Do you know the definition of private tuition? We launched a new introduction that explains what private tutoring entails.

Tutoring has become quite popular across the US as a supplemental feature to public education and schooling. Typically private tutoring comes in addition to a student’s regular in-school education and course load. Tutoring usually takes place outside of schools and the lessons are individualized to fit each kid's learning abilities and skills.

Students can receive personalized instruction and experiences for a variety of subjects such as math, social studies, science, and writing. Individual guided learning outside of a normal classroom can help students feel more confident throughout the school year and boost grades and test scores.

Tutoring doesn't only cover the field of academics, plenty of tutors also offer services for music and language education among other subjects.

There is a multitude of options to consider while planning your tutoring sessions, like their level of formality or time and travel availability.

The perk of private tutoring is that you can take your class from the comfort of home! Since classes are conducted after the school day, having the sessions at home is the most common way of doing it.

Carry out lessons wherever suits you
Kids spend most of their life in schools, so it's fun to explore different outdoor locations for tutoring lessons. Source: Visualhunt

“The type of tutoring you can sign up for outside of school depends on what spaces you have available to you and what experiences you are looking for”

You need to choose a pleasant environment, this might be the place of your house with a desk on it, or a space with the necessary space for your tutor to teach you or your kids, maybe the dinner table could be an option too!

Tutoring sessions usually take place outside of your typical classroom and most likely outside of school, lessons are generally given at home or a social area.

You should consider meeting with your tutor a comfortable and safe place, and many public spaces can give just that, places like:

  • Coffee shops
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Offices
  • Outdoors
  • Community centers

You could even take advantage of the city, like having a lesson in a museum if you’re preparing for a history exam! Be sure to choose a location that you can benefit from and use as an educational advantage. You can make your sessions creative and fun!

There is also a possibility for students to visit the tutor’s house for a lesson, so it's important to keep in mind that you might need to have access to transportation around the city.

So, be ready to use public transportation to go around the city, or if you have a car o bike, be sure to know how to get to your destination easily and on time.

If you do need to transport yourself around the city, consider the extra costs and time so that you can be fully prepared regarding your schedule and budget.

Tutoring Sessions at Your Tutor's Home

Many private teachers offer their services in their own home, as it is easy for them to have a comfortable and organized space to teach classes, a relaxed environment that is not easy to find in a classroom or at the students home with their own personal distractions present.

But don’t worry, tutors often state clearly in their profiles where they prefer to dictate their class or if they are ready to move around the city or not. Teachers might provide opportunities to even work via online web calls. The instruction of children can occur anywhere there is a calm environment.

Set up your work space at home!
Study in your own home, online, or in person! Source: Visualhunt

There are some factors to consider if you’re going to hire a person who decided to use their property to carry out a professional business. Here are some things to examine:

  • Can they provide a background check?
  • Have safety risks been taken care of?
  • Do they have insurance?

These are important things to consider while deciding where to carry out a private lesson. The tutor’s home should be clean and organized, with zero potential hazards that can result in damage or injury. Teaching in a safe environment is key to a good learning experience.

A potential hazard can range from spilled water on the floor to a loose carpet or wire, which could have awful consequences if they are ignored. It's important to look out for these because no one wants to be responsible or injured by an accident.

It is highly advised for tutors to have good insurance that covers for any damage or health-related injury occurring in their own home while working with a client during a tutoring session. If this is important for you, don’t forget you can always ask if your tutor has the proper insurance before your first lesson. Insurance needs to be renewed every year, so updates might be required.

Providing a student or their parents with a clean background check can give them peace of mind and can help make the situation much more comfortable for them. A parent’s primary concern is the safety of their children, so providing parents with a background clearance certificate can make you a prime candidate over other prospective tutors.

Once safety is taken care of, both the tutor, parents of students, and the student can focus on the learning.

Tutoring Sessions at Your Own Home

Teachers don’t only work in a classroom or school, private teachers offer their services in the comfort of your home.

It is also very common for people to ask their tutor to go teach the lessons at their place. These at-home education opportunities also work, especially for people with busy schedules, or other responsibilities with the other children in the family. Having the tutor come to you can help you save up on transportation money and make your day to day schedule a lot easier.

A lot of tutors offer teaching services in multiple locations, so it is important to discuss what works best for you and your student with each teacher. Depending on the weather, you might even be able to meet somewhere outdoors and enjoy some nature while learning.

If you request for sessions to be taught in your home, make sure you have a place where the lesson can be conducted, it can be at the family desk or the dining table. The lesson area should be well lit and free of distractions. 

In these cases, where the tutor comes to your home, the health and safety checks are the responsibility of the student, parent, or homeowner. This doesn’t mean the tutor can't assess the area before deciding whether the space is comfortable and safe.

Regardless of your own homes’ safety, it is not a bad idea to look for a tutor with some kind of personal insurance. Remember that accidents can still happen, even from the comfort of your own home.

Always consider your children’s safety first, before employing someone as their tutor.

Tutoring Sessions Online

Now, especially during the covid pandemic, personal classes and home tuition have moved to the online world. Online tutoring allows for both students and teachers to work from home, or anywhere they feel safe going that has internet access.

Platforms such as Superprof are great tools that help people find tutors or students, ranging from topics like music instruction or help with a science class.

An online class allows kids to keep learning even when schools are closed due to weather or for summer breaks, all while providing them with a well-designed class to fit their learning skills.

If you are a student, you can look around the website and find a teacher that interests you. Then, you can contact them and have a chat to learn a bit more, it’s pretty easy!

Superprof helps you find your tutor for free and in a simple, easy to use, platform, with a huge online community accessing it from all over the world. If you want to learn how to play guitar you might find the perfect teacher for you, even if they are miles away, or learn any language with a native speaker – your learning experience does not have to be limited to your location.

Set up your office wherever you like!
Online tutoring means you will be able to work in any place, maybe even in an outdoor setting! Source: Visualhunt

Finding a tutor nowadays is an easy task because more people are choosing to tutor alongside their jobs or studies. And if you use platforms like Superprof, it becomes easier to set up classes between students and teachers.

Keep in mind that you get to choose the level of formality you want for your education sessions. It could be of an informal nature like a meeting outdoors or a professional session at an office.

For any other inquiries about tutoring and learning outside of school, check out our Tutoring FAQs post.

Don’t forget that whatever you decide for your lessons, it is important to find something that suits you, your schedule, and your lifestyle. Make sure to discuss prices, schedules, and the content of your education with your tutor ahead of time. This way you will get the most out of the program and have a better shot at guarantee long term success.

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