Choosing to learn Italian, or any foreign language is extremely beneficial to both your professional and personal life.

Reading, speaking, and writing in a second or third language can open doors. Most employers are more likely to choose a candidate that speaks multiple languages over one that speaks only English.

Learning Italian will make traveling through the gorgeous cities of Venice and Rome even more exciting. Knowing the native language will give you access to more authentic experiences.

Additionally, for those Americans with Italian roots in their heritage, learning Italian can help you feel more connected to your ancestors. Almost 15 million Americans can trace back their family’s history to Italy!

No matter your reason for wanting to learn Italian, there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so.

Across the US you can find Italian culture centers, language schools, and universities that offer in-person group lessons.

If you are looking into a more personalized option, private tutors are available for Italian lessons in most major US cities.

Superprof can help connect you to these tutors as well as tutors from around the globe willing to teach virtually.

Tutors are also available for other languages such as Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Italian Lessons in New York City

An Italian course or program can be found in almost every borough in New York City. The courses available in New York are created mainly for native English speakers who hope to learn Italian.

Although there are options for free language education online, the most efficient way to reach a high fluency level in any language is by attending some sort of class or guided instruction.

new york city italian lessons
New Yorkers can sign up for business-orientated Italian lessons. (Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash)

No matter if you’re trying to learn French, Spanish, or English you will be spending weeks if not months practicing the basics before you truly feel comfortable in a conversation. However, this should not deter you from going forth in your language program. In the end, with a little bit of time and dedication, you will be able to speak like a native.

In New York, you can find group Italian lessons through a language school, cultural center, or a University. If you are looking for a private class, you can hire a tutor. Tutors are a great option for busy New Yorkers because the schedules can be changed week to week and there is more flexibility from the teacher.

When booking a private teacher, make sure to check out reviews from past students.

Italian Lessons in Los Angeles

The City of Angeles offers aspiring Italophiles the opportunity to study Italian through a multitude of different mediums.

Angelinos can book in-person sessions in universities and local cultural centers. They can also hire private tutors for virtual lessons.

For those who are more comfortable working from home, Italian courses are available through web calls. If you choose to learn online teaching, you can connect with tutors outside of the Los Angeles area. You could even hire a native speaker currently living in Italy!

Lastly, the final option for those looking to learn Italian is to travel. Italian immersion courses are a great idea if you have the time and money for a couple of weeks or months abroad. Immersion allows students to really get to know the Italian culture and have the opportunity to constantly practice their speaking skills with locals.

In the end, there are plenty of ways that Angelinos can reach Italian fluency. You just have to find the right route for you!

If you happen to choose to work with a private tutor. Superprof can help you connect with one in the Los Angeles area and across the globe. On Superprof’s site, you can check out each tutor’s reviews, years of experience, and specialties.

Make sure to take advantage of any free trial classes, as this is a great way to get to know prospective teachers without the commitment.

Italian Lessons in Boston

In Boston, you can find Italian language courses through cultural centers, local universities, and private tutors.

Cultural centers like Friends of the Italian Culture Center of Boston and The Dante Alighieri Society of  Massachusetts will help you connect not only with the language course but with a multitude of cultural events promoting Italian heritage, food, and festivities. Both of these organizations have played a central role in connecting Boston residents to Italian culture and language.

the city of boston
French and Italian lessons are available in Boston. (Photo by Matthew Landers on Unsplash)

Even if you chose not to enroll in language programs at these cultural centers they are a great place to find fun and exciting new events in the Boston area.

With some of the most prestigious universities in the world, it is no surprise that Boston schools offer incredible Italian programs within their curriculums.

Harvard, Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern University all offer students the opportunity to receive college credits while studying a foreign language. The schools all offer a major and are minor in the Italian language. If you choose to commit to Italian through your college career keep in mind that most programs take about three years to complete.

If you prefer one-on-one learning, private tutoring is always an option for learning a new language. Private tutoring allows you to work with a tutor who can mold their teaching to your preferred learning method and pace. Although private tutoring is typically more expensive than individual lessons, it is worth it since classes are personalized and in turn much more effective for the learning process.

Italian Lessons in Chicago

Italian students in the Windy City can take lessons both in-person and online. In-person lessons are available through Chicago universities, language schools, and private tutoring.

chicago skyline
Learn to read and write in Italian while living in Chicago. (Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash)

Virtual classes are also available to any student who would like to connect virtually with the teacher. Working through web calls allows students to be able to choose a tutor not necessarily within their surrounding areas. Through online classes, you can even connect with native Italian speakers currently living in Italy.

Although some might need in-person interaction, those students who work well through online platforms find it more efficient to work from home and connect to a tutor via web calls.

Although virtual classes tend to be a little cheaper than in-person lessons, Italian language courses do have to be accounted for in a student's budget. The average price of Italian lessons in Chicago is around $20. This is typically the price for an hour-long private lesson for a beginner level student. If you choose to take your lessons are a local college for credits, you might come across a more significant cost.

To make sure that each lesson is worth the money you are paying, please verify that your instructor has significant years of experience and or certifications from a higher education institution proving their knowledge in the Italian language.

In Chicago, you can also take lessons at local cultural centers which you can learn more about on our blog titled Learning Italian in the Windy City.

Italian Lessons in Philadelphia

Learning Italian can be of a huge benefit to any student. Being able to read this Romance language can give you access to some of the most important artifacts of art and history from the Western World.

For those Philadelphia residents looking for Italian lessons, you can find classes are universities like UPenn, Temple University, and Drexel University. Additionally, you will be able to find classes at local cultural centers such as Filitalia and the American Italian Society of Philadelphia.

Italian classes in Philadelpphia
Philly offers a great selection of Italian courses. (Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash)

No matter where you are hoping to learn Italian make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Study Italian culture to gain context for the information you are learning
  • Pick up idioms in slang so that you may talk more like a local rather than a computer
  • Practice because practicing your speaking can help you reach fluency even quicker
  • Keep it funky because getting bored can deteriorate your learning

Look more into the D tales of Italian lessons in Philadelphia by clicking on the Best Places to Learn Italian in Philly.

Italian Lessons in Houston

In Houston, Texas you’ll be able to enroll in a variety of Italian classes. Italian classes can be found at cultural centers in Houston like The Italian Cultural and Community Center.

This organization, which has made its home in Museum Park, has held multiple events throughout its years of operations. The Center’s members put on lectures about Italian history and even host cooking classes. By doing so, the organization is fostering not only a growing love for Italian history and culture but also fostering strong relationships between the US and Italy.

Houston's italian lessons
Italian classes are available in multiple neighborhoods around Houston. (Photo by Vlad Busuioc on Unsplash)

Apart from providing Houston’s Italian aficionados a place to meet, The Italian Cultural and Community Center also provides residents with the opportunity to enroll in Italian classes though out the year.

Lessons are available to all skill levels and all ages.

Popular universities in Houston like Rice and The University of Houston also offer their students to participate in Italian courses. Both of these universities offer a major and/or minor in the Italian language. Student’s enrolled in these programs also have the opportunity to study abroad to truly practice and test out their Italian skills.

Find out about where else Italian classes are available in Houston by reading Learning Italian with Houston’s Best Teachers.

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