To you parents who feel frustration when faced with your child's school results!

To you parents who have high hopes of a brilliant professional career for your child!

When the grades begin to wane, when the academic level drops, when your child or teen's motivation is reduced to smithereens, it is time for you to step in.

Wondering how?

The answer is found in two words: private tutoring near me.

Hiring a private tutor familiar with public school teaching is a great way to respond to your child's academic difficulties, track your child's progress in school, and detect weaknesses while also praising all of his or her achievements.

What are some important things to keep in mind with tutoring?

  • Finding private lessons that correspond to your child's needs: a refresher course, an SAT prep course, or general tutoring over a school year?
  •  Verifying a tutor's skills: what are some tips to guarantee the quality of the lessons?
  • How can you optimize private tutoring for your child?
  • How can you best support your child so that the course happens in the best possible conditions with the best possible results?
  • Is it possible to help a private tutor improve his or her course?

These are all great questions we will attempt to answer in this guide.

Verifying the Quality of your Child's Private Tutoring

Finding the Right Teacher

Today, finding a tutor is no longer as difficult as it was 15 years ago.

The transparency of the internet today means that users now rate services, and can read various comments on social media regarding the online private tutoring platforms they would like to use.

learning tutor
Find the teacher who will answer to your child's needs.

Through online tutoring platforms such as Superprof, Tutor Hub, or The Spruce, for example, the student can contact the platform team that connects teachers with students, but also get in touch with a tutor on his or her own.

Following which, it's usually recommended to have a 1st private tutoring lesson--which is usually free--in order to see how the math or chemistry lesson plays out, the tutor's teaching method, his or her pedagogical approach, and his or her availability.

Communication and Trials

Through homework help that includes interactive English exercises, geography lessons, math problems, or the reciting of irregular verbs, your child (and you) will be able to truly gauge the quality of the academic tutoring.

Good communication is everything when it comes to tutoring!

To avoid any misunderstandings and for the sake of your child's academic and professional future, make it a priority to speak with the tutor.

Your feedback and exchanges, which you can write down or sit down and talk about every month for example, are essential for the tutor in his tailoring a private lesson to your child's needs.

It will also be a great opportunity to monitor your child's academic behaviors at work:

  • Is he or she motivated to learn?
  • Is he or she discouraged by his or her school grades? Does he or she need a refresher course? An intensive of some kind?
  • Is he or she afraid of failing? Or, on the contrary, is he or she confident of being on his or her way to academic success?

How to Optimize Tutoring Lessons

Much like in any undertaking, your child must feel enough motivation to benefit from his tutoring lessons.

This is the secret recipe for transforming his experience of tutoring into genuine educational success.

For this and other reasons, it is imperative for your child to show respect to the tutor.


  • By being ready for work as soon as the tutor arrives.
starting line
Be ready and on your mark as soon as the tutor arrives!
  • By respecting the schedule which has been agreed to with the tutor.
  • By taking into account both the tutor and student's schedules (school holidays, professional obligations, school obligations, school transportation). It is important for everyone to coordinate and find the right schedule in order to optimize the tutoring.
  • By asking the tutor questions about the curriculum, teaching methods, etc.
  • By reaching new boundaries: your child can probably work harder than he believes, and on more difficult exercises.

How to Best Support my Child's Tutoring Endeavor?

In order to optimize your child's academic accompaniment courses, you can act in your own way as parents.

  • By recognizing your child's needs: does he have to prepare for a big exam such as the SATs? Has he fallen behind in class and needs to catch up? Does he need to learn how to take notes effectively?
  • By admitting that the workload is no longer the same as it was in previous years. The school pace has evolved and your child must spend more time on his studies.
studying materials
Organization is key to staying calm and focused during studying sessions!
  • By monitoring the tutoring's progress: you need to be careful that your child respects his or her lesson schedule, maintains good work habits.
  • By supporting him or her during studying periods and encouraging his or her efforts.
studying space
Your student needs a space dedicated to studying inside of the house.
  • Finally, your child or teenager will work best when he or she has a space entirely dedicated to school work. His or her room should be organized in this fashion.

How Can I Best Help my Child's Tutor?

Finally, as a parent, you can also help the tutor with his private lessons.

In the same way that you do with your child or adolescent, don't hesitate to communicate with the teacher in order to boost your child's academic support and ensure the best results possible.

Search for math tutors near me here.

child clapping
Make tutoring a fun experience for your child!

Ask him or her any professional questions you may have, such as:

  • his or her availability
  • his or her teaching methodology
  • how he or she was recruited by the company who hired him as a private tutor

Academic support is always a team effort, an ongoing exchange between the tutor who provides the private lessons, your child, and yourself. It is the key to making the best of your child's learning experience.

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