Every year the fitness industry is becoming more and more popular. It is no coincidence that this growth is in line with the increase in the popularity of social media platforms like Instagram. Where fitness models share millions of images of themselves burning fat, getting ripped and getting fit. They share what is the equivalent to a beginners guide to personal training through fitness images and workout videos, showing us how they squat, their muscle building workout, circuit workouts and strength training.

They introduce us to the miracles of aerobics, cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In fact, the online fitness professional is so influential that we are even motivated to consider getting an online personal trainer or at least a gym membership. They share everything, their upper body, lower body and full body workout programs which serve as the foundation for our own fitness goals. Then we also get lots of information about nutrition and exercise science, which gives them the edge and success in their personal fitness training.

Sports and fitness are some of the most popular entertainment, and because of that, it is also becoming the most popular past time for people. One of the great things is that there are just so many sports and types of fitness to choose from. In this beginners guide to personal training, we are going to take a look at how you can create a proper health and fitness program for yourself and master your own body transformation.

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When food is the focus of our health.
Sport tells us that we must know how to eat well to be fit and muscular. Photo Source: Unsplash

How To Define The Body Post Workout?

When you are working out it is important to know that some moments are more important than others. It is also important to understand that your workout time doesn't technically end when you cease exercise. Especially if you want to maximise on the results of your exercise program at the gym.

The anabolic window is a process that is linked to your metabolism. Also known as the metabolic window because of its importance in your workout. The anabolic window is the period of recovery for your muscles, just after the sports session. It is a key moment because after a workout our muscle are much more receptive to the signals that they receive.

To decide if you should eat a burger after your workout or a protein shake will have a huge effect on your body at up to 60 minutes after a high-intensity workout. It is within this period of time or window that we must "pay attention" to what we eat, to make sure that we do not destroy the good work created in our work out.

The anabolic window is a pivotal moment for our muscles and our physical form. But this also affects our motivation towards our fitness hugely because if you do the right thing during your anabolic window, you will see fast and promising progress towards your results. If however, you do not maximise the anabolic window in the right way for your goals, you will see slow or even reverse effects.

Thus, a good bodybuilding session that ends with high protein will be much more effective than a session that ends with a packet of sweets or pastries. That is just good logic!

What Diet Should You Adopt After A Session Of Bodybuilding?

There is a motivational idiom that says that 'you are what you eat', and that is entirely true. Thinking about food in this way can allow us to construct the menu in our diets based on what kind of body and health we would like to have.

Foods are 3x more influential to your body shape than fitness, this is not to say that fitness is not essential. If food and fitness were a car, fitness would be the steering wheel. Because it allows you to manipulate where you burn fat and where you can focus on 'moving' the weight loss from.

Your fitness routine also lets you control your endurance, body fat, flexibility and muscle growth. Without fitness, you would also lose bone density and muscle mass as well as fat. Your exercise program should include nutrition and fitness routines that work together to maximise your success towards your goals.

So what diet should be adopted while working out and weight training? Well, we are all different, so you should speak to a fitness professional and see if you can have a fitness assessment which will let you know how to train your body to give you the results that you are looking for.

However, there is a formula for the kinds of things that should be eaten in general. Changing the ratios of these nutrients is what will give you different results. There are six elements of a balanced diet which are water, carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

  1. Water hydrates the body, protect organs, lubricates joints and helps with the transportation of nutrients in the body
  2. Carbohydrates are a significant source of energy and fibre which is vital for your elimination system
  3. Fats help to insulate the body and keep you healthy, you should aim to consume unsaturated fats.
  4. Protein is essential for the repair and rebuilding of the body, it keeps your immune system healthy and hydrated
  5. & 6. minerals and vitamins allow your body to grow and remain healthy.

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You, of course, want to keep your water levels very high to allow you to flush toxins out of the body but also eating more protein with lower carbs and fat. Will ensure that you can manipulate your muscles to grow especially when the food is consumed at the right time.

Proteins are the real driving force behind muscle mass. Good examples of protein are:

  1. Turkey is an excellent protein source, bodybuilders should find the leanest cut of the meat. Many athletes prefer boneless and skinless turkey as it lowers the fat levels greatly. Great for meat eaters
  2. Chicken is another popular choice for high protein meats, again eating this meat skinless and boneless lowers the fat levels. Chicken is easier to find year round and is quite cheap.
  3. Fish is essential to add to the diet if your dietary choices allow as it is high in protein. Some of the highest protein fishes with a protein content of over 20% are Tuna, swordfish, salmon, orange roughy, Halibut, Pollack seabass and Tilapia. Of course, prices may vary so find the best type of fish that you can afford and don’t be afraid to try something new. Great for pescatarians
  4. Eggs are a great source of protein, while egg whites are high in protein the egg yolk does also have up to half of the protein of the egg. While the yolk also has most of the nutrients and fats. The egg white is pure protein and one of the top sources that you can find. Great for vegetarians
  5. Beans and legumes are a powerhouse of protein and fibre, although beans do not give you all of your essential proteins like meat does if paired with some rice you can gain the full benefits of all essential amino acids, vitamins, protein, fibre and nutrients. Great for Vegans

We must know and commit to eating intelligently so that our bodybuilding sessions are the most effective for our body. Beyond protein powders like whey protein, chicken and vegetables, which are all really great sources of nutrients. Why not find them in beans and eggs too which are full of proper nutrients.

