teaching has become more accessible.

Many people are now choosing to tutor during their free time, parallel to their job or studies. It's an easy alternative, especially through an online platform such as Superprof.

As a student, you get to determine the level of formality you want for your sessions. You can also choose what subjects to teach. You can teach academic subjects like math, science, or English. On Superprof you can also sign up to teach hobbies such as creative writing to children or guitar lessons for adults, the range is endless.

Can Private Tutoring Guarantee Long-term Success?

See what home tutoring can do for you!
Private tutoring can boost grades and confidence! Source: Visualhunt

One-on-one learning can be a long-term solution for any subject as long as you have proper instruction and are eager to learn. You need to be sure that both parties are willing to put in the time and effort.

If, for example, you are preparing yourself for the SAT’s, you can work and prepare with your personal tutor to ensure you get the scores you are aiming for.

Or if an important math exam is coming up, taking an additional lesson will give you an advantage you won’t find inside a classroom, because a teacher won’t be able to provide the one-to-one attention.

The students’ motivation is key for private tuition to be successful in the long run. If the student wants to learn or change their attitude towards certain subjects, then online tutoring is a perfect option for success.

It is likely for students to have better confidence in the academic world if they start private classes from an early age. This is why parents are willing to invest in private teachers for their children.

Some parents look for personal tutors to fill in the gaps that national education isn't fulfilling. It could be as simple as a student falling behind in history and battling to get up to speed, or simply an overall absence of help in tricky subjects.

With population growth, classrooms are more packed now and teachers have more responsibilities, it's almost impossible for every student to get the attention they need to ensure good, quality learning.

Students who are challenged by particular subjects like math or science need long-term solutions. Having someone to work constantly with your student over the years can impact their reading levels, the kind of university they get into, and even where they will be working.

Is Tutoring Worth The Money?

This is a frequently asked question regarding individual education.

Private tutors aren't cheap!
Tutoring can be quite expensive, so it's important to get your money's worth. Source: Visualhunt

First, parents book tutors for quality lessons that will guarantee positive outcomes in their children’s grades and boost the student’s confidence.

This is why getting a private tutor can be worth the money as long as you find something and someone that works for you.

If you are looking to hire a home tutor, you need to have a clear idea of what your goals are. Some of these might be getting higher grades or having a better understanding of subjects like algebra or English, so the tutor you choose to work with should have experience in these fields. You should also check what tutors best fit your budget and schedule.

Oftentimes, the question about money is the most pressing one, considering that private tutoring can be quite expensive or you might feel pressure to pay more as a way to guarantee better quality education.

As a customer, it is your responsibility to research your options. Make sure to take a look at the options you have online or in your area so you can compare prices and competition.

Once you’ve set your goals and have a budget, you can start looking for what best fits you.

For most subjects, you must search for someone that has at least a university-level education. 

You should also feel free to try out a tutor before settling. Superprof tutors offer a free trial class so that you can try out a session with a teacher before committing to more classes.

If you are looking to learn a new language, hiring a tutor will be money well spent. There are many alternatives like free apps, online classes, or even taking a class in college can be an option, but, without a doubt, the best way to learn a language is with one on one lessons and a native speaker. 

Getting a language tutor will work to your advantage because a private teacher will give you something that a classroom could never do: authentic conversation practice. Language tuition allows you to have help and support in a relaxed environment.

Why is Tutoring so expensive?

Tutoring can be expensive because there is a lot of competition but it is definitely something worth paying for.

You’ll be able to see your own or child's’ improvement once you’ve hired a home tutor. Choosing to get private lessons could get you to pass a class you were failing or to get an A in instead of a C, it all depends on what you want to achieve.

Besides, individual classes allow for a controlled and less distracting environment, unlike a classroom. This is the reason why people are willing to pay so much for tutors – it’s the high level of education provided in a space where you can feel comfortable.

If you are doubting the decision of paying for a tutor, it might be a good idea to ask and see if anyone close to you has had a positive experience with at-home tuition, or you may check reviews online and weigh the pros and cons.

The costs of hiring a tutor also depend on the subject you are hoping to learn about. Classes for common topics like math and writing are cheaper than topics that require more knowledge like university-level science or algebra.

You might think that $30 an hour, once a week is a bit of a stretch. But consider the improvement you may see in yourself with this investment, it might be the difference between getting into a good college or maybe giving you tools for a future high paying job.

Don’t forget it is up to you, and the impression you got from your tutor during the first session, to decide to employ them. However, keep in mind that paying too little could mean you get the inferior quality or an inexperienced tutor. With a higher rate, you’ll most likely ensure better quality and in this manner better outcomes as well.

As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration before you choose to employ a tutor.

Tutoring can be accessible to everyone!
Charity organizations are offering free tutoring across the US. Source: Visualhunt

If you feel like you can’t afford private tuition, don’t think like there are no options left for you.

Your child’s school and local library may have options for cheaper and even free supplemental learning.

Keeping Your Child Safe During Home Tuition

Out of the many factors we’ve discussed private tuition, some parents' number one priority will always be to make sure their child is learning in a safe environment.

This is a frequently asked question and we know it is the most important one!

When looking at a tutor’s profile, you should consider their years of experience or areas of expertise.

It is important to check if the tutor is properly qualified to be working with students of different ages, that they have actual teaching experience, and most importantly, have proof of background checks as a self-employed tutor.

You can always ask the tutor for a list of references, maybe a contact sheet from current or past employers if you want to ask questions about their teaching method or any other queries you might have.

From thinking about where to find a private tutor as well the safety risks, or defining goals and a budget, you need to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve with a private tutor.

Superprof can help you connect to tutors no matter where you live!

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