From The University of Pennsylvania to Temple University, Philadelphia is home to a number of well respected higher educational establishments.

One of the largest cities in the United States, Philly is home to over 120,000 college and university students within the city limits with almost 300,000 in the metropolitan area.

With such a large demographic of students in higher education, there becomes an increase in demand for additional learning support to help students in preparation for their exams.

Dating back to times of Ancient Greece, academic tutoring started as an unstructured form of educational assistance and has since been developed to be one of the most popular means to help students achieve the best possible grades in colleges and universities across the world.

The art of learning they say is done so by consolidation, and the act of repetition helps to strengthen the brain synapsis enabling individuals to memorize information more effectively.

So, when it comes to consolidating information that has been learned in the lecture room, there is no better way than seeking further assistance from those who have a wealth of knowledge in similar learning areas.

Law Schools in Philadelphia

Law books in a university library.
The library isn't the only place to help support students within their learning. (Source: Visualhunt)

The University of Pennsylvania Law School has been consistently ranked within the top 10 law schools across the United States.

Penn Law has one of the lowest acceptance rates across the country for undergraduate students, with an acceptance rate of 18.8%, it is behind only Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Chicago Law School.

Such figures illustrate how challenging it is to be accepted onto such a respected course at a historically high achieving establishment.

Although so many prospective students are left disappointed each year, the university proudly contains over 755 students within their law programs, making it one the largest programs in the whole of Philadelphia.

Temple University of Law also boasts an impressive figure of law students, with the latest number recorded at just under a 1000 - the city certainly has a vast amount of students studying law at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Other universities offering law-related programs include Drexel University, Duquesne University, Vilanova University, and Wildener University Commonwealth Law School.

Each establishment offers the bachelor program of law in which upon completion students receive their Juris Doctor.

Multiple students then go onto complete their master's degree within an area of their interest, which can be anything from environmental law, human rights, political law, media and administrative and even advertisement law.

A number of these establishments offer a range of masters and doctorate programs and most law students tend to continue their education upon receiving their Juris Doctor.

Find a Law School Tutor in Philly

Similar to cities like L.A. and Chicago, Philadelphia has a high concentration of law students, making the need for law tutors incredibly high.

Many law students may be aware of the general differences between a bachelor in law compared to most other degrees. The first year of your Juris Doctor is often recognized as the most challenging (unlike other degree programs), so it is important that students hit the ground running!

This is why first-year students should be aware of the opportunities associated with tutoring and the holistic benefits which regular sessions can instill.

Finding a tutor that has in the past been a student of law will help in the process of preparing you for the overall coverage within each of the modules you will take during the first year.

Ironing out potential misconceptions whilst identifying which areas of study should be prioritized can be initiated by a personal tutor, for they have been in the exact same situation and had in the past had to prepare for exams and coursework similar to yourself.

With that in mind, there are a number of ways of finding a tutor that would be the right match for your circumstances.

Having a strong network of friendships with students at university is a great way of keeping up to date on the various opportunities which are out there. A number of colleges and universities across the city also contain a faculty of staff who can suggest tutors that have been used by previous students, who therefore come with a good recommendation.

Communicating with staff members and fellow students will certainly help to present some effective candidates in your search for the perfect tutor.

How to Find the Perfect Law Tutor

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There are multiple approaches when looking for a Law Tutor. (Source: Visualhunt)

There are a number of considerations one must take to ensure the best possible tutors are chosen.

Firstly, the location is incredibly important. The more conventionalist approach to tutoring is face to face, one to one sessions in which you visit the tutor at their home or vice versa.

A more modernist approach is meeting a tutor within a public space, with students opting for a local cafe or school library.

The importance of this factor is that you don't wish for your tutor to be directly on the other side of the city. This can effect commuting times making it a time-consuming process in the search for extra tuition.

Especially before examination periods, time is certainly of the essence so make every second count in the build-up to your exams. Spending hours commuting back and forth when this time could be spent studying may seem like a waste of a studying opportunity.

Due to this factor, a number of tutors have begun to offer their services via online video calling. There are multiple benefits, along with a few potential implications in regards to this recent phenomenon.

Firstly, it is incredibly time effective. As a student, you may be pushed for time during your studies and online tutoring means you don't have to move from the comfort of your own home to converse with your learning mentor.

Also, it means that you have more of an opportunity to find the right tutor for you! This is because your choices aren't alone restricted to the area of Philadelphia. You may find a suitable law tutor who is actually based in Houston or New York but they instead conduct their sessions by the use of Skype or alternative video calling software.

A number of students opt to have an online tutor from different cities across The United States and some even choose online tutors from different countries. An issue with employing a tutor from another country, however, is that their experience within studying and teaching law may differ from the principle adaptation of the United States' law and judicial system.

The US adopts the teachings of law in accordance with the British system, so US-based students could even receive tuition from seasoned professionals from as far as London.

Embracing The Community

Two female students study together.
Developing your support network during university is a great way to enhance your overall learning experience. (Source: Visualhunt)

The Philadelphia-based universities mentioned within this article each have up-to-date websites which display current affairs, future events, and the latest teachings.

To help generate future employment prospects as well as making the most of your time at university, it is important that such events are attended and such resources utilized to enhance your overall learning experience.

The more students and faculty staff members you associate with the higher the chances of opportunities that will become available. Also, the more involved a student is within various university associations, the increased chance there is of receiving the best suggestions of local law tutors.

Engaging in study groups with fellow law students is also a great way to enhance understanding. Collective learning opportunities have been consistently acknowledged as an effective strategy in enhancing understanding upon various subject matters.

Also, Be sure to familiarize yourself with some of the cities most respected law firms and law companies. Often, some of these businesses host professors and experienced lawyers to conduct speeches and give advice to those early on within their careers as well as those which have yet to qualify.




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