So, why did I choose to study law again? A question no doubt repeated by undergraduates across the United States throughout their three years of study as they strive toward receiving their Juris Doctor.

Known to be one of the most challenging degrees, an accreditation in Law requires an amassing amount of work, dedication, and perseverance.

Multiple factors can determine the grade an undergraduate receives at the end of their Law degree. The large difference between high school and further education is the dependence upon others.

During High School, students are both nurtured and guided in order to achieve certain educational goals. Transversely, students who attend a respected college/university soon find out that such dependence is not engrained within the culture of further education.

As adults, we are promoted to find solutions to areas of ill-understanding; we are to adapt in maturity to adhere to the learning expectations of our respected educational courses.

Because of this, the step between high school and further education can be rather overwhelming for most. Naturally, the difference between the two can cause a great shock and this is why thousands of students across America drop out within the first two months of their higher education courses.

A big mistake many students make is the fact that they often don't reach out for the additional support networks to help them on their path to becoming graduates. Exercising such possibilities can help generate better grades whilst enabling a more confident and skilled learner.

It isn't within everyone's capacity to be a self-achieved, independent learner. In fact, most of us prefer to reach out to a network of other people to assist within our learning.

From study groups with fellow students to online chat forums, there are multiple ways to help further understand the many principles embedded within the general coverage of a law degree.

Simply staring through the pages of general textbooks may not deem sufficient in the advancements of knowledge. One has to find multiple ways to develop understanding by exploring the various approaches to make learning more exciting, insightful and long-lasting.

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Tutoring sessions can even be conducted in a cafe or local public library. (Source: Visualhunt)

Chicago and Law

Similar to New York and Los Angeles, Chi-Town is a huge draw for law students. With multiple providers upholding the strongest of reputations within the field of law, it goes without saying that the city accommodates thousands upon thousands of students wishing to get their hands on the Juris Doctor certificate.

Take the University of Chicago Law School for example. An establishment with a rich history for providing the best learning experience for undergraduate law students. A School which prides itself on the dedicated and diverse faculty and as put by Dean and Professor of Law Thomas Miles, "a diverse student body that is deeply committed to studying law, developing life-long friendships, professional relationships and changing the world".

In the schools most recent study, it boasts an impressive percentage of postgraduate students who go on to full-time employment after their studies. A mammoth 98 percent of students are employed within 10 months of completing their degree certification: pretty impressive to say the least.

In the most recent pole, carried out by the US News ranking system, The University of Chicago ranks the fourth best educational provider of Law in America, coming beyond Yale, Stanford and Harvard University.

As well as the general undergraduate law program the school offers, they are also recognized for their specialty areas within the field, including Clinical Training, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Health Care, and International Law.

Due to their seasoned reputation of such courses, the university becomes a huge draw for individuals who are aware of which area of law they wish to develop in accordance with their future prospects of employment.

Also, because of the size of the school, they are able to accommodate over 600 undergraduate students per year meaning the city of Chicago is filled with law students who are attempting in finding ways to develop their knowledge whilst becoming top of their respective classes!

Luckily for them, there are ample opportunities for students to gain further assistance within their learning to help get them where they wish to be!

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Chicago is home to a number of well-respected universities which offer a range of programs in Law. (Source: Visualhunt)

Opportunities for Law Students

There is a variance of alternate extracurricular opportunities which students can become involved with in the quest to develop and better ones' knowledge.

The active involvement between student study groups and overall examination and coursework-based results show a positive correlation.

The act of group learning helps to highlight any discrepancies whilst giving each individual the opportunity to provide areas of knowledge which others may yet be unaware.

As well as this, it can be effectively coordinated as students who study the same courses are able to meet up before and after lectures as well as using the school's facilities to carry out their study groups.

Moving onto the next opportunity generates this burning question: what on earth did we do before the internet?

Fortunately for the modern generations, we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. Searching for online resources to better understand ones knowledge is a great way to reinforce as well as learn new information.

Although there can be some questionable material online, it is important to ensure you are getting your information from a liable source which has been accredited by relevant boards and organizations.

This then leads us onto one of the most commonly used approaches of developing a students' knowledge: tutoring.

Finding a Tutor in Chicago

First of all, tutoring has been recognized as one of the main ways to enhance and better an individual's grades. Extending the hand to a more advanced individual in the field of your studies is a great way to learn.

As they say, if you learn from the best, one day you become them. There are boundless websites and platforms which advertize seasoned tutors in the teachings of law.

However, some platforms are not accredited and many tutors which do advertise their services may not come with the necessary recommendation of trusted students.

But fear not, for there are a number of ways in finding the best law tutors!

Ensuring you are active in certain student communities is a great way to gain advice from those who have used tutoring services within your area of studies.

Also, not alone can fellow students provide trusted references but faculty members can also provide recommendations.

A number of Law Tutors have strong affiliations with college and university faculties. As additional support is so common, your lecturer will have been approached regularly to give advice on local tutors with a strong track record.

It is of utmost importance that as a student you aim to make as many connections with fellow students and faculty members as you can. Developing such professional relationships enables opportunities to help support you during your studies.

Finding an Online Tutor

With the developments in technology and the ever-increasing proficiency of wireless and internet connection, online tutoring is development in popularity. So, regardless if you are studying in Chicago, Houston or Philadelphia, there are multiple options available.

One of the many benefits to online tutoring is that you can receive expert advice from an individual who can be on the opposite side of the planet.

There are multiple platforms to help you find the best online tutor for you!

Firstly, although Superprof advertizes tutors within a students' locality, there also options in hiring online tutors: just take a look for yourself!

One of the many benefits to online tutoring is that you do not have to worry about commuting times and overall time spent traveling to a tutors house; therefore wasting precious time that could be used for studying becomes obsolete.

The fact that you also have all of your studying materials in front of you and you can remain in the comfort of your own home is a further advantage to the many benefits online tutoring has to offer.

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Online tutoring is gaining in popularity. (Source: VisualHunt)
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