Do you want to improve your grades at school? Do you have difficulty concentrating or understanding concepts in English, math, or Spanish?

Perhaps it's time to take charge of the situation.

How? With private home tutoring.

Whatever your level and the subject troubling you, home tutoring is the solution for you.

To get the most out of academic tutoring, it is imperative to understand and determine the reasons why you need tutoring near me in the first place: speaking with your tutor or teacher will help you to better understand what the needs are.

In order to get the best results possible, it is important that you coordinate with the tutor(s) in question.

Throughout your schooling, there will always be moments when you have to cope with your motivation dropping, your grades dropping, or simply with those topics you do not understand.

Private tutoring classes in math, history, geography, chemistry, Spanish, English, or French will meet all of your needs.

Indeed, the private tutor introducing you to academic tutoring will motivate you all the while showing you how to lighten the load of your academic problems and perhaps solve them altogether.

Once the method is set and you've both set clear goals, as well as defined what you want to get out of the tutoring, you will begin to get the best out of your academic tutoring.

This will happen through motivation, discipline (with the time you dedicate to your homework and the quality of the work you output), your personal investment, and the environment you create for yourself and how conducive it is to work.

Are you still ready to receive support?

So, follow our tips to optimize this precious time and boost your academic level!

Being On Time for Tutoring

To optimize and evaluate your academic tutoring, learn to effectively schedule the time you'd like to dedicate to the tutoring.

Indeed, in order to work well and immerse yourself  in your classes, it is necessary to respect their scheduling.

clock student
With tutoring, be on time!

Whether at home or in a private lesson, you must be on time: it is a sign of politeness and respect to your private math, English, and modern language tutors and also shows that you are motivated and would like to work in the best conditions possible.

Getting Straight to Work

Don't miss your mark

The most difficult part is always the start of the lesson.

You have to tear yourself away from your daydreams, TV series, Skype chats, smartphone, and online games in order to get to work as quickly as possible.

When you're expecting a private lesson at home--whether it's free tutoring or not--don't begin an addictive activity or you'll have trouble stopping long enough to concentrate. These activities include Facebook and other social networks, listening to music online, or maybe replying to your emails.

learning child
Schedule your time wisely in order to advance in school.

Experience has shown that we spend more time on our screen activities than we had intended in the first place.

Simple and enjoyable activities are preferred such as taking walks in the garden, drinking tea, and more.

L’important est d’instaurer un petit rituel juste avant votre cours de soutien scolaire maths  pour être efficace dès la 1ère minute pour votre cours de français ou votre cours d’anglais.

It's important to establish a ritual right before your private math tutoring lesson as to be effective from the very first minute of your math class or English class.

Take your Personal Pace into Account

It is not always easy to find time to dedicate to your course refresher: between homework, work, meals, transports, and other regular activities such as the gym, it is important to schedule your private lessons once a week.

Obviously, in order for academic tutoring to fulfil its purpose, you have to work all week, even during school holidays, and in addition to the weekly lessons spent on your homework and classes.

Finally, take into account your personal pace in order to draw from your brain when your concentration and memorization abilities are at their maximum, which is generally in the afternoon (between 5 and 8 PM).

The goal is clear: to work in the most efficient way possible and start on your task as quickly as possible in order to acquire good grades and pass your exams.

Don't hesitate to speak with a tutor to see when he or she is available and if you can agree on a suitable schedule in order to work together.

When in Doubt, Ask Questions

One of the educational advantages of private tutoring is the ability to have one-on-one time with math tutors near me.

This is the occasion to get over your shyness and dare to ask all of the questions that run through your mind in a place where you will no longer have to be subject to other students and their remarks.

The tutor will be there to answer any questions about a concept you do not understand or a methodology you have trouble using. He is your academic advisor, there to help you with any question.

student learner
Time to ask all those questions you've been too afraid to ask in class!

On the contrary, in order to progress with your studies and keep up with your classes in K-12 or even after your high school graduation, it is imperative to understand all the concepts taught to you in order to use them when needed.

Usually, textbooks lay out curriculum in such a way that chapters follow and complement one another: if you fail to understand a chapter or a theorem, there's a strong chance you won't be able to follow the rest of the book and you will lose the thread of your math or geography course.

