English is one of the most spoken languages globally — 1.75 billion people speak it.

Therefore, taking English lessons is the best way to expose yourself to a wide range of social and professional opportunities.

Prepare for working abroad, taking a vacation, or meeting your significant other's family by learning English in an ESL class.

Learning English from the best ESL teachers will make the process fun and easy

Read on for some of the many benefits of enrolling in Superprof's private ESL Lessons:

Learning ESL With A Private ESL Tutor

Sadly, most students view supplemental lessons as a way of punishment imposed by parents. After all, studying at school is already stressful because of the lack of counseling, feedback, deadlines, and pressure.

Forcing children to take supplemental lessons after regular school classes are tricky; however, it's worth the effort!

This is because private ESL classes are much more enjoyable and satisfying for pupils than compulsory school classes.

Studying in a classroom compels shy children to keep their questions to themselves, while the teacher divides their attention among many students.

Perhaps the division of attention is one of the biggest reasons for students to seek after school classes. In private ESL classes, you will get one-to-one lessons with a qualified ESL tutor.

You'll have the undivided attention of your ESL teacher in learning how to decipher the script, understand contextual cues, and navigate dialectical nuances.

Additionally, private ESL tutors start by evaluating the learners' level, targets, and the course they want to cover. This way, they can effectively modify their teaching methodology to meet the student's needs.

With this opportunity, students can get clear instructions on complex English lessons, enquire about any school-related queries, and prepare for next year's school curriculum.

Addressing your educational gaps and learning a new language at the same time is a win-win situation.

At Superprof, our ESL tutors are well aware of why some students don't like supplemental lessons. We are also well aware of our capabilities of providing captivating and fulfilling lessons through our exceptional ESL teachers.

Private tutoring does take one's free time, but it is not time wasted. Whether you're a student or not, learning to speak English as a second language will undoubtedly help you in the future.

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A tutor can provide the encouragement and support learners need to take their learning to the next level
Receive tailored tuition with a one to one ESOL tutor. (Source: Pixabay - annemcdon)

Focus On Problems In Your ESL Course With An ESL Teacher

To get the maximum out of one-to-one classes, you have to be mindful of how you design them.

Your ESL teacher will help shape your customized learning program, which will largely be based on your overall goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

Crafting a detailed personalized learning plan will help your ESL teacher understand your issue-areas and provide an effective solution to your English problems.

For example, if the pupil has a problem with oral skills – which is a common occurrence in ESL – the ESL teacher will alter the course outline and focus more on speaking.

With time, all interactions between the pupil and the tutor will be happening in English.

Furthermore, you can tell your ESL tutor what you've learned already, so they have something to build on, as it'll elevate your confidence and provide greater strength when facing weaker areas.

Spoken interaction is largely missed when you take classes in schools. Students don't have the chance to talk in English and express themselves without any time duration restrictions.

That's what makes learning English with experienced ESL tutors such a valuable opportunity. Your ESL teachers help you improve your understanding of the language and hone your oral (listening and verbal), pronunciation, and writing skills.

Let's say you have difficulties with grammar; your ESL teacher can ask you to examine the text and address the gaps. Not just that, they can also assign grammar exercises and quizzes so that you can improve your nouns, adjectives, and tenses.

Don't forget! Your English speaking skills will be assessed by your proficiency in various disciplines such as spelling, grammar, oral fluency, written expression, and pronunciation.

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See your exam grades improve dramatically by finding a tutor who puts you at the centre of their teaching
ESL tutoring can give you the boost you need. (Source: Pixabay - tookapic)

Hire An ESL Teacher For Exam Preparation And Homework Help

There're two primary goals when you start any ESL classes: Understanding difficult concepts better and transforming this valuable knowledge into better grades.

These two goals are interconnected, which means you can't get one without the other. Your private ESL teacher will encourage you to achieve both these goals.

In any given school year, students are faced with the prospect of taking an English language exam, which will test their ability to use grammar, verbs, etc.

A private ESL tutor will offer you a big advantage when preparing for your exams. Studying alone can often lead you to get distracted, and it is neither fun nor effective.

ESL teachers have the complete knowledge of the language, dialects, and preparatory methods to ensure that you can overcome your English-speaking troubles down the line.

Additionally, the customized learning method makes private ESL classes effective and add value to the time and money you spend.

Whether it's a university or a high school exam, it can include written and oral sections. And your tutor can thoroughly prepare you for both in a streamlined and thorough way.

Always remember that your English grades can influence your chances of employment in an English speaking organization. Your employer will analyze your results to conclude judgment on your English speaking skills.

Practice Your Oral Skills With Your ESL Tutor

It's a foregone conclusion that our schools don't always offer students enough chances to practice and improve their verbal skills.

Usually, written English is prioritized over the oral speaking sections; however, you can only reap the real-life benefits of English when you learn the latter.

Furthermore, extended English conversations with native speakers are rare. Your ESL tutor will help prepare you to excel in these one-on-one interactions. Be it a job interview or social interactions, ESL will prepare you for a successful future!

At the start of your oral sessions, speaking will be rather slow, irrespective of whether you've got an adequate knowledge of the complex grammatical vocabulary.

In ESL courses, learners frequently pause between sentences and words to contemplate their pronunciation and grammar. Obviously, at this stage, fluency is not a realistic target!

However, the positive news is that oral fluency can be developed by practicing speaking English. This way, you'll become familiar with English phonetics and be in a position to express yourself better.

Furthermore, the only way to tell how good you've gotten is by speaking the language. There is no other way. No piece of paper or result can help you when you make a costly blunder in a conversation!

However, to practice is to perfect.

Talking in English with other teachers and students means you'll be using English as a tool to communicate a range of issues and interests.

Additionally, when you speak with native speakers, you can improve your accent, detect an inaccuracy in others', learn idiomatic expressions and slang phrases, and use them correctly in sentences.

All these things will enable you to speak fluent English.

Consequently, becoming fluent will help you familiarize yourself with pronunciation and vocabulary differences between American English and British English.

Slowly and gradually, English learners will master the English language and feel confident in sharing their experiences and thoughts. After your final ESL classes, you should be able to leave the class telling jokes in English!

So, why wait any more! Get yourself a private ESL tutor from Superprof.

You learn best when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself - this is why using English with your friends and for practical reasons will help you enormously
Make progress by getting together to speak English with your friends.  (Source: Pixabay - StockSnap)

Take 'English MOT' With Your ESL Tutor At The Beginning Of ESL Classes

In terms of tutoring, English MOT means revising the English language fundamentals altogether with your ESL tutor and testing your performance.

Even if you think of yourself as an expert English speaker, you should take the test with your ESL teacher.

Most of the time, an English learner's average test performance indicates badly executed learning plans, either by the pupil or the teacher.

Nonetheless, if a student has gaps in his/her fundamental knowledge, it isn't easy to teach them advanced levels. If this is the case, pupils will face problems when they reach higher levels of schooling.

Therefore, Superprof recommends its students to get the most out of their ESL tutors by asking them to consolidate their fundamental knowledge on the topic.

Choose an English teacher that suits your requirements. Compared to several other languages, the English language's conjugation is comparatively simple, so much so that you know it at your fingertips – it includes English irregular verbs as well!

Relearning basic grammar and sentence construction may seem odd and tiring, but a clear understanding is paramount to thorough English syntax knowledge.

Speaking fluent English with little mistakes will provide you an attractive employment career in your life. Learn more about taking ESL courses as an adult right here.

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