Academic tutoring with a private tutor is on the rise!

Gone are the days when more advanced students or teachers posted their services on fliers in coffee shops.

With the explosion of the Internet, offering tutoring services in Math, English, History, painting, or even singing has never been easier!

Want to know how?

Superprof puts thousands of students in touch with teachers who want to share their knowledge. We've put together a list of the 8 best reasons to start in-home tutoring!

1. Face-to-face Teaching is Always More Effective

Live lessons offer quite a few advantages compared to those delivered via webcam or other videoconferencing methods:

  • The establishment of a real human relationship between a teacher and student, created by simple proximity.
  • Communication is easier and more spontaneous done face-to-face.
  • The level of personal involvement is raised, for both student and teacher.
  • Concentration and motivation are easier to find for students when the teacher is right next to them.

2. Tutoring is the Ideal Response to an Overall Decline in Academics

Are more and more students failing classes? According to research, the answer seems to be yes.

In an article written for the Huffington Post that looked into the effectiveness of the Common Core program and its goals of preparing student for college or careers, they summarized the review of the data as follows:

The average performance of high school seniors dropped in math and failed to improve in reading from 2013 to 2015. Performance was also down on both tests from 1992, the first year that similar tests were used.

There was a decline in the percentage of students in both public and private schools that are rated as prepared for college-level work in reading and math. In 2013, 39% of students were considered ready for college math and 38% were prepared for college-level reading. But in 2015, only 37% were prepared for college.

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advantages tutors in home
Steven Segal reached a very high level of akido before becoming an actor. Would he have made a great tutor?

The situation is not absolutely terrible, since there will always be good students. The problem is that the proportion of students having difficulties is increasing, most noticeably in languages and sciences.

There's another problem, as well: in certain areas, parents simply can't afford to spend money money on private tutoring for their children, unfortunately...

Other support systems, organizations, then try to take the reins to offer students free help to children who are struggling.

Find out how private tutoring works - for you and the student...

3. Tailor-Made Monitoring of Students' Progress

According to 2015 statistics, one-third of high school students are using tutors, along with one-fifth of middle school students!

43% of parents of children aged 10 to 16 have already hired academic tutors for the children, and 28% have hired in-home private tutors.

A private lesson shouldn't be envisioned as a one-off thing, but instead as something more regular (once a week, for example) over the course of a month at minimum. This recommended in order to establish a trusting relationship between teacher and student (more on this below), to give a series of lessons that build on one another, and to be able to adapt in terms of approach of the student is more receptive to one methodology than another.

Webcam lessons also have their advantages, but lack a that human touch, the bond that forms between tutor and student over the course of the lessons.

Lastly, what's more satisfying than sharing in the joy of seeing a students grades go up?

4. Homework Help: An Opportunity to Work with All Kinds of Teachers

You're never bored during a private lesson!

In the (hypothetical) situation where your private tutor isn't right for you, there's nothing to worry about! There are tons of tutors, of all academic levels:

  • Middle school
  • High school
  • University
  • Test Prep
  • Elementary and even younger!

Where will you find your happy place?

Each tutor has their own method, so one is sure to suit you.

The Superprof advantage: with our collaborative system, your teachers are reviewed by your peers so you can get a good idea of your future tutor!

You may find these tips for organizing in-home lessons helpful...

5. In-Home Academic Tutoring Is Not As Expensive as You Think!

The data shows that around 80% of tutoring fees go unreported to the IRS. Which is a shame, because a math or writing lesson with a great tutor from Superprof can eliminate this need to be secretive.

When you pay through Superprof, you can often claim a tax credit for the services at the end of the year, and all of your services go through one intermediary.

The advantage of Superprof is that the costs of the infrastructure are eliminated and passed on to you, resulting in both an almost guaranteed good tutor (since they're peer reviewed) and a cheaper lesson.

A class at Kaplan or another similar tutoring service will be much more expensive than a private tutor found on Superprof.

As you'll see if you look through tutors in your area, the average cost of language tutors is around $24 an hour, while learning to play an instrument might cost as much as $45 an hour. Compare this to Kaplan, where one-hour lessons might cost $120.

6. Grades Go Up More Quickly with In-Home Tutoring

Getting better grades, cramming, getting more from revision exercises, being better organized, preparing for an exam — there are lots of reasons to turn to Superprof!

Have you always dreamed of being a singer?

Alan, a vocal coach in New York, is ready to help you learn how to sing, even in Japanese if you love anime, or classical opera if your prefer Pavarotti or Domingo.

benefits of tutoring in home
Is chemistry your nemesis? Think of taking private lessons in chemistry and you'll become an ace in the lab.

You think of nothing else but taking piano lessons to be able to play Chopin?

Have a look at the profiles of our private piano teachers: there are almost 2000 across the country!

Tony, one of our Superprofs, explains the greatest advantage of having a private tutor:

One of my students was working on a very difficult piece of music, that she thought was too difficult for her. She stuck with it, however, and worked very hard, and in the end she succeeded in playing it very well! It was an rewarding experience and she overcame a difficult challenge — I was very proud of her!

7. Set Your Sights Higher and Higher with Private Academic Tutoring

From elementary school until the end of high school, and even after (nothing is stopping from you from using tutors during college, for example), private tutoring sessions can help you overcome any difficulties, whether short or long term in nature.

An important note to the future private tutors: to give really effective lessons, the golden rule applies as you listen to your students. Ask them to explain something back to you after you've finished a difficult subject, let them organize a project to see how they set themselves up and incorporate what they already know...

Lastly, use your teacher's instincts to determine if your student is making sense of everything, because they might be embarrassed to ask you to explain it again. Like with every happy couple, the key to academic success is communication between the teacher and the student.

If you discuss, exchange ideas, take part in working through things together, the grades will go up, it's simple math!

8. Change Students' Perception of Education Through Private Lessons

According to a poll conducted in 2012, 33% of students believe that the relationship they have with their teachers is the main factor for the grade they get in class.

Why not turn to a private tutor since it might change things for the better?

advantages of tutoring
There are no fewer than 30 private cooking teachers in New York, if you to learn to become a master chef.

With Superprof, "the Yelp of tutors," you can choose your tutor based on a number of criteria:

  • Man or woman
  • Level and type of experience with the subject
  • Price (a very important criteria!)

Above all, the advice and reviews of fellow students can help convince you to hire someone, or move on to the next.

Now compare the merits of in-home versus online tutoring!

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