Over half-a-million residents of Chicago can identify as being of Italian descent. Chicago and the surrounding neighborhoods have always had a historical population of Italian Americans.

The Windy City has over 150 Italian organization which provide recreational, educational, and social services for those looking to connect with Italian culture and heritage.

Maybe this is why so many Chicagoans are looking to learn Italian.

If you are interested in picking up Italian, there are plenty of ways that you can go about achieving your language goals. In-person and online Italian courses are easy to find in every Chicago neighborhood. Superprof can get you in contact with tutors in your area and around the world.

On the Superprof platform, you can check out the pricing, teaching experience, and availability for our Italian tutors in your area. If you happen to live outside of Chicago, we can also connect you with tutors across the US.

Keep reading to find out not only why you should take Italian lessons but where to find them.

Why Take Italian Lessons?

There are tons of reasons why Chicagoans choose to study Italian. Italy is home to rich history, music, art, literature, and culture. Becoming fluent in Italian can allow you to access a huge variety of Italian work.

travel in Italy
Traveling in Italy can be quite easy if you know some Italian. (Photo by La So on Unsplash)

Here are a couple of reasons why some residents of the Windy City choose to learn Italian as a new language.

  1. Travel in Italy with a breeze – Knowing Italian can help you better get around Italy, although most major cities in Italy like Naples and Rome can be maneuvered with English, if you are looking for more authentic experiences, it is always better to try and speak the native tongue, even if it is just at a basic level.
  2. Expanding your business – speaking any foreign language can be great for your professional life. Having a foreign language on your resume or CV makes you a lot more likely to be hired for a job when compared to someone who only speaks one language. This is because, in the world of business, knowledge of a foreign language can open a company up to a larger market.
  3. Connection to your roots – Over 5.5 million Italians immigrated to the US from 1820 to 2004. This means that a substantial amount of Americans can trace back some of their ancestries to Italy. Understanding and speaking Italian can make you feel more connected with your roots and can even allow you to connect with family abroad.
  4. Italian is easy – as one of the easiest languages to learn, picking up the Italian language can be a great choice if you don’t have the time to put in too much effort. Italian is an easy language to learn, especially if you already know any other Romance language. Additionally, pronunciation in Italian is quite logical, unlike pronunciation for French or Portuguese. This makes Italian grammar rules and pronunciation a lot more straightforward, therefore easier to pick up.
  5. The language of music - Italian is known as the language of music because It is the language used for musical terminology and opera. Multiple Italian words refer to music and have become international terms for musicians. Knowing Italian can help you more deeply appreciate classical music.

No matter your reason for wanting to learn Italian, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of places in Chicago where you can start looking for an Italian tutor.

If you happen to live outside of Chicago, like in New York or Los Angeles, you can also find Italian lessons in these cities as well as a lot of others across the US.

No matter where you live, Superprof can help you contact experienced and qualified Italian tutors. You can meet with Superprof tutors both in-person and online.

Italian Lessons Online

With today's technological advances we can do a lot more things from the comfort of our homes. Between Facetime and Zoom, there is a variety of platforms that help us connect with educators, no matter where we live.

online classes
Online classes can be a cheaper alternative to in-person lessons. (Photo by XPS on Unsplash)

Whether you in Edgewater or Uptown, there will always be options for you to learn via virtual classes. Choosing virtual lessons to connect you with tutors in the Chicago area as well as tutors from around the world, maybe native Italians.

There are plenty of perks back home with learning Italian online.

Learning Italian online can be beneficial to those Chicagoans with super busy schedules. Tutors who teach Italian through online classes generally are more able to accommodate a wide range of schedules.

For example, if you're hoping to take classes during your lunch breaks, the easiest option is for you to log on to your computer during your break, rather than having to go elsewhere for your class.

Online classes also come with a lower price point. This is usually because both you and the tutor do not have to consider the cost of transportation to the lesson.

Italian At A Chicago College

Universities across the US, in cities like Philadelphia and Houston, offer Italian as majors and minors for their students. These programs are similar to the ones available to students of Loyola University Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and The University of Chicago.

Italian textbooks in college
Multiple universities in Chicago offer Italian lessons. (Photo by freestocks on Unsplash)

All three of these universities offer some form of Italian lessons to their students. Here is some insight into how you can learn Italian at a Chicago University.

  • Loyola University Chicago aims to prepare students with not only language acquisition but also with multicultural awareness of Italian Speakers in Italy and around the world. Their program can help students think critically and develop advanced reading comprehension skills. The initial courses will be partially taught in English, however, if you take more advanced classes, all the writing, reading, and speaking will be done in Italian.
  • The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a multitude of courses for its students looking to read and gain fluency in the Italian language. The Italian program at the University of Illinois takes about 3 years to complete. The program provides students with in-person teaching and even free tutoring if you need it.
  • The University of Chicago serves Chicago residents with the opportunity to learn Italian in an in-person environment. This school provides each student with the opportunity to earn a major or a minor in Italian. Through multiple years of education, by graduation, students will be able to confidently read, write, and speak in Italian.

At these Chicago universities, you can also find courses for other Latin and Romance languages like French and Spanish.

Earning a degree in Italian can be useful in your professional life as well. Students take on foreign languages like Italian, French, or Spanish because they are great skills to have when entering the job market.

Business, history, and even art students can benefit from taking on a basic foreign language course.

If you aren't yet attending college and are instead in high school or middle school, but you would still like to learn languages like Italian, Spanish, and Latin, you can sign up for private tutoring sessions with a teacher in your area.

On Superprof, each student can get in contact with the best teacher for them!

Average Price Of Italian Classes

When considering any language course, you are going to have to take into account the potential cost. Most in-person and online lessons will need some form of payment.

Although, there are a ton of resources out there for you to learn Italian for free, enrolling in a course with an instructor can be much more efficient and time-effective. Additionally, with a personal tutor, you will behave someone able to correct you, those learning without an instructor are more likely to make a common mistake and not fix them.

cost of Italian lessons
Make sure to consider the costs of Italian lessons in your budget. (Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash)

The average cost of private Italian lessons in Chicago is $20. This price can be dependent on a variety of factors including location, experience level of the student, experience level of the teacher, and the length of time you want each lesson to take.

Prices can vary from city to city, for example, language lessons in Boston are around $25.

You can take langue classes in a classroom, your home, or even at a public space like a coffee shop.

Group language courses will likely cost less than private courses. However, in a private class, your teacher will be able to personalize the content to how you best learn, making it easier to engage. Private teachers can alter the curriculum, the pace of the lessons, and work with you to find learning methods that work for you.

If you are looking to learn Italian while also getting to know new people, group lessons might be just right for you. Taking up group Italian classes at a Chicago college or cultural center can help you meet people with similar interests.

Online classes are also a more budget-friendly option. Group and private virtual lessons can help eliminate the cost of travel and the cost of renting a location for the lesson. Additionally, with online classes, you can take lessons with people native to Italy, making it a much more authentic experience.

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