Foreign language education has become quite popular in California, especially in cities like Los Angeles and San Fransisco. The rising popularity comes from a greater interconnected world. Every day we are exposed to a growing number of cultures and languages through our phones and TVs.

This has sparked some Angelinos to take on the study of languages other than English such as Chinese and Japanese. Japanese has become quite popular with the help of manga and popular Japanese dramas.

Learning Japanese has also become very beneficial to businesses who wish to open their markets in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Taking a couple of lessons on Japanese language and business etiquette can drastically grow business opportunities in Japan for years to come.

Whatever your reason for taking on a Japanese language course, here at Superprof we can provide you with the best Japanese tutors in L.A. and the world.

Students can use Superprof to read reviews and contact a local Japanese teacher. We can help you find the top programs in your area for both in-person and online learning. Superprof's tutors also offer a free initial tutoring session so students get a chance to test out the learning environment with their top tutor choices.

Taking In-person Japanese Lessons In L.A.

In LA you can find a variety of options for Japanese lessons. Everything from university and college classes to private tuition for high-level learners. 

Within Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas, you can find a multitude of language schools and centers. These schools offer language courses to students of every level. You can take a Japanese language class at your local university or college or opt for a more personalized approach with a private Japanse teacher in Los Angeles. 

group classes for japanese
Enrolling in a university Japanese class can earn you college credit and the opportunity to learn a new language. (Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash)

Since Japanese is not too popular in public schools in the LA county, students can choose to enroll in a class at a language center if they are looking for a language program in a group class.

Fuji School and the Pasadena Language Center are both reputable teaching centers for group instruction. The Fuji school holds classes for all levels of proficiency, taught by highly qualified teachers with years of teaching experience.  The Pasadena Language Center also offers courses to those hoping to learn other foreign languages such as Chinese or French.

You can also choose to take a Japanese course at the University of Southern California or Los Angeles. These local universities offer their students the opportunity to learn college credit for these foreign language courses and even participate in immersion trips to Tokyo.

If you are looking for a more individualized approach, there are plenty of Japanese tutors in the area that offer private language classes whom you can contact. These personalized tutoring programs are ideal for older adults with busy schedules. A private tutor can offer classes at a more flexible schedule and can personalize the study programs to accommodate the learning styles of each student.

Before booking lessons with a private tutor, always make sure to read through reviews and ask about their years of teaching experience with students of your skill level.

A Japanese private tutor can be found in almost all US cities.

Looking Online For Japanese Lessons

If you enroll in a group language class you'll be taking classes alongside other students. 

If you prefer a more personalized approach, you might want to look into private Japanese tutors in the Los Angeles area. A private language teacher can help individualize the rhythm and coursework of each class, molding it to your specific needs. One-on-one Japanese classes can be a lot more effective and can cut down the time it takes a student to reach a high level of fluency.

Personal Japanese teachers in LA teach in-person classes by meeting with students at their homes or getting in contact through web calls. If your schedule tends to be busy, booking an online session can be a fast and efficient option.

online japanese lessons
Japanese culture and language can be taught via web calls. (Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash)

If you decide to take online courses, make sure that you have the appropriate tools including a good microphone and a WebCam for you and your Japanese teacher to communicate effectively. 

Your tutor can also direct you to other online tools such as free language websites, where you can practice the pronunciation and vocabulary you learn during your course.   

Online Japanese lessons can also be a cheaper alternative to taking in-person classes since neither the instructor nor the student has to account for transportation costs.

Superprof can help you connect with tutors outside of the Los Angeles area in other cities like Boston or New York or even with tutors native to Japan. You can also read reviews on a teacher's lesson structure. 

Language Learning Through Immersion

Taking lessons in your hometown and constantly practicing Japanese can surely help you advance in the language, however, immersion is the most effective way of learning any language. 

Immersion allows you to constantly be exposed to Japanese in all contexts. If you choose to take some time to visit Japan you will constantly be surrounded by native speakers, kanji characters, and a multitude of opportunities to practice. 

Immersion pushes you to step outside of the comfort of your textbook and engages you in day to day conversation that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to practice if you weren’t in Japan. 

The constant exposure to hearing and seeing new vocabulary can help you expedite the learning process. Even just going to the grocery store in Japan can turn into a lesson of its own. 

japanese language immersion
Learning a new tongue can be easier with full immersion. (Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash)

Alongside language immersion, you’ll have the opportunity for full cultural immersion. It is a lot easier to understand the foundations of a language if you also take the time to learn about the culture from which the language comes from. 

If you have the opportunity to travel to Japan and are looking for language schools located in Japan’s major cities, check out the following list: 

  • Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin - this all-encompassing language school teaches foreigners Japanese and teachers foreign languages to Japanese natives. It is a great choice if you plan to stay in Japan for some time as their courses can last up to 6 months. 
  • ISI Japanese Language School - this school has campuses in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagano. They not only offer traditional language courses but also inside extracurricular activities for those interested in a more interactive approach.

Although immersion is more of a commitment, it can accelerate your fluency curve by a lot since you would be living in the language. 

An alternative to full immersion is a language exchange program. Through a Japanese exchange program, you can set up constant communication with your Japanese counterpart in which you will learn Japanese from them and they can learn English from you. 

Superprof can also help you find the right online tutor if you looking to learn from another US city such as Philadelphia or San Diego.

Top Tips To Prepare For Your For Japanese Lessons 

Japanese lessons are not for the faint fo heart. It is a complicated language that combines three lexical systems - hiragana, katakana, and kanji - which can be hard to understand without the right guidance and instruction. 

However, a native English speaker can learn Japanese. It might take a little more dedication and time than it would to learn other languages but not impossible. During the most grueling lessons remember that broadening your education to include a foreign language can enhance your traveling experience, open business opportunities, and help you have the Japanese -Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). 

easy travel in japan
Travel in Japan can be made easier if you know basic Japanese vocabulary. (Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash)

Here are some essential tips for those hoping to learn Japanese:

  1. Study the writing fundamentals with guidance - learning the stroke order for the hiragana and katakana syllabaries is extremely important to the foundation of your Japanese knowledge. Make sure to do this with guidance as it is usually the part where most beginners make their mistakes. 
  2. Master each lesson before moving on - the lessons in most Japanese language books build off on one another. They each serve as a building block for more advanced lessons in the future. It is important to set a strong foundation of the early chapters even if they seem complicated at first. 
  3. Invest in quality instruction - If you are learning on your own make sure to choose the top education books for your Japanese lessons. If you are going to be taught by a Japanese tutor, make sure to choose someone with a good reputation and is an accredited professional.
  4. Watch Japanese movies and listen to Japanese music - Japanese entertainment can teach you about commonly used slang. It can also help you develop an ear for better pronunciation. 

The above suggestions should be followed by students who are learning with guidance as well as those learning individually. 

If you are looking for Japanese language lessons outside of California, you can look into Japanese classes in other cities across America such as Houston and Chicago.

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