They say practice makes perfect, and as a student of law, you certainly need to find every possible opportunity to strengthen your subject knowledge.

We are all familiar with extra-tuition to help us prepare for exams within the fundamental, college and even higher education system.

Principally, it is a learning approach with a rich history. This is because, depending on the quality of the tutor available at your disposal, it can help a student push for the top grades in preparation for the daunting examination periods.

So, why choose a tutor? A question to be examined prior to the endless options you may well find on your first online search. In short, effective tutoring services can strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence as well as generating important learning skills.

Consistent tutoring services also allow a student to embed the most necessary pieces of information in preparation for exams and lengthy coursework pieces. Highlighting misconceptions and consolidating various learning principles are two further examples of the multiple advantages such a service can provide.

So, if there are such a wealth of benefits, why doesn't everybody use these services? There are multiple reasons as to why students and professionals may overlook the use of a personal tutor.

Pro-activity. In order to find the most qualified tutors available, it is important that you exercise your communication skills! As a student, you will be surrounded by hundreds of fellow undergraduates all with the same goal: to gain the best possible grades during their time at college/university.

Speaking both to fellow students and staff members at your school will generate multiple suggestions of tutors that have been tried and tested by those you trust.

As a student, the financial aspect of regular tutoring may also be a factor. As aspiring professionals, you may be wary of your monthly expenditure and overall living costs - but it is important to acknowledge the main reason you decided upon further education!

Achieving the best possible grades are going to higher your chances of being accepted into the most respected law firms (post-graduation). Acknowledging this fact makes the idea of tutoring a worthwhile process.

Treat it as an investment! Regular tutoring services will no doubt increase your chances of getting that top grade. The very best law firms will always offer a higher annual salary and the chance to work in such revered establishments will help to fast track your career prospects.

There are multiple ways of finding the right law tutor for you and this can be done through the suggestions of faculty members, a simple online search to a conversation with students on your course.

The process of finding the right tutor can often be time-consuming but don't let that affect your willingness and determination.

Trialing as many tutors as possible is the best way to find the right law tutor for you! After all, it is a simple mathematical probability. The more tutors you work with, the higher chance there is of finding the most suitable one in alignment with relevant knowledge, locality and price range.

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Many colleges and universities have a list of local tutors that are recommended by lecturers and trustees. (Source: Visualhunt)

Corporate Law Classes

From Loyola Law School to the UCLA School of Law, there are a wide variety of LA-based establishments which can accredit a student with a Juris Doctor.

Similar to the law schools you will find in New York and Chicago, a number of these establishments offer certain specializations within their bachelor, from corporate specific degrees to the more general overarching accreditations.

In order to find the right person, it is important that you search for a tutor in accordance to the degree type you are currently studying. A professional tutor will have most likely been in a similar position during their student years and it is important that they have embarked upon a similar educational route.

Why? Well, if they have studied on a similar course, the tutor will, therefore, be aware of what to expect/what not to expect within the separate modules you will be studying throughout the three-year bachelor degree.

Although educational courses are regularly updated and developed (in terms of teaching principles), Law based degrees in the US have mainly followed the British system in which upon completion, students are granted the Juris Doctor.

This, therefore, limits the level of change within the core learning principles of a US-based law degree, for there are basic and historical 'must-knows' which every law student must be familiar with.

Due to this fact, tutors who may have graduated twenty years ago will have a strong understanding of the main learning areas relevant to present law degrees.

Post-Graduate/Masters Degrees in Law

Most law students in the United States, whether they study in Los Angeles, Philadelphia or Houston, often embark upon further education once receiving their Juris Doctor.

This is most common for those studying law as students often wish to specialize in a particular area, and law firms often require this in order to deem a possible candidate employable.

So, whether it is business, financial, economic or humanitarian law, a number of colleges and universities across Los Angeles offer post-graduate opportunities.

Take UCLA School of Law for example. They offer a number of masters programs for students who have completed their bachelor certifications. With over seven separate areas, the school provides masters programs within environmental law, philosophy, media, critical race studios to international and comparative law.

The main difference between a bachelor and masters program is, of course, the specific and detailed learning areas which will constitute within a masters degree. Due to such an in-depth focus within a specific area of law, finding a tutor to support your learning could prove a little more challenging.

Whichever platform you decide to use when searching for the right tutor, it is important that you state clearly your area of specialization to ensure you are successful within your search: a tutor must have relevant expertise to support you within your area of focus.

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Extra tuition helps to accelerate overall grades. (Source: Visualhunt)

Online Law Tutoring Services

Online tutoring services have developed considerably within popularity over the past few years. The main reason behind this is the development of technology and the overall accessibility of finding a tutor online.

There are multiple benefits of hiring an online tutor, here are some to name a few:

  1. No travel expenses;
  2. No time wasted over commuting;
  3. Easy access to anything you may need for a session;
  4. The comfort of a homely environment.

If it takes hours to commute to your tutor's home, this is time which could be used studying in preparation for exams. The main benefit of online tutoring is the fact that you don't have to move from your bedroom in order to receive a valuable and much-needed learning opportunity.

Just ensure that wifi access is high speed and that you are using a reliable video chat platform like Skype to conduct your lessons.

A number of tutoring platforms, including Superprof, state specifically if the tutors offer online services. Each of the tutors on the platform also has a rating out of five which has been submitted by students who have used them in the past.

This will allow you to determine which online tutor could be the best for you!

A number of online tutors also offer their first lesson for free. This is to ensure that you feel confident in their overall knowledge and teaching proficiency. Remember, the more you trial your tutors, the better chance you have of finding the most effective tutor in alignment with your learning preferences.

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More and more students are choosing to conduct tutor sessions online - it is recognized as a time effective method to support students in receiving the highest grades. (Source: Visualhunt)
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