Deciding to start acting classes can be a bit nerve-wracking, regardless if you are comfortable being in front of a camera or an audience.

But starting acting classes will determine whether you want to make acting your career and if this is something you truly really love doing.

In the beginning, it could be beneficial to take a variety of different classes to find out what type of actor you wish to be.
Whatever type of acting you wish to pursue, you will need a variety of acting lessons in order to be a well-rounded actor with a variety of skills under your belt.

In addition to acting lessons, you also want to have a great acting coach or coaches, one that you will click with and you can continuously learn from.

When looking at acting lessons and coaches, you want to make sure you are considering location first.

It could be beneficial to start studying and practicing acting where you wish to pursue your career.

Considering all of these points to keep in mind might start to overwhelm you, but no need to let those nerves kick in.

Continue reading to get some helpful tips on how to choose your perfect acting classes and coaches!

What To Expect From Acting Classes

group of people on stage practicing scenes
Thespis of Icaria from the 6th century BC was the first person ever to appear on stage as an actor playing a character in a play. Source: Visualhunt

Becoming a successful actor does not happen overnight. There is plenty of work that goes into being a great actor and landing leading roles.

In order to become a great actor, you have to work hard, practice and perfect your acting skills.

The more diverse your acting skills are the more roles you will get hired to play.

It is important to sign up for different types of classes that will help you develop your acting skills.

Acting is not just about memorizing lines and reciting them back on a screen. It is about knowing how to move your body, regulate your tone of voice, understanding and expressing the appropriate emotions required on a script.

In order to perfect these skills, you must take a variety of classes that will help with your acting career.

These acting classes can be improv, body and movement, vocal, or even dancing classes.

All of these are just a few of the many different acting lessons actors take in order to become better on-screen or on-stage. But what can you expect from them?

Be prepared to be in a room filled with other people that wish to become actors too, just like yourself.

You may also be required to act out scenes in front of these people, sometimes even uncomfortable and emotional scenes.

That is why it is best to go in with an open mind and get to know your group that you will be working with.

Be open to criticism, whether it's from your acting coaches or even maybe your peers, if its constructive criticism, it will help you grow as an actor.

Acting classes will require you to step out of your comfort zone. Not only to make you feel awkward or on the spot, but to help you get used to the variety of roles you may someday have to play.

Acting classes have been known to increase the confidence in you and be a better communicator.

Do not panic before your acting lessons. Always remind yourself that these acting classes will get you closer to your goal to become an actor. Do not forget to always have fun too!

Tips For Choosing An Acting Coach

street actor with costume ready to perform
An acting coach helps the actor prep their lines, understand the scene, and make sure they are focusing on the acting. Source: Visualhunt

Just like with anything you wish to get better at you hire a coach. Whether it is to be a better swimmer, singer, soccer player or dancer. The same goes for acting.

This is why it is very important to find an acting coach that is perfect for you.

An acting coach can be one of your keys to success, as they will help you increase your skills, perfect your acting and possibly land great roles.

But how do you find an acting coach that is the right one for you? You have to be prepared to research in-depth in order to find your perfect acting coach.

Researching online can be the beginning of your search, but you can also ask around at your acting school, maybe even your professors can help with that.

Not only does your acting coach have to be experienced but you also have to feel a good connection between you two.

You want to have a coach that you can feel comfortable running lines with and that you can also learn from your coach.

In addition, you want someone who has experience with the acting industry. They may not be actors themselves but they have trained other successful actors.

These are some of the many things you may want to keep in mind when researching for your perfect acting coach.

How To Find An Acting Coach and Lessons

empty seats at a theatre
Acting involves a variety of skills such as a well-developed imagination, emotional facility, physical expressivity, vocal projection, clarity of speech, and the ability to interpret drama. Source: JSmith Photo on Visual hunt

There are many things to keep in mind when looking for acting lessons and an acting coach, but after much research on our end, we are here to make your life easier.

To begin with, you want to consider your location.

If you are enrolled in an acting institution, you want to make sure that you are close enough to make sure you are never late or absent from your acting lessons.

Acting lessons are not cheap; you want to make sure to take advantage of every single class and training offered by your acting coaches.

Attendance is crucial for any sort of educational program you are attending, acting classes included.

If you are signing up for acting lessons that are hours away from where you live, after a couple of commutes, it may become harder and harder to motivate yourself to attend.

Each class can bring new skills to your acting background, you get to run lines with your peers and you may be offered great acting opportunities that may arise at any time.

Next, you want to consider the desired specialization you wish to accomplish from signing up for acting lessons and when hiring an acting coach.

When you first start acting lessons, you may not be fully aware of what direction you want acting to lead you to, but after a few classes, it should become more apparent.

Once this happens, try to focus on acting classes that will help you achieve this goal.

The same goes with your acting coach, when meeting with your acting coach, be clear in what you wish to accomplish from your acting lessons.

Communicate with your acting coach on the roles you wish to land and the specific industry within acting you wish to pursue.

Next, research your acting institution you are about to attend and the acting coaches you wish to hire.

This can be by checking out their websites, reading about their past work or projects, reading about their team and looking at their social media pages.

By looking at their public platforms you can get a feel of how the school’s atmosphere may be and also any upcoming or previous projects.

By looking at the acting institution’s or acting coach’s websites, it can also help you come up with great questions when you visit and have a one on one meeting.

What is the Cost of Acting Classes?

US dollars being crammed into a small piggy bank
Acting institutions can be pricey but if one is serious about acting it could be a great investment to increase your acting skills. Source: ota_photos on Visual Hunt

Being aware of your finances when looking into acting classes and acting coach is another step in your research process.

You have options when wanting to learn acting such as enrolling in an acting institution such as a university, signing up for acting classes at a local studio or hiring an acting coach.

All of these options will help you become a better actor and help you advance in your acting career, but not all of these options will have the same price.

If you decide to enroll in an acting program within a university, you could be looking into paying anywhere from $13,000 to $55,000, this is just a rough estimate.

Although it may seem very pricey, you have to consider that you will be a full-time student in a university program that will teach you various sides of the acting industry.

If you decide to enroll in acting class at an acting studio, prices will vary by studio. Some studios, such as 3-2-1 Acting Studios in Los Angeles, may charge you in batches, for example, 8 sessions for the price of $700. While other studios may charge you by the month such as The Barrow Group in New York where it will charge around $7,000 per month.

Researching in-depth can help you have options that are best for you and your finances.

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