From elementary school on, students can experience difficulties with the lessons they are presented with.

Later, this can affect their middle school and high school results and mean that the rest of their academic career will spiral out of control.

Academic support can stop this.

Especially in the internet age, where it has become easy to have students and tutors meet.

Also, let's not forget the countless sites that will put tutors, students, and parents in contact at a small fee or no fee at all, and in all subjects. 

Let's take a look at the main websites offering this sort of service for you or your child.

The Big Names of Online Academic Support

With the emergence of the internet in American households since 2000, certain well-known education providers jumped on the opportunity to give online tutoring classes.

New companies also formed in order to offer a new service. 

List of Online Academic Support Websites

Here are the most well known academic support providers:

  • Homework Tutoring;
  • Aim-for-A Tutoring;
  • My Tutor 24;
  • EduwizardS.

When tutoring got popular, they decided to expand on their online tutoring services.

Each of these websites offers an online tutoring option.

All subjects are concerned. From Math to English to History and Geography or Physics.

There are additionally other companies proposing the same kind of services. These companies are perhaps less well known but still offering quality tutoring.

This is the case of:

  • Prep Point;
  • Smart Thinking;
  • Explore Learning;
  • Tutorhub.

What's particular about these websites? They are only available online.

They've understood the importance of the computer in regards to learning and have put an emphasis on student autonomy for academic success.

And, finally, amongst all these websites proposing academic support (through videos, lessons, and exercises), some new players with a new concept have entered the stage.

SuperProf has developed the concept of putting tutors and students in contact. This can facilitate in-home academic support or via webcam.

Which Are Better? Free or Paying Websites?

Will you have fork out to big bucks to get quality tutoring?

Every solution has its advantages and disadvantages.

Generally, free academic support is geared towards students who already have a good work method in place. They can consolidate their knowledge in a subject in view of a test and in order to revise a precise element or just to practice. 

Inversely, if a student has great difficulties, it is preferable for him or her to hire a tutor. The objective being to personalize each tutoring session all the while building up a new work method and working on his or her motivation. 

Even though academic support at a fee requires a certain budget, free academic support--especially when it is non controlled and very badly managed--can be discouraging for a student and make him or her lose faith in his learning capacities.

Get to take classes from the best tutors near me.

What are the Free Tutoring Websites for Primary School Students?

In elementary school, young students don't necessarily need in-home private tutoring.

Websites proposing free online homework help can help children to understand certain difficult concepts through academic games.

That is what numerous websites offer children, namely:

  • HippoCampus
  • Cliffs Notes
  • Info Please
  • Spark Notes
  • Fact Monster
  • In Math

An emphasis is placed on learning through having fun. The objective is to show children that it is possible to learn while having fun. This is ideal in order to progress in math, spelling, or grammar.

From 1st to 5th grade, the student and his or her parents have the possibility of finding all the resources they are looking for.

That being said, it is important not to leave the child alone in front of the computer. When the child is young, a parent must stay near him or her and help with online searches.

Don't leave your child alone in front of a computer.

And be sure not to have your child become addicted to the internet.

The objective is to work together when needed in order to hone in on the student's difficulties thanks to games and interactive exercises.

Perfect to revise certain notions during school holidays, for example.

Also ideal if you are looking to introduce your child to new technology (even if he or she may discover it rather quickly without you.)

Good to know: online studying does not mean a student in difficulty will get back on track (especially if he or she is working alone).

It's called homework help.

For students in difficulty, it is necessary to have a chat with their teachers. They are the ones who will be able to point you to the right professionals.

How to Study For Free Online from 6th Grade to 8th Grade?

The middle school years represent an important step in the life of a young student. His or her schedule changes completely. There is no longer just one teacher, but one teacher per subject.

These classes no longer have anything to do with one another, and there are new classes that add themselves to the mix. Plus, everyone knows how difficult 8th grade is.

As soon as the 6th grade, the student must learn to become more independent. 

The workload becomes more important and lessons become more difficult.

What is interesting then with the internet is the possibility of students studying on their own. You should however keep an eye on the studying going on and be sure to activate parental control on your browser.

Here, too, students should not always resort to the internet. If the student listens well in class, he or she has everything needed to obtain good grades.

Discovering middle school can be tricky for some students!

Bad results are not always linked to a lack of attention or understanding.

If you see that your child's average is going down, react in time by speaking to the teachers in question.

If they identify a lack of motivation or a bad work method, it may be time to call on an academic coach (at a fee, of course) as it could help your child out of his or her academic ditch.

However, with overcrowded classes, it may occur that some students have trouble following the class.

Because national education teachers don't have the time to deal with children on a one-on-one basis, in-home private tutors are becoming more and more popular.

So, online academic tutoring classes for middle schoolers can be much more interesting than for students in elementary school. 

Concerning the websites offering academic tutoring dedicated to middle schoolers, here are some of the most famous names:

  • Chegg Tutors,
  • Mind Launch,
  • Eduboard,
  • ETutor World.

There are also new websites that have popped up in the last five years, which are also very good for middle schoolers in need of some academic support:

  • Afterclass,
  • Digischool.

Let's not forget the chatrooms, which can be excellent tools for homework help.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Tutorchatlive,
  • 24houranswers.

All these free online addresses offer quality resources.

Is it Possible to Pass the SATs Using Free Online Academic Support Tools?

When students leave the 8th grade, they are on the way to becoming college students.

Going from 8th grade to 9th grade can be quite problematic--sometimes as problematic as when children go from 5th grade to 6th grade. There is a change in scenery, but also a change in classes, which become more difficult, while there is a lot of pressure on students to find something to specialize in. There are more chances to trip up.

Can the internet help students in difficulty surmount the obstacles ahead of them?

In high school, the computer becomes a student's best friend.

Much like for students in middle school and elementary school--the answer is complicated.

Generally, difficulties don't appear out of nowhere in high school. A middle schooler experiencing difficulties in 8th grade will drown in 9th. If one just gives him free online resources for high schoolers, this will not help him get his grades up.

Once again, the answer here is to call on a professional educator in order to help him or her get back on track and get a good grade on the SATs.

However, for students who want to consolidate their knowledge, study at their homes, or practice, it is totally possible to do this on the internet.

Among the sites that can help, here are some general recommendations:

  • Smart Thinking,
  • Growing Stars, 
  • eTutor,
  • Sylvan Online.

All of these websites regroup numerous resources (exercises, annals, classes) from elementary school to 12th grade.

It's also possible to visit paying websites that have a particularly rich free section: 

  • Tutor Vista;
  • Mind Launch.

Or, again, websites that are subject-specific:

  • Wyzant,
  • Mathnasium.

When students are in the 12th grade, students have to be totally independent. They have to be capable of taking notes in class and conduct research on the internet.

In elementary school and in middle school, parents have to stay at their children's side. In high school, students can start to go at it on their own.

Parents then take on the role of the coach or tutor in order to give their children the keys to succeeding the SATs.

Yep, you got it, it is relatively easy to find free online sites to study at home after class.

But the key is to get a good workspace going in order to get organized.

The internet will not help you surmount your difficulties if you have not learnt the basics in terms of method and concentration. Even worse: it may accentuate them if you consult the wrong resources at the wrong moment.

The internet must be used as a learning support. Listening in class is a big part of the task.

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