A music school may be the classic option to learn to play the guitar, but the Internet has revolutionized the world of private lessons by allowing anyone to coach internet users around the world.

With a good quality webcam and strong connection, demonstrating how to play a piece of music, detailing exercises or correcting hand placement is a breeze.

If you too want to give guitar lessons by webcam, don't wait to discover all the good reasons to do it! Do, re, mi, fa, so, and off we go!

How to find a guitar teacher on the internet?
How to teach guitar lessons with a webcam?

A New Way: Giving Guitar Lessons Online

Probably every aspiring guitarist has at one point watched a slow motion YouTube tutorial on how to play Smells Like Teen Spirit.

So how can you use a webcam to teach guitar? Guitar lovers and tutors have put all kinds of music online in web tutorials. Solos, energetic riffs, intoxicating intros, all in easy step-by-step guides.

Even if you do not speak English well, you can rely on tablatures and chord diagrams to help you and your students to communicate in a video. You don't have to speak to teach, just show them how it's done.

You could be in sweatpants, with unwashed hair, and your apartment in a mess: what's not to like?

If you need examples, here are three of our favorite guitar teacher's takes on that Nirvana piece:

It's up to you to choose your style (chatty, fun, very professional, with or without tablature inlays and partitions) and let your artistic and pedagogical flair run free.

If you were wondering how to find more students to give lessons to, online would be a good solution!

The Freedom of Giving Guitar Lessons via Webcam

The big advantage of the internet is that it has no schedule.

Webcam classes offer great flexibility for guitar teachers.
How to give guitar lessons by choosing your own schedules?

How does this affect giving guitar lessons in online teaching jobs?

If you are a night owl and are teaching guitarists in the same time zone, you will be able to work together at late hours (providing that you are both well soundproofed).

Equally, for the early birds, you can start at the crack of dawn if that suits you and your pupil. The internet gives you the flexibility to teach guitar lessons whenever you want according to the requirements of your students.

Get information on how to become a tutor here.

Lessons From Guitarists All Over the World

You only need an internet connection to reach aspiring musicians.

Even if you're on vacation, you can always give a class if you have access to a computer.

A typical beach holiday schedule might be:

  • A lazy morning
  • 12PM-1PM: lesson time
  • Afternoon at the beach
  • 6PM - 7PM: lesson time (while others are napping or preparing for dinner)
  • Evening by the beach

Online guitar lessons offer real freedom to guitarists! Life's a beach when you give guitar lessons on the Internet.

It can be hard to find a guitar teacher in your area that you bond with. If one of your students lives in another state, but you have the right bond, you can offer them a two-hour session at a click. Everyone's a winner: you, your protégé and your wallet.

Online Guitar Lessons Are More Practical

The same benefits apply if for one reason or another you cannot leave home. If you have a broken leg, stuck in heavy snowfall, don't have a car, or just don't feel like getting dressed up to go meet someone, you can easily teach guitar from home.

Just set yourself up in a comfortable corner with your computer.

Be sure however to soundproof your walls and ceiling with egg cartons to avoid being shunned by your neighbors.

Just kidding.

Only do try not to disturb the whole neighborhood.

The Internet: a Guitarist's Encyclopedia

It's easy to learn your guitar using just your computer. Technology has made learning ultra-accessible. There are hundreds of guitar teachers able to show you how to:

  • Hold your guitar
  • Learn guitar alone,
  • Learn the classical guitar,
  • Learn music theory,
  • Learn how to play a tab,
  • Learn guitar easily,
  • Learn how to play with the left hand,
  • Pluck the strings,
  • Learn guitar tracks live (with Periscope),
  • Learn the electric or acoustic guitar as you please.

Giving Online Guitar Lessons as a Method for Introverts

We all get shy some times, the same goes for pupils and teachers alike. But you don't need to show your face to learn or to teach. The internet is great for learning to read music.

How a shy person can teach guitar on webcam

A person passionate about music is not necessarily a person who feels at ease in public, but you can play guitar from the safety of a computer screen!

How to learn guitar online
How to learn guitar on the internet with guitar lessons online?

Even playing for just one other person can be nerve-wracking, resulting in cold sweats and sweaty fingers, which is far from practical for a teacher!

Guitar lessons by webcam can alleviate some of the stress, particularly if you do not want to feel the direct scrutiny of a student, or let a stranger into your personal bubble.

How a shy person can learn guitar on webcam

A student may also find it difficult to have their movements analyzed, or feel the pressure of learning something new. Some students psych themselves out of learning altogether under the judgment of a teacher, regardless of how long they have already spent practicing on their own. If you are a worrier, webcam guitar classes may be the solution you need to make sure your pleasure in learning guitar is not diminished.

Giving Guitar Lessons to Make Ends Meet

Some professional musicians also spend a large amount of their time teaching, alternating with concerts and recording sessions. Other teachers simply enjoy the instrument and hold a second job to earn their living. Why not be like them, and make extra cash doing something you like and spreading your passion for the guitar to your pupils?

Earn money giving guitar lessons via webcam

You can give guitar lessons over webcam at a rate you set (normally around 50$) in your free time.

Whether you declare it or not (we'll leave that up to your discretion) you can easily earn money teaching people of all levels and ages to play their arpeggios.

Give guitar lessons and make extra cash
You can earn money giving guitar lessons!

For example, using Superprof, you can specify that you offer online courses, which will interest students who don't feel like leaving their room!

To avoid concerns about taxes, we recommend that self-employed musicians check that they hold the right fiscal status before getting down to business.

Earn money from ads with your guitar tutorials

Remember that you can generate revenue from ads on platforms like YouTube on videos with 1000 views up.

So why wait to become YouTube famous?

Here's how to optimize your video and description to rake in the views:

  • Use a title with keywords such as "learn to play X on guitar"
  • Add a description containing the keywords again under the video.
  • Name your video file with your title.
  • Provide relevant content. It's seems simple, but if you are aiming to teach beginners and do not take time to go over basic chords, you will lose viewers and get bad reviews.
  • Some final advice for the road: consider sharing your videos on social networks or on sites dedicated to music and music lessons.

Giving guitar lessons by webcam is an opportunity for those who want flexibility in their teaching.

You set your guitar course price, work when and where you want, choose your students and your methods.

So, how does teaching the guitar online sound to you?


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