The practice of Law can open up a wealth of opportunities for prospective graduates. It can give you the relevant skill set to work in such fields as politics, economics, education, business and does not alone limit an individual to the standard practices of court-law.

Yet it is no secret that a law degree is often regarded as one of the most challenging out there. Typically completed over the course of three years, a high percentage of bachelor students then go onto continuing their education by completing postgraduate courses to specialize in areas of interest.

US law schools mainly teach common law based on the British system; which is an important fact to consider if you are an international student. Depending on which country you come from, opting to study law in the States may highlight a discrepancy in the systems put in place between your mother country and that in the US.

Law Schools in the US are located in both public and private colleges and universities. Upon successful completion of the degree, you will receive what is called a Juris Doctor (J.D.). Unlike most bachelor programs, the first year is considered to be the most challenging so prospective applicants must ensure they hit the ground running as soon as their first classes begin.

Modules within each year will depend entirely on the educational establishment as well as the type of course you have decided to embark upon. Most establishments that grant the J.D. certification will, however, offer similar core modules within the three years of full-time study.

Criminal and constitution law, contracts, torts, and legal writing are all common courses that are covered within a standard law degree in the US. Upon completion, many students who wish to become prospective lawyers embark upon a masters degree within one of these particular areas.

Like it or not, maintaining a degree within law with a respected grade is far from a walk in the park.

Across the country, a bachelor degree in law generates some of the highest dropout rates and requires some of the largest volumes of examination resits compared to most other degrees. Yet, the intake of students are often described as some of the most hardworking and determined undergraduates, not alone in the US, but such a reputation expands across a range of countries worldwide.

Such acknowledgment upon the competitiveness and challenge a law degree comprises highlights the need for additional support for a majority of the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

To ensure you're at the top you must exercise every educational resource available. Requesting further assistance from a more seasoned academic is an effective way in harnessing and consolidating a wealth of knowledge.

We don't always get it right the first time and ensuring we aren't misinterpreting information is incredibly important, for the process of reviewing and analyzing strengthens understanding  - a process of significance, especially when leading up to examination periods.

There are also multiple coursework pieces including a lengthy dissertation writing required at the close of the third academic year. Therefore, having the assistance of someone who has been in similar shoes is a great way to ensure your writing adheres to the expectations of your lecturers.

So, where better start than finding a private tutor! A service that has been exercised by generations of successful professionals, tutoring allows an individual to enhance understanding whilst generating self-confidence upon their working knowledge.

Tutoring - Why is it Necessary?

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There are multiple reasons as to why a student should seek the help of a professional tutor. (Source: Visualhunt)

For more reasons than one, an effective tutoring partnership doesn't alone enhance knowledge within a specified area.

One of the greatest benefits includes the development of one's independence when studying. Students with effective study patterns and learning strategies are most likely to succeed and simply sitting for extended hours reading page after page, days before an exam does not always ensure a successful result.

Practicing time management is an important tool to aid success. Also, prioritizing what you study and having an awareness of the key learning areas is pivotal to performance. The understanding of question structures and identifying how best to answer a particular question also reduces the chance of misinterpretation, especially under the pressured environment of examinations.

A seasoned tutor with relevant experience will provide you with a number of vital references to assist within the journey of learning. There are multiple references within the study of law which although have been published a vast period of time ago, are still considered as relevant today as they were upon the year in which they were published.

There has been a common link between development in grades upon students who decide upon receiving additional support within their learning. The further you push yourself, the more the likely the chance of success - simple!

For those studying law in the States, there is an abundance of opportunities to help find the best tutors. Find below a list of some of the options in some of the biggest cities across the country.

Law Classes in LA

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Los Angeles is a huge attraction for those who wish to carry on with their studies after high school. (Source: Visualhunt)

There are a number of well-respected colleges and universities which offer courses across Los Angeles.

The UCLA School of Law accept over 300 undergraduate students each year and also offer a number of postgraduate programs.

With the cities vibrant appeal and the lure of the Hollywood lights, there is no surprise that over six thousand students apply annually to enroll onto the undergraduate law program.

Law Tutors in Houston

There are multiple signs that may result in you needing a professional tutor, and in Houston there are plenty of opportunities for students seeking additional support.

Over 300,000 higher educational students reside in the city, and there are a number of prestigious colleges and universities which offer courses in law.

And with it being a city filled with a wealth of attractions, from the theatre district to the Houston grand opera, it is a place filled with culture and excitement and this is what encourages so many aspiring students to flock there every year.

Online Law Classes in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to a large demographic of law students and there are a number of opportunities for individuals to search for specialist law tutors within the city.

Not alone are students now partaking in face to face tutoring sessions but there has been an increase in demand for online tutoring services.

A number of students now opt for online tutoring via the use of video calling as it saves on commuting times whilst it can be done in the comfort of a student's dormitory.

Law Lessons in Chicago

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Thousands of students each year begin courses across a high number of colleges and universities in Chi-Town. (Source: Visualhunt)

Famed for its bold architecture and high skylines, Chicago is a huge draw for prospective students.

With over 237 square miles of land and an estimated 2.7 million residents, the proudly home to over 250 museums which is certainly an enticing figure when it comes to art students!

Yet, Chicago is also home to a number of well-respected law schools, including The University of Chicago Law School which was last ranked as the fourth most prestigious law school across the States.

Law Tutoring in New York

Comprising of five boroughs, The Big Apple has an incredibly dense population and in a recent study, it was suggested that 594,000 higher education students attend over 110 colleges and universities across the city.

The city is celebrated as being one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world and is home to over 800 language speakers.

It is a place that is renowned as a powerhouse in business and there are ultimate opportunities for law graduates once they finish their studies.

Similar to the other cities mentioned, there are multiple opportunities for students to receive additional tuition to support them in achieving better grades during undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Most students often opt to hire law tutors as the exam period beckons at the end of the academic year, yet it is advised that such professionals should be considered more so at the start of September.

In busy cities like New York, there will be a huge demand for private law tutors, and it is likely that the most highly recommended and respected ones will be approached by students from the beginning of the academic year.

To increase your chances in receiving the best tuition in the city, be sure to be the early bird and exercise as many possibilities as you can in order to find the best law tutors New York has to offer.

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