Whether you found your tutor through Superprof or another organization, don't hesitate to talk to him or her about those parts of your course you do not understand. The tutor will evaluate your needs and will help you to progress and improve by working on specific exercises and planning your revisions effectively.

Take Advantage of Tutoring to Practice Hard Exercises

Private tutoring lessons are an opportunity to improve in school and test your level.

With the help of your tutor, who will be there to check up on you, you will reach a higher level and accomplish difficult exercises using revision worksheets or following online classes. Tutoring will prepare you for getting into the school of your dreams after high school graduation.

Alors que vous pensez pouvoir maitriser les principaux théorèmes mathématiques, les équations et les notions de français cours, que vous connaissez les formules chimiques ou physiques pour répondre à toutes les problématiques, votre professeur vous suggérera d’autres exercices avec un niveau supérieur pour confronter vos connaissances.

When you feel you can master mathematical concepts, equations, English literature notions, or the chemical and physical formulas to answer all your class exercises, your teacher will suggest more difficult exercises to confront your knowledge.

online learning
Additional online courses could take you to an even higher level!

A tutor must observe how you work and how you get organized as well as detect your weaknesses. A tutor will assign you difficult exercises in order for you to improve all while developing your intellectual curiosity for learning.

On your end, if you have no difficulties in your K-12 classes and even feel a little bored with your English class or your geography course because you feel as though the level is not high enough for you, ask your tutor to raise the bar a bit and show you what difficulties are ahead in your physics class or computer science course.

Your tutor is competent enough to guide you through this kind of advanced learning.

It is also an excellent exercise in boosting motivation and your ability to think.

As for you, parents, you can also guide the tutoring!

The Best Conditions to Succeed

You have to be motivated and on time for your math lesson for example, as well as ready to work as soon as your private tutoring lesson starts. Apart from these good habits, you still have to work in an adequate environment in order to be productive.

In order to work well with your tutor, and especially if the classes take place at your house, it is important to dedicate a space to your lessons and studying.

Organizing your space will organize your thinking: things will be clearer once you are properly settled in and ready to work.

The work environment is paramount to success and focus: whether it be in a library, a cafe, at your school's study center, or on your work premises, or simply in your room.

A Tidy Desk

It is the ultimate solution to working effectively.

Before your private tutor arrives for your private tutoring lessons, always think to tidy up your desk and leave only the bare necessities.

Organize your files and documents, and sort through your books in order not to waste time looking for them later. In addition, tidied files will suggest that you are someone who takes home tutoring seriously and will show your willingness to learn effectively.

Optimize your Concentration and Creativity

  • In order to work effectively during your private tutoring lesson, you have to be in a calm space, away from all the elements that could disturb your concentration, such as: music, your cell phone, and the internet. If you'd like to block the internet while you're studying, why not use "Stay Focused," an app that has the possibility of blocking certain websites during your private tutoring lesson.
Don't forget to organize your books and leave the bare necessities on your desk for optimal learning!
  • Don't forget to have a clock nearby: tutoring happens over a limited amount of time, and it is important both for you and your tutor to evaluate the time it is taking you to complete your exercises.
  • According to a Northwestern University study, students are more efficient when they are working near a window that has light exposure.
  • Another Texas State University study has shown that having green plants in your direct environment during work brings a sense of well-being to the work environment.
  • According to psychologist Angela Wright and her Color Affect System, colors influence our motivation and mental state. For example, blue stimulates our intellect while yellow boosts creativity and green brings balance and calm. Red, on the other hand, irritates and stimulates our bodies. Pay attention to the colors around you in order to work on your physics and chemistry homework in the best possible conditions!

To get the most out of your after-school help, it is important not only to pay attention to your direct working environment  but to identify your needs.

What's your motivation? Why do you want to be tutored? What's your goal?

Once you have answered these questions and set clear objectives, begin to study. Your tutor will help you practice with interactive exercises. Make sure you show him how motivated and determined you are, and don't hesitate to ask the questions that could help you improve!

So, are you ready to move furniture around and get the conditions right in order to succeed?

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