Learn more about eating for bodybuilding here.

Being athletic is good for the body and mind.
Having support when you are a beginner is good and well as knowing which exercises to practice to be as effective as possible. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Best Youtube Workouts From Personal Trainers Online

Sometimes we get busy, and everything goes out of the window, not the anabolic window but the actual window. We forget to work out, we no longer have time to think about going to the gym. Then before you know it you haven't been to the gym in a week, then a month. On top of the stress of your busy lifestyle, it can at times be stressful to find the time to stay healthy and keep your body fit.

It becomes even more stressful when you begin to see the results of your previous hard work just melting away. Slowly as your belly grows your muscles shrink, and you are back to square one. This is why it is important to use all of the resources at our disposal, one of which being the internet. Even if you have a gym membership, you can still use online coaches and digital platforms.

The best youtube channels and sports coaching websites are your practical and useful alternative to gym classes with a fitness professional. They actually allow us to play sports, stay in shape, keep fit and achieve our fitness goals all without having to leave the comfort of our home, office or holiday home.

We can give thanks to fitness YouTubers who work hard to give us tons of value and free content. Everyone can find their favourite virtual sports coach icon on youtube, between humour and a serious sports program, there is literally something for everyone!

Great Youtube Channels To Help Support Your Fitness Goals:

  1. Fitness blender does great cardio workouts. They make full-length videos that you can follow along with. They have millions of subscribers and are a dedicated husband and wife team who create great content. Click here to see their Fat Burning Cardio Workout
  2. Pop sugar is one of my personal favourite channels, the host Anna is full of energy and takes part in almost all of the classes that you follow along with. Click here to see their 15-Min Beginner's At-Home Workout
  3. Yoga with Adriene is for all levels of person, and she really finds new angles for her classes which can help with things from stress to having fun. Click here to see her video on Yoga To Gain Perspective
  4. Psyche truth is a great channel that has everything from what sportswear to buy to great workouts. Click here to watch their 8 Minute Fat Burning Workout
  5. Boho beautiful is a fitness channel that brings you great videos from beautiful Asian It has a holistic feel to the channel, and they want to transmit peace and positivity with their videos. Click here to see their video 10 minutes fat burning
  6. Blogilates is a pilates channel that is also a mix of a V-log (video blog) where Casey guides you through routines and also shares with you some of her own problems. Click here to see her video on Pilates for Beginners
  7. com, as the name suggests, is a huge channel that has everything bodybuilding for your viewing pleasure. They combine advice, nutrition, workouts, supplements, and guidance. I really love this video from Arnold Schwarzenegger Click here to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's Training Program
  8. Six pack abs is a great channel that is hosted by Mike Chang, he really goes into detail about how to build muscles and look great. He cares that you are doing everything right and takes the time to show you the right and wrong way to do things. Click here to watch the 8 Muscle Building Exercises for Beginners
  9. Athlean-x is hosted by Jeff Cavaliere who gives advice and provides workouts for bodybuilders. The thing I like about Jeff is he provides a lot of advice about problems you can have, and the solutions are always actionable and easy to follow. Click here to watch Jeff's Oblique Workout for Obliques
  10. Heidi Sommers is a fitness channel where she breaks down full-length workouts for you to follow and change your body. Click to watch Heidi's full Beginners Guide to the Gym

Whether you need to lose weight, build your abdominals, or bulk up with muscle, on youtube, you can find every kind of channel possible. This can work seamlessly with your current workout method or be your only method, the bonus is that it is free and easy to follow where ever you can get internet.

Eat right at the right time to build muscle.
The anabolic window is a crucial moment when you do bodybuilding. Photo Source: Unsplash

Top Quotes For Health And Fitness Motivation!

If you find yourself needing some motivation to workout, you can

  1. Watch this video which is great to get you focused on your workout Click here to watch Arnold Schwarzeneggers Gym Motivation
  2. Jim Rohn says Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live”.This is a great quote that reminds you not to take your body for granted.
  3. We all have 24 hours a day “A one-hour workout is 4% of your day. No excuses.” This quote puts the perspective of time clearly in front of you. The truth is that if we want to get fit, we will find the time to do it.

Whether you like to follow bodybuilding, Hiit, aerobics, Pilates, self-defence, Zumba or anything else. You can reach your goals, you can lose weight, gain muscle and have the body and health that you desire and deserve.

It takes focus, motivation, dedication and work. Never stop learning about how your body works and whether you are a beginner or a pro athlete, believe in your potential. You can do anything that you dedicate yourself to. Heres to a happier and healthier you!

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